Clarifying Petite Treat

Good morning all! It’s bright and early here! I’m doing a quick post before I leave for work for the day. I’m working from 6:30am-8:30pm with a two hour break in between. Wow! Long day!

During that break I am going to make sure and get a 30 min run in! One of my Clients and I have decided to hold eachother accountable to run M/W/F 15 minutes away from our houses, and 15 minutes back. We both agreed that we’ve always wanted to be “runners,” so were giving it a go 🙂 I’m also now accountable with Marco to do at least 50 crunches per day. He asked me to be his partner. I’m liking this whole accountability thing! Now I can see first hand part of the reason Health Coaching is so effective!

Do you have an accountability partner? What for?


Breakfast yesterday was bran flakes, half a nana, and rice milk


As a mid-morning snack I had some green smoothie


For lunch, my Dad brought me two homemade soyrizo tacos. Yum!


He and my Mom came over to help me set up Marco’s desk to surprise him when he got home from work!


Now here’s the other side


His new desk area!


After the desk was set up, cleaned, and organized with all of his things, my cousin Holly came over to check out the new place. She loved it. She brought her little boy, Kingston, and he entertained himself with my candles (unlit of course) while we chatted. It’s so nice having some space in the living room 🙂

After visiting with Holls + KK, I headed back to my parents house to do some laundry. I worked from home yesterday morning and evening, and had the in between time off 🙂 While I was at my parents, I made a small bowl of rice and beans with salsa to tide me over until dinner. This was leftovers in my parents fridge, both totally made from scratch- love my Dad’s cooking!


For dinner, more of Dad’s leftovers! He cooks large portions of food, and shares them with neighbors, and ME!

This was chicken curry + rice.


And for a Petite Treat, a white peach.

Just to clarify because someone asked- a Petite Treat does not mean a small portion of an unhealthy food. It is just something sweet I like to have to wrap up my day. Many times, I’ll look in my fridge and choose fruit because I think fruit is the best dessert during a California summer! But other times, like when someone brings apple pie 🙂 I might choose to have that instead, and serve myself a small portion of it. Everything in moderation!

What are your favorite Petite Treats? Choose one healthy, and one a little more treaty.


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