Aligned Coaching

Increase your happiness & live life with ease.


Your schedule is full and your cup is near-empty. It’s hard to make decisions because life is crazy. Discover how to bring ease and calm into the chaos through courses and beautiful weekly discussions alongside women who get you.


What if you felt happy and grateful when your head hit the pillow every night…free of mind-numbing screentime to numb away the day? It’s possible…promise! I’ll show you the way through weekly coaching calls and 1:1 chat support.

Find Joy

You deserve to savor joy every day, even in the smallest and most unexpected ways, like while sending a reply email, choosing and preparing food, or engaging in end-of-day pillow talk with your partner. Once you tap into joy, you’ll be delighted how often it shows up.

Stop overthinking how to be happier. Instead, learn to create more happiness right now. Your future, most joyful self is ready for you.

Guidance from 10+ Year Certified Coach

500+ Women

8 Content Tracts Covering Money to Food to Self-Trust

Feel Supported as You Become the Woman You Want to Be 

As a woman, finding time to grow and nourish your desires seems impossible. This leaves many women feeling lonely as they seek confidants to share their biggest challenges, hopes and desires with.

Joining Aligned Coaching with like-minded individuals will connect you to a community of women who will resonate with what you’re going through, share their experiences and help you accelerate your journey to greater joy.

Women Who Have Flourished Through Aligned Coaching:

“I now see challenges in my life as part of the human experience and as a result, approach them as opportunities. This has drastically improved my personal self-confidence, joy, and happiness.”

Annie M.

“Working with Paige through Aligned Coaching has opened up a whole new perspective that allows me to see the JOY in my life. Taking a leap of faith and joining was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have finally been given the tools I need to create the life I want.”

Eileen A.

“I have learned to get curious about what truly brings ME happiness and joy, and to start giving myself permission to follow that. I have also learned the value of calm and how desperately that was needed in my life.”

Whitney L.

Where do you turn for support?

In Aligned Coaching, we believe that women deserve to live out their most spirited, joyful, playful lives…the lives they visualize for themselves when nobody is watching. The lives they pin, tag and wish for. In the program, you will:

  • Enjoy unlimited access to our full course suite
  • Learn subtle shifts that will help you achieve real happiness-inducing changes
  • Gain coach and peer feedback and support as you become the woman you want to be


Gain access to on-demand transformational courses designed to teach you tools to feel more joyful and calm in eight core areas, from money to food to mindset. The courses are delivered audibly so you can easily listen while in the car, taking a walk, or getting ready for the day. Topics include: intuitive eating, mindset, body image, money, self-trust, routine, goals and more.


WEEKLY group coaching with Paige and other members to cheer you on and help you show up AS the woman you want to be. No longer feel isolated in your struggles. Paige will help you celebrate your wins and give you the power to move forward with confidence as you’re gently guided to fresh perspective (replays included!).


Enjoy access to our dashboard where you can submit questions and get a helpful response directly from Paige anytime. You’ll always walk away with just-for-you steps that will help you become the woman you want to be.

“The person I am today is the person I wanted to become when I started my journey in coaching with Paige–the healthy, happy, comfortable and confident version of me.”

Chelsea B.

Take a Peek Inside Aligned Coaching

Aligned Coaching Quick Tour Video

“Coaching with Paige is SUCH a blessing — I have literally been working on some of these areas for a decade but they didn’t click until I had this outlet for daily consistent practice and growth.”

Ready to become the happy woman you want to be?

  • Reduce Overthinking and Welcome Ease & Clarity
  • Make Joy Your Superpower
  • Fall in Love With The Woman You Are Becoming

Why Aligned Coaching with Me?
Hi! I’m Paige

I remember the day I got clear on the woman I wanted to be–the woman I knew I was deep down.

By taking the time to imagine her, I saw what she wore, how her hair looked, the calm in her spirit and the pure lightness and joy in her stride. Excited to become her, I started acting like her. I immediately booked a hair appointment, bought a shirt and hired a coach.

Six-months later, I WAS HER.

Ever since, I’ve helped more than 500+ women to repeat the process.

As a Certified Coach with 10+ years experience, I’m ready to help you, too.

Start today. Your most joyful self is ready for you, and closer than you think.

Aligned Coaching includes:

  • Weekly group coaching calls with Paige (and the replays)
  • 24-hour access to submit written questions to Paige
  • Access to courses that will help you become the happiest, most joy-filled version of yourself
  • Come in and stay for as long as you’re gaining tremendous value 


The longer you are a member, the lower your rate!









Enjoy unlimited access to our full content suite to achieve real, joy-inducing changes:

  • Intuitive Eating
  • Money
  • Body Image
  • Mindset
  • Self-Trust
  • Routine
  • Goals
  • Relationships


The longer you are a member, the lower your rate!