Stop putting yourself last

It's time to put yourself first and show up as the woman you want to be

I'm Ready to Align My Life

Do you lay awake at night thinking of all the ways you failed yourself that day?

You know the kind of mother, wife, employee you want to be but the stress and busyness of your life takes you off track again and again.

Aligned Coaching empowers you to take control of your life again–giving you the tools to be that calm resilient woman you’ve always been.


You can’t do this on your own…

You are a strong, capable woman who never asks for help. Yet, you find yourself weighed down by

Mind Drama

You support everyone else, it’s time you started supporting yourself.

The Good News Is

I have created a space where you will feel energized and excited about your life

Instead of feeling like life is “just too much” this program will allow you to

  • Feel inner calm in any circumstance

  • Prioritize yourself (without guilt)

  • Have happier, more peaceful relationships

  • Grow your self-confidence and trust

  • Achieve meaningful goals (calmly)

  • Live as the woman you want to be

Join Aligned Coaching

Hi, I’m

I’m on a mission to help women just like you finally figure out how to put themselves at the top of their to-do list.

Everything will improve the moment you decide to make yourself a priority.

With over ten years as a Certified Transformational Coach, I am here to help you paint a clear picture of the woman you want to be and calmly step into becoming her. If you’re ready to really know and trust yourself, I’d love to help you.

Help Me, Paige

It's Here

Aligned Coaching

Daily coaching with me, Paige, and a diverse community of incredible women all stepping into to be the woman they want to be

Everything will improve the moment you decide to put yourself first. You can do that with this program

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What You Get

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3-Monthly Payments
Say "YES!" to Aligned Coaching and get WEEKLY coaching with Paige, ALL past/current/future programs, and 24 hour access to submit questions for personalized written coaching for as long as you're a member.

Take A Peek Inside with Member Charlotte!

"Coaching with Paige is SUCH a blessing — I have literally been working on some of these areas for a decade but they didn’t click until I had this outlet for daily consistent practice and growth."

“I drove up to see my family a couple of weeks ago. I showed up that weekend exactly as I wanted to. My parents text me at the end of the weekend thanking me for how I’d showed up (what?!).”

Georgie B.

For the first time in my life I am consistently putting myself first!”

Charlotte N

“The person I am today is the person I wanted to become when I started my journey in coaching with Paige.”

Chelsea B.

“I’m exuding joy like I haven’t before. I’m stepping into my future self.”

Amanda C.

“I am so deeply grateful I said yes to this program.”

Lucie L.

Joining is RISK-FREE

I’m so confident you'll LOVE your experience in Aligned Coaching that it comes with a 30-day, money back guarantee. That’s right! If you aren't loving your experience, I’ll refund ALL your money. Yep, not only is this program a great value, it’s RISK-FREE. Why would I offer this? Because I KNOW this program works. The concepts I teach and the coaching I offer WORK. Show up, do the transformation work, and you'll never look back.

In addition to weekly coaching with Paige, you’ll also

get bonus access to self-paced easily digestible programs that will

shift your thinking and give you steps forward


Calm Around Food

For many, developing an easy, pleasurable and peaceful relationship with food will be the entryway for you to heal in other areas like self-care, trust, and having a sound mind. Learn to do this with food and you'll be able to pour these newfound confidences into every other area of your life. You and everyone around you will benefit.
“Food no longer consumes my day and I’ve found so much satisfaction in other areas of my life.

I can spend time with my family and friends and be fully present. I’ve reignited the joy running has brought me since I was a little girl, instead of using it to change the way I look. I can have an evening to myself and excitedly plan out a self-care routine.”

Shelby B.



Better Body Image

Feel better about yourself when you look in the mirror. Stop feeling triggered before you go on vacation or put on a bathing suit. You will move from a place of constant control and hating your body to a place of love, care, and kindness toward your own body. You will stop trying to control her and step into caring for her well instead.
"Coaching with Paige is NOT quick fix to lose 20 pounds. In fact, after the first session, I came to realize that it is not about the weight at all.

Paige gave me the resources and guidance to pinpoint the root of my longtime issues with food and body image and gave me the tools to allow the process of healing to begin. It wasn't until I healed myself mentally that I was able to begin to shed weight physically.

Today, I wake up feeling so much lighter mentally, I eat what I want to eat, when I want to eat it, and the number on the scale is just another number that holds no power within my mind anymore.

For the first time in my life, I feel calm within myself and able to accept myself in the current moment."

Meghan T.



Money Ease

The way you do one thing is the way you do everything. Struggle with overeating, over drinking or setting personal boundaries that allow you to feel great in the life you live? With our mindset and management support you will step into abundance, security and EASE in your relationship with money.
"There are a million ways to budget and take control of your finances but working with Paige is different.

She helps create shifts in your thinking to create a flexible, sustainable spending to reach your goals!"

Natalie M.



Self-Trust & Alignment

You will paint the picture of who you want to be and calmly become her. You will trust yourself and your decisions again, build routines you love, set meaningful goals, design your days, and step into the YOU you currently dream of. This is full self alignment. Be proud of who you showed up as today, starting now.
"Your work really is so authentic. It's comforting to know that you've had the same issues I've had and you put it into words so well.

Shedding light on the things you've struggled with really does set you free from the guilt and shame that's in those areas grown overtime. It helps me see that ALL of my experiences are for the greater good."

Amanda C.


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