The program that helps you become the woman you want to be.

No self-help fluff. Reach your full potential, feel totally aligned with your best self.


Ready to become the woman you’ve always wanted to be?

Getting calm and prioritizing yourself is key to experiencing more flow.

Trusting and prioritizing yourself will make you happier, healthier, and every other aspect of your life easier. Let us help you prioritize yourself (and not feel guilty for it) in Aligned Coaching.


This is a space where you’ll find yourself at home, surrounded by women who care about your well-being and success. A safe haven for those seeking support on your journey towards becoming your best self.

You deserve to live a fulfilling and joyful life.

Life is full. But instead of overwhelmed, chaotic, and like “too much”… you’re ready for your full life to feel certain, prioritized, and lighter.

And you have the power within you to create a life that feels infinitely better, but it’s time for you to allow someone else to come alongside and be your guide. You support everyone else, it’s time for someone else to support you.

You’re in the right place if you want to:

• Become the woman you’ve always wanted to be (the YOU you fall asleep at night dreaming of becoming)
• Have more confidence in yourself, your thoughts, and your actions
• Create a life that reflects who you are authentically–aligned with your values and what matters most to you
• Live with less stress and more ease–ultimately, you want life to feel lighter than it feels right now

What you need is a space that will motivate and encourage you with laser-focused coaching and an emphasis on YOU through: self-care that prioritizes YOU, important mindset shifts, and moving through blocks (no longer feeling guilt for taking time for yourself) so you can be a healthier, happier, more energized and FUN you.

You’re ready to show up as the YOU you know you are.

“I’ve been wanting to email you as literally everything I listen to of yours (podcast, Aligned Coaching, new audio training) I am like THIS IS SO GOOD.

I drove up to see my family a couple of weeks ago. I showed up that weekend exactly as I wanted to. My parents text me at the end of the weekend thanking me for how I’d showed up (what?!) and for all the help and love I’d brought to the weekend (sniff).

So, so grateful for all your work – it is obviously striking a chord with me. So grateful for you!”

Georgie B.

You are amazing…

…but you tend to think of everyone else before you think of yourself. (It’s not your fault.)

You often get caught up in the asks and expectations of others, or your own self-doubt and this makes it hard for you to stay focused on what matters most, and remember that YOU too need to be cared for.

Women have a ton going on – work, family, friends… it can all feel like too much sometimes! You just want life to feel lighter. Easier.

Trying to be selfless isn’t working anymore, and it doesn’t help anyone. When you’re focused only on doing everything for everyone around you, you become depleted and resentful, and that becomes what people notice.

That is not who you are, and you know it. You’re ready to show up as the fullest version of yourself, and from that place, focus on what matters most to you.

It’s time for you to discover your true purpose and align with your dreams and desires so you can reach your full potential and feel totally aligned with your best self. THIS is the you that you want other people to see.

With the right support, there’s no limit to where you can go when you’re Aligned!

You’re ready to move forward.

You know you need to take action and make changes in order to reach your goals.

…but it’s hard because life gets busy.

It’s easy for your well-intentioned plans to fall by the wayside—and even easier when you don’t have a coach helping you stay accountable.

My goal is simple—to help you get unstuck so you can live a more fulfilling and meaningful life. So you can feel lighter, happier, healthier, and from there have everything in your life flow with more ease.

We do this with customized coaching calls that are tailored to your unique needs and challenges, a library of programs, trainings, meditations—to help you visualize your future self (the YOU you know is in there!)—and a supportive community of likeminded women to cheer you on every step of the way.

With us by your side, there is truly no limit to how far you can grow!

Every moment of time and energy that you invest in your growth should leave you feeling healthier, happier, and more present for the things in life that matter to you most.

This is the coaching program that will help you stop the cycle of self-sabotage and putting yourself last.

Right now, you’re stuck and can’t get out of your own way. You’re doing too much for everyone around you.

You know what it feels like to be on the brink of something amazing. To have a vision for your life that is so clear, it could practically guide you by itself. You WANT it.

But then the days continue and it seems that nothing is going right and no matter how hard you try, things just don’t work out the way they should. And before you know it, all that clarity has disappeared into thin air.

It’s frustrating isn’t it?

I’ve been there too! That’s why I love helping you find your inner alignment to create a life you love–you MUST start with deciding that you are a priority!

If this sounds familiar, I want you to know you can break through the blocks holding back your success with this powerful coaching program designed specifically for women who want more from their lives but aren’t sure where to start or how to make changes stick.

You deserve to bask in the light and ease at the end of the tunnel.

As your coach, I will walk alongside you every step of the way as we uncover what’s truly possible for YOU in your life. I’m here because I believe in YOU.

Before I say more, here are a few key things I’d like to share…

4 Reasons Why You're Not
Already Where You Want to Be

I 100% believe that you have everything you need inside of you to get where you want to be, but...

You're not yet firmly connected to your inner wisdom

You perceive yourself as one thing, but other people might see you differently.

When other people challenge who they think you are, it's easy for the identity you WANT to create for yourself to be lost in translation.

Because of this, I believe it's important to get connected to YOUR inner wisdom (not only to connect with her, but then to actually trust her and make decisions you can be confident in from this place).

This is where accountability and support comes in.
You need support on your path towards success

Doing this alone is HARD. I 100% believe that you have everything you need inside of you to get where you want to be.

But it can take time to develop the self-trust you need to move forward. You’ll probably need to unlearn a lot of the behavior and thought patterns that have created your current reality.

The last thing you need is another person telling you what you ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’ be doing.

What you need is a: person who will help you uncover what is standing in your way, and create a plan to get you where you want to be.

Stop subscribing to allllllll of the things and get yourself ONE coach and community who can help you truly prioritize yourself and step into the woman you want to become.
You don't prioritize yourself or you feel guilty when you do

Making time for yourself can be hard... and most women feel guilty about taking this time.

...especially when you have a full life already filled with obligations and responsibilities.

When is it going to be time for you? You have ONE precious life and I know you want to show up as the best version of yourself not only for you, but for those around you.

Taking time for yourself is NOT selfish. In fact, trying to be selfless doesn’t help anyone. It only leaves you depleted and resentful, and that becomes what people notice.
You are striving for perfection

It's not about getting it right or wrong. It's about learning and growing.

You must remember that one step leads to another, and the next step is always a lot easier than trying to do everything perfectly from day one.

There isn't a perfect path because life keeps changing. You'll have to change with it (and that's okay!). Together, we can embrace this and grow through it.

I will teach you the tools to end self-sabotage, make prioritizing yourself a habit (that you feel great about, by the way) and get you to a place where you feel so GOOD that the other people in your life are benefiting from your growth as well.

A happier, healthier, more whole YOU is good for everyone.


If you are ready to make a change, we can show you how. You can do it, and we will help you get there.

As you learn what's holding you back from your goals so that moving forward in the direction of your dreams becomes possible, you will also...
  • Be able to say YES or NO with certainty. When you change your mind about something, instead of judging yourself for it, you'll feel more certain that the decisions you make are right for you.
  • Treat yourself with unconditional love and acceptance, even when you aren't doing things perfectly. This means giving yourself a break when life gets hard or stressful, instead of getting frustrated and angry at yourself.
  • Have the clarity and confidence needed to make decisions from a place of self-awareness and authenticity. When you are aligned with yourself, every aspect of your life will be better because of it.
  • Daily have a plan to get more done in less time and regularly prioritize what's most important by removing distractions so that you can spend more time doing the things that make you feel your best.
  • Live your values and clarify what's important to you by developing strategies for living those values in every area of your life.
  • Hit ‘mute’ on the negative noise in your brain and reclaim your mental and emotional energy as you forgive yourself for your mistakes so they don't keep coming back over and over again in your mind.

YES, all of this is TOTALLY possible for you.

But it DOES depend on taking an approach that teaches you to think differently and rebuild your trust in yourself.

One that digs deep enough to help you see what’s really going on underneath that’s stopping you from reaching your goals.

One that gives you the right kind of support and gentle guidance as you follow your own unique path toward self-trust, self-confidence, and achieving your goals.


One that you’ll happily look back on a few months from now, when you remember where you were today and compare that to the freedom you can no longer imagine your life without.

And if you’re still with me, I couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to...


Aligned Coaching:

A six-month group coaching program for women who want to reclaim their time and energy and focus on what matters most. With personalized coaching and a supportive community, you’ll be able to become the woman you want to be–a happier, healthier, more present and calm YOU.

We’re here to guide you every step of the way, as you reach your full potential and feel totally aligned with your best self.

Transform your life with Aligned Coaching!

  • Get access to programs and coaching that will help you become the woman you want to be
  • Be surrounded by women who understand what it’s like for you–truly, they get it!
  • Stop the cycle of self sabotage and actually reach your most meaningful goals–stop putting yourself last

Everything will change for you the moment you choose that YOU are a priority.

Here's what you get inside...

Since joining Aligned I have become more confident in who I am, what I value, and knowing how to create a more balanced life for myself.

I have been freed from all the do-not’s, should’s and should nots society puts on women. Paige has given me the tools to be a better observer of myself and my environment and make informed decisions from a calm perspective.

As a member I get to choose which course I want to take and complete it on my schedule.

Paige’s grace filled workshops and live coaching have created a space where I can be vulnerable and really wrestle with my values, my current beliefs, and learn how to truly understand my worth.

Honestly, when I joined Aligned Coaching I was looking for the magic answers. Can someone please just tell me what to do!? But Paige has given me so much more. She has equipped me with the tools to answer my own questions and be the driver of my own ship. There is so much power in knowing you are in control!

Deep down what I really want to know is that I’m a badass. I’m love-able. I’m relatable. I’m beautiful. I’m valuable. I can do hard things. Thanks Paige for helping see all those qualities in myself!”

Kelly H.

One call can change everything. As a member of Aligned Coaching you'll get...

Consistent, personalized support that’s always laser-focused on what’s right for you.

You’ll have my full support, every week, for as long as you want it. 

Each week, you’ll have live access to me during powerful coaching calls that will help you transform into the woman you desire to be – you’ll be supported to reach your goals and move through anything that is keeping you stuck.

Never again will you feel alone in your challenges–you’ll have me in your corner, ready to help you break through the issues that have previously held you back.

Whether you choose to be coached live, submit questions in advance or listen to the recording in your members’ area, on every call, you’ll: 

Trust me when I say these coaching calls will change everything for you, and the insights you’ll gain from them will be priceless.

The best part? The investment in Aligned Coaching is a fraction of the cost of working with a coach one on one and women in Aligned Coaching are seeing life-changing results comparable to private coaching clients. 

Let’s look at everything else that’s in Aligned Coaching…

In addition to weekly coaching calls, you’ll also

get access to ALL past and new
programs, trainings and workshops

to help you transform — at your own pace:

Number 1:

Calm Around Food

For many of you, developing an incredible relationship with food is often the entryway for creating change in every other area of your life. This program will change the way you think and feel about food. It will leave you with a clear, open mind to focus on the things in life that mean the most to you, and a beautiful, simple perspective on enjoying food.

Calm Around Food

In Calm Around Food, you will completely change the way you think about food. You will stop using food to cope with your emotions (and the course will help you do this in a way that feels safe and okay to do).

As you go through each lesson, I will take you deeeeep into your own thoughts and beliefs and challenge them (so you can change them).

This course will help you:

  • Get comfortable feeling your fears and stop fearing them
  • Get aligned with exactly who you want to become
  • Take steps to become her each day (and start thinking like this version of yourself now)
  • Understand, with compassion, why you’re not currently feeling calm around food
  • Take intentional action each and everyday to have the relationship with food you so desire (probably, to just not think about it very much!)

From this new place of clarity, you’ll finally start to experience the easy, calm relationship with food you doubted was even possible for you.

This program has the power to completely transform your relationship with food, all on its own — even if you don’t touch anything else in Aligned Coaching.

“Food no longer consumes my day and I’ve found so much satisfaction in other areas of my life.

I can spend time with my family and friends and be fully present. I’ve reignited the joy running has brought me since I was a little girl, instead of using it to change the way I look. I can have an evening to myself and excitedly plan out a self-care routine.”



Number 2:

Better Body Image

This program will not only help you to be kinder to yourself and your body, it will help you to see yourself in an entirely new and different way. It will improve the way you think about your body, the way you care for her, and the way you talk about her, for good. It will improve your self-confidence. It's the gift that keeps giving.

Better Body Image

The Better Body Image course is not a quick fix to feeling good. This course is designed to change the relationship you have with your body, forever.

It’s designed to be the last body image course you will ever need, because by the end of it, you will think about yourself differently, speak to yourself differently, and show up to your daily life with a most positive outlook.

This course will help you:

  • Be present with your family and friends, as you won’t be consumed with thoughts like “how do I look?” and the comparing yourself to others will stop
  • Allow you to take trips, go on vacations, and say YES to the things you value because your body is not holding you back
  • Give you the questions and coaching you need to completely rewire how you see yourself and how you care for yourself on a daily basis
  • Improve your self-talk, self-care, and the thoughts you have about yourself and your body all day long

Get ready to take your life (and self confidence) back with the Better Body Image course. It will be the most fun you’ve ever had improving your confidence and the way you see yourself!

"Coaching with Paige is NOT quick fix to lose 20 pounds. In fact, after the first session, I came to realize that it is not about the weight at all.

Paige gave me the resources and guidance to pinpoint the root of my longtime issues with food and body image and gave me the tools to allow the process of healing to begin. It wasn't until I healed myself mentally that I was able to begin to shed weight physically.

Today, I wake up feeling so much lighter mentally, I eat what I want to eat, when I want to eat it, and the number on the scale is just another number that holds no power within my mind anymore.

For the first time in my life, I feel calm within myself and able to accept myself in the current moment."

[Note: This is a testimonial from a client who coached with Paige and used the same tools that will be taught in the NEW Better Body Image course]

Meghan Tar


Number 3 & 4:

Shed & Unafraid

Two programs that work together beautifully, designed to help you identify what has been holding you back that is keeping you stuck so you can let it go and move forward into desires and needs you have let go unmet for much too long. These programs will help you to embrace fear as a normal part of the growth process. To move forward in spite of it.



These courses will help you identify what has been holding you back (this is exactly what has been keeping you stuck!).

Then they’ll support you in seeing how those things no longer serve you as you LET THEM GO.

You’ll then move forward into action as you step into the YOU you want to be. You’re going to learn why it’s SAFE and okay to “feel the fear and do it anyway” and why everything you want is on the other side of your YES.

"Your work really is so authentic. It's comforting to know that you've had the same issues I've had and you put it into words so well.

Shedding light on the things you've struggled with really does set you free from the guilt and shame that's in those areas grown overtime. It helps me see that ALL of my experiences are for the greater good."

Amanda C.


Number 5:

Money Trainings

The way we do one thing is the way we do everything. If you struggle with overeating, over drinking or boundary setting... it's likely there's equally as much room for improvement in your relationship with money. As you learn to feel calm around food, your body, and pursuing your most important goals, you will also feel more calm around money.

Money Courses

Money is one of my FAVORITE subjects. (If it’s not your favorite topic yet, just wait — these resources were made for you).

As you participate in my money workshops and courses around money you will…

  • Learn think about money in a way that feels empowering and fun (and even neutral – it won’t give you so many emotional highs and lows), instead of restrictive, boring, and stressful
  • Start aligning your spending and savings habits with what you actually value. With what actually brings you joy and fulfillment (and you’ll recognize all of the areas where you’re currently spending that are actually not bringing you joy at all – this will be so freeing for you to recognize!)
  • Transform discomfort into joy as you get ultra clear on what you want from your money and create a budget that GUARANTEES your money is supporting your dreams and goals — not stopping you from ordering those boots you’ve been dreaming about, or buying that face cream you know would up your self-care game (it’s not about restricting yourself)

After you’ve taken my workshop and the upcoming money course, you’ll notice yourself feeling clear, confident and empowered when you make money decisions.

And since everything in life is connected… there’s a good chance you’ll feel more freedom and ease in your relationship with food, too. (There’s huge overlap between the way we are with food and money. Much more than most of us consciously realize.)

I’ll bet the money you save from taking the money workshop will save you MORE than your six-month investment in Aligned Coaching.  (I’ve seen it happen over and over.)

"After doing Paige’s financial workshop I felt confident creating a budget in a way that brought JOY to my life.

I had a mind shift change to begin looking at my finances in a positive way rather than as stress and scarcity. I loved the workshop so much I scheduled MORE time to coach with Paige so I could really dive deep into savings, purchasing a home, investments and freedom in using money to create joy in my life!

There are a million ways to budget and take control of your finances but working with Paige is different. She helps create shifts in your thinking to create a flexible, sustainable spending plan to reach your goals!"

Natalie M



you’ll get NEW, exclusive content each week, for as long as you're in Aligned Coaching — you’ll always have everything you need to grow into the ‘you’ you want to become.

As a member of Aligned Coaching, you’ll get full access to every paid workshop, program and guide I’ve ever created — and every paid resource I create in the future, for as long as you’re a member.

And each week you’ll get new exclusive content like new self-paced audio programs, workshops, meditations, or trainings — you’ll grow, make progress and move forward every time you log in. You will track your progress as you go, marking each lesson as “complete” as you finish.

While the majority of your growth will happen in the first six-months, Aligned Coaching is designed to evolve with you and be all you’ll ever need as you grow into the calm, confident woman you want to become.

If you love Aligned Coaching and want to stay beyond six-months, you’ll have the option to do so for a low month-to-month rate, for as long as you’d like.

As you continue to set new goals for yourself, this will be the place to get the support you need to help you reach them.

“The amount of value in Aligned Coaching is incredible!

One of the things I love most about Aligned Coaching is that it focuses on several areas of personal growth and authentic living. I don’t need a coaching program for my finance work and a course for intuitive eating and a book club and so on – it’s all within Aligned Coaching!

Not only is this cheaper but easier to manage with one login where I can get coaching, ask questions and delve into fantastic courses.

Paige has the most kind and supportive demeanor and every time we speak or I hear her coach everything feels achievable.”

Kelly Azevedo

Get Started Today

One coaching call or course lesson could change everything for you.




(normally $2,497–save $500 Jan Promo!)
You have the power to change your life. Say "yes" to Aligned Coaching and get WEEKLY coaching calls with Paige, ALL past and new programs, workshops and training, and 24/7 access to send questions in for written coaching at anytime. Become the woman you want to be.

Women are already changing their lives in Aligned Coaching

And you will too. I can't tell you how many messages I get within 10 minutes of a new member just getting started saying "I'm SO happy I made this decision! I already feel so much better!" You will be blown away by how much more encouraged you feel by just joining Aligned Coaching. Knowing you have the support and resources you need to get to where you want to be will give you the peace of mind you've been wanting. It's time to stop wishing things were different–it’s time for them to be different. You're one decision away from becoming the woman you want to be.

“I’d recommend Aligned Coaching for anyone that wants or needs access to amazing resources and the best resource of all… Paige!

To anyone in need of self-compassion and healing in their relationship with food, body, money, schedules, career — I couldn’t recommend Paige enough!

I joined Aligned Coaching to have access to her support and resources, and have a community to hold me accountable.

I’m so grateful for this coaching program, because it has allowed me to work on myself, as well as hear other women’s experiences and understand that I am not alone.

It has also helped me to stay on track and practice self-love by SHOWING UP for myself and for the other women in the program on coaching calls and by asking Paige questions.

I’ve seen my life improve in all areas. I am now lighter, freer — happier. No more diets. No more crazy schedules. No more ‘perfect.’

If you’re reading this, or you have a small voice telling you this could be for you, I can bet that it is. My work with Paige is the best thing I have ever done.”

Stasia W.

Join Aligned Coaching

Hi, I’m

When I’m not sipping coffee, having early morning quiet time, or spending the day with my husband, our daughter Selah and our pup Abby…

I’m guiding my clients in Aligned Coaching toward their unique fulfillment.

I’ve been doing this work for 10 years, guiding hundreds of women to reach their goals and live as more joyful, calm, and present versions of themselves.

I have had the honor to help over 200 women create lives that are both meaningful and fulfilling. My clients come from all backgrounds: teachers, business owners, stay-at-home moms—you name it!

I’ve been told that the key to my success is my ability to make my clients feel completely understood. I often know what they need before they do; my clients have said that I truly feel like a best friend with an extra dose of wisdom when they need it most–an outside perspective is invaluable when it’s delivered without judgement and lots of compassion.

If you’ve been feeling like you need support in reaching your current goals…

I couldn’t be more excited to support you in this very same way.

“The person I am today is the person I wanted to become when I started my journey in coaching with Paige. If that doesn’t tell you enough about Paige’s skills in coaching her clients, I DON’T KNOW WHAT WILL!

I am happy with the progress I have made and the habits that I have formed to feel unapologetically ME.

The healthy, happy, comfortable and confident version of me.

I have worked through so many thoughts of doubt, stubbornness, and defeat to get here and I can honestly say I could have never done this without Paige’s guidance.”

Chelsea B.

Who is Aligned Coaching for?

1. Growth Seekers

There is a difference between people who want to grow and those who don’t. Growth seekers are motivated by passion, dreams, and life-giving pleasure (you know, the kind that doesn’t sabotage you but makes life great). We all know growth seekers because they tell us how inspired they are about the things they’re learning, doing, and creating. They usually have big dreams or goals that motivate them through difficult times or challenges.

2. Maximizers

Maximizers strive for excellence in everything they do. They enjoy setting their sights on new challenges that stretch them to be their best selves. If they find themselves stagnating, it drives them crazy – even more than most people. This is why I describe myself as a “maximizing growth seeker.”

3. Commitment Phobics

Some of us have a hard time committing to things we know are good for us, especially if those things don’t come naturally to us. If this sounds like you, Aligned Coaching might be the perfect fit because I am able to support you when you falter or lose your motivation so you can keep going and reach your goals.

3. Future-Self Thinkers

Future self thinkers set intentions and goals for their life and not only spend time thinking about how they’re going to get there, but they actually step into being this person now. Reaching their full potential is important to them because they know that it means having the life they want.

4. Those who like accountability and support

There are plenty of free resources available to help you reach your goals. However, sometimes we need a little more support and accountability to stay on track. That’s where members in Aligned Coaching come in. It’s something that our coaching community can provide for one another so everyone gets the support they need to succeed.

5. Those who want to create a calm and joyful life

If you’re feeling anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed, it’s the perfect time to look inward and see how you can take better care of yourself. This means looking at what is going on inside–your body and mind–so that you can understand why you feel the way you do, and move forward.


…after signing up for Aligned Coaching, you’re finally able to achieve the goals you’ve been wanting to reach for years. You feel more motivated and inspired to take action, and you start seeing progress in ways that you never thought possible. You learn how to create a calm and joyful life that is balanced and aligned with the person you want to become.

And that’s just a few of the many benefits Aligned Coaching has to offer. Aligned Coaching will provide you with all of the support and guidance you need to reach your goals so that you can become the woman you want to be.

Aligned Coaching is here to turn your challenges into your greatest successes. 

So what are you waiting for?

One coaching call or course lesson could change everything for you.




(normally $2,497–save $500 Jan Promo!)
Join today!

Still Deciding?

You’re ready to get aligned and reach your goals in Aligned Coaching if any of these things are true for you...

  • 1. You’re new to living aligned and you want to find your way, the right way, ASAP. You want to know in your bones that every minute spent on learning and applying what you learn, with support, is bringing you closer to your goals.
  • 2. You've coached with me before and you're ready for more. Whether you worked with me years ago and want to reconnect for my consistent support, or you want a place to stay focused and to keep yourself accountable, Aligned Coaching is the place for you.
  • 3. You’ve lost count of the number of times you’ve tried to explore "personal growth" and you’re ready to finally feel that calm sense of ease, knowing you're actually moving toward your goals. (This is the story of many women who coach with me.)
  • 4. You’re already zeroing in on your goals (yay!) but aren't quite where you imagined you'd be. You’re thinking about the YOU you want to become more than becoming her. You know where you want to go, you just need a little more support to get there.
  • 5. You know you need more consistent, personalized support than books, blogs and podcasts can provide, and you want to have access to your own coach who can help you through a challenge at any time.
  • 6. You have no problem investing around a couple hours per week in your growth as long as you’re 100% confident that every bit of energy you invest is going to directly translate to living your fullest potential, from here on out.
  • 7. You’re so ready to have more mental space and energy available to focus on the things in life that mean the most to you. You can’t wait to crack open your first audio lesson and attend your first weekly coaching call.
  • 8. You’ve been wanting to work together for some time, and lately you’ve just been feeling that nudge that you need outside support to move forward. Working together is something that just keeps coming back to the forefront of your mind.
  • 9. You want to be able to say "After working with Paige, I am the woman I wanted to be..." If you've read this far, you've seen the proof in my client testimonials–these women have stepped into the WOMAN they wanted to be at the start of our work together.
  • 10. You have a deep sense that more is available to you. You love listening to the Aligned with Paige Schmidt podcast and reading my blog and emails, and you’re ready to take your growth to the next level and get support to grow into the woman you want to be.
Did you catch yourself nodding your head?

If so, then I absolutely cannot wait to meet you inside Aligned Coaching.

Join Today

One coaching call or course lesson could change everything for you.




(normally $2,497–save $500 Jan Promo!)
You want to create a balanced, calm, and joyful life, keep the commitments you make to yourself, and feel more present everyday–Aligned Coaching will help you do it. With weekly coaching calls, the ability to ask questions anytime in the private and anonymous 'Ask Paige' forum, and replays of all coaching calls each month, you will have the support you need to reach your goals.

“I want to thank you for all you pour into women like me.

I think back to the last 2 years and how I’ve grown and wish I’d started this journey sooner, but I trust that stumbling upon you 2 years ago was God’s perfect timing.

Today, I’m more sure, know what I want for my future self, and am enjoying where I am now. Today, I am okay with the process. I’m secure in who I am in Christ; not what I’ve accomplished (or not). I’m setting goals and a plan.

I’m exuding joy like I haven’t before. I’m drawing and painting!

I’m stepping into my future self and have so far to go but know what I want and need and am now Unafraid to try.

Thank you for doing what you do!”

Amanda C. – Email from an Aligned Coaching Member

“I’ve been wanting to email you as literally everything I listen to of yours (podcast, Aligned, new audio training) I am like THIS IS SO GOOD.

I drove up to see my family a couple of weeks ago for my Grandma’s 100th birthday (wow). I showed up that weekend exactly as I wanted to (I have a great family but we know dynamics can always get a bit funny sometimes!). My parents text me at the end of the weekend thanking me for how I’d showed up (what?!) and for all the help and love I’d brought to the weekend (sniff).

THEN I started diving into the PeaceFilled meditations [Yes, you get these as a member of Aligned!]. Wow, I am so grateful these exist. I have meditated for YEARS and I have never enjoyed meditations as much as yours. The one around organizing your mind felt like the most relevant meditation for me that I’ve ever done. Seriously.

So, so grateful for all your work and this shift – it is obviously striking a chord with me and I’m sure it will with so many other women too.

I was thinking before I sent this [email] ‘how many positive emails will I send Paige in my lifetime?!’ I hope I’m still sending them in another 10 years (plus!)!

So grateful for you!”

Georgie B. – Email from an Aligned Coaching Member


If you think you need support… you probably do. When you trust yourself in every area of your life AND have the right support, anything is possible.

If you’re still on the fence, I owe it to you to be direct — because sometimes we need a little push to take the step we know we want:

Imagine you’re looking back on your life a few months from now, and you’re able to say: “I feel more confident in myself and my abilities. I’m able to stay on track with the commitments I make to myself and I’m reaching my goals. I feel more present and calm everyday, and I’m continually getting fresh clarity on what steps to take to reach my next level of success. I’ve become the woman I want to be.”

Now imagine what never starting would look like.

You haven’t taken action, you’ve been unhappy and stuck, and no matter how much effort you put in it never feels like enough. You continue to feel overwhelmed instead of inspired.

Self care is essential when starting a new journey or creating a change in your life. When you’re feeling less stress and anxiety, you will create the mental and emotional space you need to be able to move forward and take action.

Working with a coach is an investment in yourself and your future, and the reward will last a lifetime!


If you’ve had at least two moments this month where you’ve been preoccupied with thoughts that pulled you out of experiencing your life in the moment, then Aligned Coaching is for you.

Maybe you’ve been stuck on what to do in a relationship, how to move ahead at work, or making a decision about where to live. Aligned Coaching is for you.

If you’re ALREADY investing time and energy doing things like immersing yourself in books, blog posts and podcasts — but you’re noticing that the information you’re taking in isn’t giving you actionable steps to move toward your goals — Aligned Coaching is for you.


If you dream of leaving self-doubt in the past once and for all, and the main thing holding you back is the fear that you won’t be able to make it work because you think you must be different or too far gone in some way… Aligned Coaching is for you.

Now it’s time to take the leap and make the decision your future self will thank you for.

Start today – you will thank yourself the moment you login.

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If you still have questions, let me try and answer them:

1. How long does each coaching call last?

Each coaching call lasts 60-minutes and is done via Zoom (audio or video). All calls are recorded so each month you’ll have access to recordings of all of the previous coaching sessions in an easy-to-listen format right from your phone.

2. What is the coaching style?

My coaching style is a combination of intuitive, nonjudgemental questions that help you go to the depths of your heart and soul, as well as growth-oriented action steps that challenge you to take action in new ways.

3. How much does it cost?

Aligned Coaching costs $1,997.00 USD for six-months. Your membership will get you six-months access and if you’re loving Aligned Coaching you’ll be offered a renewal after six-months for a month to month fee.

4. What forms of payment do you accept?

All payments are run through PayPal.

5. What if I sign up and feel that your coaching isn’t right for me?

I ask each client to listen to the podcast to get the best feel for my coaching, teaching, and encouragement style. I am confident that if you love the podcast, you will love Aligned Coaching. If you have a question about making sure you’re a good fit before you join you can email me

6. Are the coaching hours flexible or standard each week?

The coaching hours change each week to meet the times that work for the majority of women in the group. We have morning calls, afternoon calls, and evening calls, depending on your timezone. The replays for each call are available for the current month. Prioritize these calls just like you would a dentist or doctors appointment.

7. What’s the refund policy?

There are no refunds as there is no way for you to give back the service I provide for you each week in Aligned Coaching. Thank you for understanding. I am 100% committed to the growth of each woman who joins Aligned Coaching and have this policy in place to secure your commitment to yourself as well.

8. What if I can’t make all of the coaching hours each week?

All of the coaching calls are recorded each month and available for listening at anytime, as many times as you’d like, through your phone or computer. Most members aim to make at least one coaching call per month, more if they can.

9. Do you offer a payment plan?

I don’t personally offer a payment plan, but since I take payment through PayPal, you should have the option to use PayPal Credit to buy now and pay over time (they say on their site “get no interest if paid in full in 6 months on purchases of $99.00+”). Look into it for yourself, but you should see this option as you checkout.

9. How do I join Aligned Coaching?

You can join Aligned Coaching by clicking the “Yes! Get started!” button below.

Life is too short and we only get one shot at it.

We've got this together. Let's go!

One coaching call or course lesson could change everything for you.




(normally $2,497–save $500 Jan Promo!)
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