Chobani Review

A few weeks ago, I was blessed by a big ol’ box of Chobani.

Thank you Chobani!

I received an email asking if I would be interested in doing a review on Healthy Hits the Spot about one month ago. Of course I would!

They mentioned that they would be interested in doing a giveaway if any of you would be interested! What do you think guys? Giveaway?

Okay, now for the reviewing. Just so y’all know, this is 100% my own, honest opinion and in no way was I compensated for this other than with the gift of yogurt

My absolute favorite was the Pineapple flavor!

One of my favorite snacks for the past 6 years or so has been Cottage Cheese & Pineapple, so when I tasted this I was in heaven. If any of you like Cottage Cheese and Pineapple- go for this flavor!

I ate this with Gluten Free Granola from Trader Joes- you will all see a post on this later. Best tasting granola ever. It’s a treat for sure!

My second favorite flavor was Passion Fruit! This was super delicious and not weirdly fruity.

My third, Cherry! This surprised me because ever since I was young I have not been a fan of Cherry things. I guess over the years my taste buds have changed, because I now like the Cherry Chobani, Cherry LARABAR, and… just plain ol’ cherries!

I enjoyed the Cherry flavor with Pumpkin Flax Granola &  sliced banana

Next, the Lemon flavor! I love anything lemony. Lemon bars, lemon drops, lemon cookies, lemon heads, lemon yogurt, lemon water, lemon tea… anything! Ooo! Especially lemon zest in cooking. Oh my!

Blueberry was also a winner. Recently I have really enjoyed Blueberry flavors. I love the Blueberry LARABAR too!

And of course, the plain flavor was a favorite. If I was to buy a whole case of Chobani, I would probably buy the plain flavor just because that’s what I crave most often. I love plain greek yogurt with honey or agave and banana + a nut butter. Mmm! Flavors are great- but to me they are a treat.

Another winner, mango! The little boy I babysit would love this flavor! He loves anything mango

Strawberry- you were pretty good too. You’re more of a typical flavor, but you tasted good..

I enjoyed the strawberry with Pumpkin Flax Granola & coffee (actually, all of these were probably accompanied by a cup of Coffee ;))

The apple flavor was good… it would be really good if I added some fresh sauteéd apples on top. That would taste great!

Okay, now Vanilla and I are iffy. If you’re a fan of Vanilla yogurt, you would like Chobani Vanilla. I am not a Vanilla Yogurt person. Even at Fro Yo, I don’t think I have ever gotten the Vanilla flavor. I much more prefer the tart flavor.

Always with the granola.

See, here it is. Pumpkin Flax Granola. Pretty sure we got this at Trader Joe’s!

This one was a no-so-favorite…. Strawberry Banana… this flavor didn’t tickle me. Strawberry just by itself is much better in my opinion.

I topped this one with real banana and more granola, and that made it enjoyable.

No, Blood Orange. Why? I am not sure. People seem to love this one! Maybe it was just too early in the morning for me, OR, I am just not an orange person. I am definitely that person who will get a box of chocolate on Valentines Day or Christmas, and make sure that I don’t eat anyyyyyyything that is Orange flavored. My guess is that’s why I didn’t care for this one…

To wrap up this review, I’d say having never tried Chobani before (I know), I am now a fan. The flavors impressed me, and if I ever want something sweet I know where to go- greek yogurt is always a good call for a craving! One thing I really liked about Chobani is that the fruit was at the bottom of each container and you get to stir it in yourself. I like the feeling the texture of the fruit instead of just tasting the flavor. Thank you Chobani for your gift!

I want to hear what your favorites are! I know so many of you are Chobani fans, so let’s hear it so we can do a giveaway! If you want to see a list of all the Chobani flavors CLICK HERE!

Love, Paige

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