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Join Aligned Coaching, a place of calm where you’ll let go of your food and body anxieties and grow into the ‘YOU’ you want to become.

I would love to support you on your journey to a happier, more present, calmer YOU!

You are done having food, negative thoughts about your body, or what other people think of you take up mental space.

Prioritize your self-care and personal growth – and step into the ‘you’ you want to become – in this six-month online coaching program.

With WEEKLY coaching from a Certified Intuitive Eating (and whole-life) Coach (hey!), fresh new course content regularly updated, and a community of women all with the same goal – to be the best, most aligned version of themselves.

For the woman who wants to feel CALM around food and in her body:

Quick interruption: If you’re not here to work on food, but are here for personal growth (self-trust, setting boundaries, stepping into the YOU you want to become), you’re in the right place. Scroll down to “The Good News Is…”

If you ARE here to make peace with food, you are ALSO in the right place, keep reading directly below 🙂 

When you first heard about the principles of intuitive eating – including ‘rejecting the diet mentality’ and ‘making peace with food’ – you HAD to find out more.

Because by that point, you were 100% DONE with dieting.

You Googled “how to start intuitive eating” and read every blog post you could find on it.

As you read, you felt your fear that nothing was ever going to work for you change to excitement (I always say, fear is excitement on pause!) – FINALLY there was a solution that would work for you that didn’t involve restrictive dieting.

As you started practicing intuitive eating and getting the hang of it, you were paying attention to how you wanted to feel and giving yourself unconditional permission to eat. So far, so good.

The thing is… you still found yourself thinking about food just as much.

It’s just that thoughts about ‘dieting’ had switched to thoughts about ‘eating intuitively’. *Sigh.*

Questions like ‘how many calories are there in this pizza?’ had switched to ‘what is my fullness level?’ after the first two slices.

You find that your mental space is just as occupied with thoughts about food as it was before.

And you were hoping that intuitive eating would free up some of that space so that you could focus on the things you actually care about.

You want to be someone who just enjoys life.

A happier wife or partner who can be more present and less focused on negative thoughts about herself (like grabbing your stomach in front of your partner – who is so sweet and supportive, but doesn’t really get it – and saying “look at this…”).

A calmer, more engaged mom who doesn’t snap at her family over dishes in the sink.

You’re so ready to move forward…

You desperately want to stop spending so much time and energy obsessing about food and negative thoughts of your body.

But it’s getting hard to imagine that you’ll ever actually feel calm, centered and totally okay about not being ‘100% perfect’ with food…

And you’re starting to think that maybe intuitive eating just isn’t going to work for you. 

But the thing is – you NEED it to work. 

Going back to dieting is NOT an option for you.

Because you know deep down that it goes a whole lot deeper than just the ‘food stuff’.

You know that as you break free from rules and obsessive thoughts about food you’ll finally be able to experience the freedom and peace you’ve been looking for.

And with the extra mental space you’ll clear up from no longer worrying about food or your body, you’ll be able move forward with your bigger life goals – the stuff that really makes life meaningful. All of the things you WANT to be focused on.

No matter what you’re working toward – you’re here because you’re ready to step into the YOU you want to become. Welcome, you’re in the right place.

With the amount of time and energy you’ve invested in trying to find "food freedom" and "love your body", you deserve to be feeling much lighter and more calm already.

You deserve to trust you are making the right decision for you when deciding what to have for dinner, without stressing over whether you’re being 100% ‘intuitive’.

What you deserve is to have 100% of your emotional energy available for the things that actually matter to you, like:

– having fun and being fully engaged when you’re on vacation with your family

– being focused at work (you like feeling accomplished and productive)

– looking forward to spending quality time catching up with your girlfriends and feeling present 

What you need is a place you can go when you need a boost of encouragement

And a community of women, including your own personal coach (hi!), who completely understand what you’re going through. (We really do.)

And you CAN have this!

But before I say more, here are a few key things I’d like to share.


...hasn't clicked for you YET...

It’s not about becoming an ‘intuitive eater,’ it’s about being you and feeling calm around food.

You want more peace with food – to think about it less. You don't want another set of guidelines to have to think about getting exactly right.
You want to be you, and…

Be present in your life.
No longer feel so distracted by all of the thoughts swimming around in your head around food.
Let food just be food.
Not worry about it so much.

The goal is to be YOU and feel calm around food.

It’s easy to get tripped up and ask “am I doing ‘intuitive eating’ right?”

You might be wondering… “am I asking myself all of the right questions?” Like…

Am I hungry?
Am I full?
What is my satisfaction level on a scale of 1-10?

But… is filling your head with a new set of 10 questions to be asking yourself really what you had in mind when you decided you wanted to make PEACE with food?

Or was your goal to think about food less? To make other things in your life more important?

Don’t get me wrong… some of these “intuitive eating” questions are very helpful.

But the success isn’t in that you're asking yourself all the RIGHT questions.

Success is to get in touch with your body and what feels good for YOU. To re-build your self-trust. Not only with food, but in every area of your life. And to recognize what else in life you want to focus on with freed up mental space. To get totally CALM around food. To feel like it's "no big deal". THAT is what you want.
It’s not really about food, even if that’s what almost every intuitive eating book, blog post and course focuses on.

Have you ever noticed that the way you are with food is the way you are with other things in your life — e.g. you save and splurge money in the same way that you diet and binge?
That’s because everything in life is connected.

When you make everything just about eating, you miss the bigger picture.

When you start checking in with yourself, giving yourself permission, and making decisions in other parts of your life based on how you want to feel, you start developing a more loving and caring relationship with yourself and you trust yourself a whole lot more.

For example, when you’re out shopping and you look into your cart and ask yourself: “Do I really need this new make-up? Will it actually leave me feeling happier?”

Or when you’re running and you honor your body by recognizing that today, it would feel better to walk some of the way rather than running the whole three miles.

THAT’s when you fully step into trusting yourself. You start making decisions that are aligned with how you want to feel and who you want to be. You become your own best advocate, believing you can truly do anything you put your mind to when you support yourself.
Letting go of needing to be perfect will give you SO much more freedom

Even if the people you’re following on Instagram seem to have EVERYTHING figured out and be living perfect, beautifully photographed lives…
...perfection is not the goal here.

Feeling good and content within yourself is ALWAYS the goal.

Because being ‘intuitive’ isn’t about being ‘perfect’. It’s about checking in with yourself and discovering what will feel good for you.

But when you find yourself constantly striving to be ‘perfect’, your goals can feel impossible to achieve. And this blocks you from being able to live a more intuitive life.

You think that if you don’t do something ‘100% perfect’, then you have ‘failed’.

When you reach a place of accepting that you do not need to be 100% perfect to reach your goal of feeling calmer, happier and better about your body… THAT’s when intuitive living will begin to ‘click’ for you.

If living an ‘imperfect’ life means you get to experience the freedom and happiness you’ve been striving for, what could be more perfect than that?
Doing this alone is HARD.

I 100% believe that you have everything you need inside of you to get where you want to be.
But it can take time to develop the self-trust you need to move forward. You’ll probably need to unlearn a lot of the behavior and thought patterns that have created your current reality.

The last thing you need is another person telling you what you ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’ be eating or doing.

What you need is:

- a coach who will guide you toward the place where you feel most aligned with YOUR goals and who *you* want to become via weekly coaching to hold you accountable (more like hold your hand as you grow!). You don’t need more outside information. You need support that will help you uncover what your current blocks are so you can move forward.

- ongoing, gentle support within a community of women who have been where you are now, and are all on their own journey to the version of themselves they want to become. So you know you’re not alone and so you can learn from one another.

- a place where you can work on your goals in a relaxed and intuitive way, and build your self-trust and confidence. A place where you’ll be empowered and equipped to set goals and action steps that you can actually accomplish (because they’ll feel so right you’ll WANT to accomplish them).


You’re not the only one who feels this way. Feeling calm, as you work towards your goals, doesn’t have to feel as hard as it feels right now.

As you get to a place where you develop more self-trust in every area of your life, you will also...
  • Develop deep trust in yourself and confidence in your decisions from food to your body to making career moves.
  • Learn to treat yourself with unconditional love and acceptance, even when you feel like you’re not doing things perfectly.
  • Enjoy a night with friends without stressing about food, your body, or comparing yourself to anyone else.
  • Start feeling more comfortable in your body as you focus more on SELF-CARE and less on self-control (I'll teach you how!)
  • Walk into any restaurant and confidently order whatever your body wants, knowing exactly how you want to feel after and being able to calmly honor that.
  • Hit ‘mute’ on the noise in your brain and reclaim your mental and emotional energy.

YES, all of those things are TOTALLY possible for you.

But they DO depend on taking an approach that teaches you to think differently and rebuild your trust in yourself.

One that digs deep enough to help you see what’s really going on underneath that’s stopping you from reaching your goals.

One that gives you the right kind of support and gentle guidance as you follow your own unique path toward self-trust, self-confidence, and achieving your goals.

You already know feeling calm and freeing up mental space will make a huge difference in your life.

But... might not be aware of *just how much* it will do for you to reclaim that brain space.

Shelby wanted to feel calm around food. Once food was no longer taking up so much mental space, she was able to focus on (and enjoy!) other areas of her life. Here's what she says today:

“Food no longer consumes my day – I’ve found so much satisfaction in other areas of my life. I spend time with my family and friends and am fully present. I’ve reignited the joy running has brought me since I was a little girl, instead of using it to change the way I look. I can now enjoy an evening to myself and excitedly plan out a self-care routine.”



The highly personalized six-month coaching program FOR PERSONAL GROWTH, SELF-CARE & INTUITIVE LIVING that takes you from overwhelm and frustration with feeling stuck to getting aligned with your goals and actually reaching them.

The place to grow into the ‘you’ you want to become, with support from your coach whenever you need it.

Here's what you get inside...

Since joining Aligned I have become more confident in who I am, what I value, and knowing how to create a more balanced life for myself.

I have been freed from all the do-not’s, should’s and should nots society puts on women. Paige has given me the tools to be a better observer of myself and my environment and make informed decisions from a calm perspective.

As a member I get to choose which course I want to take and complete it on my schedule. The routines workshop is exactly where I needed to start my journey. I was able to create a better schedule for myself that focused on my values and included self-care time. This allowed me space in my week to dig deeper into the body image courses and learn how to become more confident in myself.

I joined Aligned because I was tired of the constant debate in my head of what my body should look like, what was “healthy” to eat, and how to be confident in my changing body. Paige’s grace filled workshops and live coaching have created a space where I can be vulnerable and really wrestle with my values, my current beliefs, and learn how to truly understand my worth.

Honestly, I joined Aligned Coaching looking for the magic answers. Can someone please just tell me what to do!? Paige has given me so much more. She has equipped me with the tools to answer my own questions and be the driver of my own ship. There is so much power in knowing you are in control!

Deep down what I really want to know is that I’m a badass. I’m love-able. I’m relatable. I’m beautiful. I’m valuable. I can do hard things. Thanks Paige for helping see all those qualities in myself!”

Kelly H.

Here’s what you’ll get as a client in
Aligned Coaching:

Weekly Coaching Calls (call in for coaching with Paige!) for consistent, personalized support that’s always laser-focused on what’s right for you.

As a member of Aligned Coaching, you’ll have my full support, every single week, for a full six-months (or longer if you’re loving the program and want to stay).

Each week, you’ll have live access to me during powerful Coaching Calls structured to help you transform your relationship with your body, food, self-trust and confidence — plus anything else you’re struggling with.

Never again will you feel alone in your challenges — because you’ll always have me in your corner, ready to guide you through anything you’re stuck on and help you break through the issues you didn’t even realize were holding you back.

On every coaching call, you will:

Trust me when I say these Coaching Calls will change everything for you, and the insights you’ll gain from them will be priceless.

The best part? The investment you make in Aligned Coaching is one-third the cost of working with a coach one on one, and has just as high (if not higher!) a success rate than private coaching. This is THE coaching space to be.

Let’s look at everything else that’s in your six-month program…

In addition to six-months of personalized coaching support, you’ll also

get access to ALL past and NEW
courses, trainings and workshops

to help you transform — at your own pace:

Number 1:

Calm Around Food

This isn't just another food course. This program will change the way you think and feel about food. It will address and remove the current PULL that food has on you and leave you with a clear, open mind to focus on the things in life that mean the most to you.

In Calm Around Food, you will completely change the way you think about food. You will stop using food to cope with your emotions (and the course will help you do this in a way that feels safe and okay to do).

As you go through each lesson, I will take you deeeeep into your own thoughts and beliefs and challenge them (so you can change them).

This course will help you:

  • Get comfortable feeling your fears and stop fearing them
  • Get aligned with exactly who you want to become
  • Take steps to become her each day (and start thinking like this version of yourself now)
  • Understand, with compassion, why you’re not currently feeling calm around food
  • Take intentional action each and everyday to have the relationship with food you so desire (probably, to just not think about it very much!)

From this new place of clarity, you’ll finally start to experience the easy, calm relationship with food you doubted was even possible for you.

This program has the power to completely transform your relationship with food, all on its own — even if you don’t touch anything else in Aligned Coaching.

“Food no longer consumes my day and I’ve found so much satisfaction in other areas of my life.

I can spend time with my family and friends and be fully present. I’ve reignited the joy running has brought me since I was a little girl, instead of using it to change the way I look. I can have an evening to myself and excitedly plan out a self-care routine.”



Number 2:

Better Body Image

This course will not only help you to be kinder to yourself and your body, it will help you to see yourself in an entirely new and different light. It will improve the way you think about your body, the way you care for her, and the way you talk about her, for good.

The Better Body Image course is not a quick fix to feeling good. This course is designed to change the relationship you have with your body, forever.

It’s designed to be the last body image course you will ever need, because by the end of it, you will think about yourself differently, speak to yourself differently, and show up to your daily life with a most positive outlook.

This course will help you:

  • Be present with your family and friends, as you won’t be consumed with thoughts like “how do I look?” and the comparing yourself to others will stop
  • Allow you to take trips, go on vacations, and say YES to the things you value because your body is not holding you back
  • Give you the questions and coaching you need to completely rewire how you see yourself and how you care for yourself on a daily basis
  • Improve your self-talk, self-care, and the thoughts you have about yourself and your body all day long

Get ready to take your life (and self confidence) back with the Better Body Image course. It will be the most fun you’ve ever had improving your confidence and the way you see yourself!

"Coaching with Paige is NOT quick fix to lose 20 pounds. In fact, after the first session, I came to realize that it is not about the weight at all.

Paige gave me the resources and guidance to pinpoint the root of my longtime issues with food and body image and gave me the tools to allow the process of healing to begin. It wasn't until I healed myself mentally that I was able to begin to shed weight physically.

Today, I wake up feeling so much lighter mentally, I eat what I want to eat, when I want to eat it, and the number on the scale is just another number that holds no power within my mind anymore.

For the first time in my life, I feel calm within myself and able to accept myself in the current moment."

[Note: This is a testimonial from a client who coached with Paige and used the same tools that will be taught in the NEW Better Body Image course]

Meghan Tar



Money Courses and Workshops

Didn't think money was related to food and body? The way we do one thing is the way we do everything. If you struggle with overeating or overdrinking, it's likely that there's some overspending going on too.

Money is one of my FAVORITE subjects. (If it’s not your favorite topic yet, just wait — these resources were made for you).

As you participate in my BONUS workshops and courses around money you will…

  • Learn think about money in a way that feels empowering and fun (and even neutral – it won’t give you so many emotional highs and lows), instead of restrictive, boring, and stressful
  • Start aligning your spending and savings habits with what you actually value. With what actually brings you joy and fulfillment (and you’ll recognize all of the areas where you’re currently spending that are actually not bringing you joy at all – this will be so freeing for you to recognize!)
  • Transform discomfort into joy as you get ultra clear on what you want from your money and create a budget that GUARANTEES your money is supporting your dreams and goals — not stopping you from ordering those boots you’ve been dreaming about, or buying that face cream you know would up your self-care game (it’s not about restricting yourself)

After you’ve taken my workshop and the upcoming money course, you’ll notice yourself feeling clear, confident and empowered when you make money decisions.

And since everything in life is connected… there’s a good chance you’ll feel more freedom and ease in your relationship with food, too. (There’s huge overlap between the way we are with food and money. Much more than most of us consciously realize.)

I’ll bet the money you save from taking these bonus money courses will save you MORE than your six-month investment in Aligned Coaching.  (I’ve seen it happen over and over.)

"After doing Paige’s financial workshop I felt confident creating a budget in a way that brought JOY to my life.

I had a mind shift change to begin looking at my finances in a positive way rather than as stress and scarcity. I loved the workshop so much I scheduled MORE time to coach with Paige so I could really dive deep into savings, purchasing a home, investments and freedom in using money to create joy in my life!

There are a million ways to budget and take control of your finances but working with Paige is different. She helps create shifts in your thinking to create a flexible, sustainable spending plan to reach your goals!"

Natalie M



Finding Balance eBook

A book I wrote in 2017 to share my own personal story and the strategies I used (and still use!) to get me to my own personal place of freedom. This book dives into my relationships, the way I am with food and money, the way I approach exercise, spirituality, all of it. I share my story in hopes to inspire your own!

Finding Balance will help you create joy, and escape all- or-nothing, black-or-white thinking, in every area of your life — through exploring specific themes that so many of my clients struggle with.

Grab a cup of coffee, cozy up with a fuzzy blanket and crack open your copy to explore…

  • Striking your best balance between eating for pleasure and eating for hunger
  • Planning meals while eating intuitively
  • How to manage your time and your to-do list as you nail down your ideal work-life balance
  • …and so much more.

Once you’ve read Finding Balance, you’ll be able to quickly see how each area of your life relates to the whole, and be well on your way to finding true balance in your life.

And from that centered place, you’ll be unshakeable in your freedom.

"I'm reading your eBook right now. It really is so authentic. It's comforting to know that you've had the same issues I've had and you put it into words so well.

Shedding light on the things you've struggled with really does set you free from the guilt and shame that's in those areas grown overtime. It helps me see that ALL of my experiences are for the greater good."

Amanda C.



you’ll get NEW, exclusive content every month, for as long as you're in Aligned Coaching — you’ll always have everything you need to grow into the ‘you’ you want to become.

As a member of Aligned Coaching, you’ll get full access to every paid workshop, course and guide I’ve ever created — and every paid resource I create in the future, for as long as you’re a member.

And every month, you’ll get exclusive content like new audio courses, to expand on what you’re focusing on that month — so you’ll grow, make progress and move forward every single time you log in.

While the majority of your growth will happen in the first six-months, Aligned Coaching is designed to evolve with you and be all you’ll ever need as you grow into the calm, confident woman you want to become (if you love Aligned Coaching and want to stay in after six-months, you’ll have the option to do that for a great rate).

As you continue to set new goals for yourself, this will be the place to get the support you need to help you reach them.

The best part? We’re all growing together. As I grow, you’ll grow. As you grow, other women in the program (and people in your own life) will grow. It’s a ripple effect you’ll love being a part of.

“The amount of value in Aligned Coaching is incredible!

One of the things I love most about Aligned Coaching is that it focuses on several areas of personal growth and authentic living. I don’t need a coaching program for my finance work and a course for intuitive eating and a book club and so on – it’s all within Aligned Coaching!

Not only is this cheaper but easier to manage with one login where I can get coaching, ask questions and delve into fantastic courses.

Paige has the most kind and supportive demeanor and every time we speak or I hear her coach everything feels achievable.”

Kelly Azevedo


Six-Month Program



Add Private Coaching


Saying a big, delicious, empowered "YES!" to your growth and joining Aligned Coaching for a six-month program will not only leave you feeling FILLED with hope and gratitude the moment you click that YES button, but it'll also get you WEEKLY Coaching Calls with me (ask me anything), ALL past and new courses, 24/7 access to send me *any* question you have at anytime for written coaching, and the FREEDOM you've been waiting for. It'll take you six-months to create meaningful and lasting change. It's time you say "YES!" to your growth–I bet you've been waiting a while!

You'll LOVE saying "YES!"

to your investing in YOURSELF by joining Aligned Coaching. I can't tell you how many messages I get within 10 minutes of a new client signing-up saying "I'm SO happy I made this decision! I already feel so much more hopeful!" You will be BLOWN AWAY by how much calmer and FREER you feel as a direct result of Aligned Coaching within these next six-months. Give yourself the gift of YES! I am here to help you succeed.

“I’d recommend Aligned Coaching for anyone that wants or needs access to amazing resources and the best resource of all… Paige!

To anyone in need of self-compassion and healing in their relationship with food, body, money, schedules, career — I couldn’t recommend Paige enough!

I joined Aligned Coaching to have access to her support and resources, and have a community to hold me accountable.

I’m so grateful for this coaching program, because it has allowed me to work on myself, as well as hear other women’s experiences and understand that I am not alone.

It has also helped me to stay on track and practice self-love by SHOWING UP for myself and for the other women in the program on coaching calls and by asking Paige questions.

I’ve seen my life improve in all areas. I am now lighter, freer — happier. No more diets. No more crazy schedules. No more ‘perfect.’

If you’re reading this, or you have a small voice telling you this could be for you, I can bet that it is. My work with Paige is the best thing I have ever done.”

Stasia W.

Hi, I’m

When I’m not sipping a coffee with vanilla oat milk creamer, cuddling with my dog Abby or hanging out with my husband Marco and baby girl Selah…

I’m guiding my wonderful clients in Aligned Coaching toward their food, body, and whole-life freedom. I’ve been doing this work for 10 years.

As a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, I’ve helped hundreds of women — from all walks of life and every corner of the globe — change their lives in the most powerful way imaginable: by learning to trust and being true to themselves.

If you’ve been feeling like you need some extra support in reaching your current goals — like eating intuitively (aka, getting calm around food), creating a better body image for good, or trusting yourself enough to take that leap and start a business — and would love to feel calm along the way…

Aligned Coaching is for you. *I* am here for you.

This is the exact kind of personal support that helped me to ditch diets, restrictive behaviors, and negative self-talk more than a decade ago, and trust myself enough to create the life I now love so much.

This includes marrying my best friend (literally, he’s been my BFF since age 14), buying our dream home, and building a business where I can use my personal story to help others grow into who they want to become.

And I couldn’t be more honored and excited to support you in that very same way.

“The person I am today is the person I wanted to become when I started my journey in coaching with Paige. If that doesn’t tell you enough about Paige’s skills in coaching her clients, I DON’T KNOW WHAT WILL!

I am happy with my body, the progress I have made and the habits that I have formed to feel unapologetically ME.

The healthy, happy, comfortable and confident version of me.

I have worked through so many thoughts of doubt, stubbornness, and defeat to get here and I can honestly say I could have never done this without Paige’s guidance.”

Chelsea B.

Still Deciding?

You’re ready to get aligned and reach your goals in Aligned Coaching if any of these things are true for you...

  • 1. You’re new to intuitive eating and you want to find your way, the right way, ASAP. You want to know in your bones that every minute spent on learning is bringing you closer to your food freedom.
  • 2. You've coached with me before and you're ready for more. Whether you worked with me years ago and want to reconnect with my consistent support, or you just want a place to stay focused and to keep yourself accountable, Aligned Coaching is the place for you.
  • 3. You’ve lost count of the number of times you’ve tried to make intuitive eating (or some sort of ‘food freedom’ thing) work for you, and you’re ready to finally feel that calm sense of ease you’ve been craving. (This is the story of many women who coach with me.)
  • 4. You’re already zeroing in on your food freedom (yay!) — it feels so close, but it’s not quite what you imagined it would be. You’re still thinking about food more than you want to and you want to work with someone who can help you feel “normal” and calm around food. To think about it less, so you can think about OTHER areas of life that matter to you MORE.
  • 5. You know you need more consistent, personalized support than books, blogs and podcasts can provide, and you want to have access to your own coach who can help you through a challenge at any time — which you will be able to do through written coaching and weekly coaching calls.
  • 6. You have no problem investing around an hour or two per week in your growth as long as you’re 100% confident that every bit of energy you invest is going to directly translate to more freedom and ease in every decision you make, from here on out.
  • 7. You’re super excited for more mental space and energy available to focus on the things in life that mean the most to you. You can’t wait to crack open your first course and workshop and attend your first weekly coaching call.
  • 8. You’ve been wanting to work together for some time, and lately you’ve just been feeling that nudge that you need outside support to move forward. (I can’t wait to support you!)
  • 9. You want to be able to say "After working with Paige, food is no longer a ‘thing’ for me — I don’t struggle with body acceptance, and my life feels lighter, less hectic and more intentional."
  • 10. You want to grow into the best version of ‘you’ you know you can be. You love listening to Paige’s podcast and reading her blog, and you’re ready to take what you’re learning to the next level and APPLY it.
Did you catch yourself nodding your head?

If so, then I absolutely cannot wait to meet you inside Aligned Coaching – say hello to your new coach for the next six-months, I can't wait to see you inside!


Six-Month Program



Add Private Coaching


Saying a big, delicious, empowered "YES!" to your growth and joining Aligned Coaching for a six-month program will not only leave you feeling FILLED with hope and gratitude the moment you click that YES button, but it'll also get you WEEKLY Coaching Calls with me (ask me anything), ALL past and new courses, 24/7 access to send me *any* question you have at anytime for written coaching, and the FREEDOM you've been waiting for. It'll take you six-months to create meaningful and lasting change. It's time you say "YES!" to your growth–I bet you've been waiting a while!

“Before I started working with Paige, I was struggling with feeling stuck – in my eating, in my body image, in my marriage and in my motherhood.

I felt like I was spinning my wheels and not making progress even though I had worked so hard at eating intuitively, accepting my body and building a life I loved — I needed help getting to the next level, and Paige helped me do just that.

After working with Paige, food is no longer a ‘thing’ for me — I don’t struggle with body acceptance, and my life feels lighter, less hectic and more intentional.

Through learning how to better care for myself my kids can now enjoy a happier, less-stressed mom.”

Kristin D.


If you think you need support… you probably do. When you trust yourself in every area of your life AND have the right kind of support, ANYTHING is possible for you.

So if you’re still on the fence, I owe it to you to be direct — because sometimes we need a little push to take the step we know we want:

If you’ve had at least two moments this month where you’ve been preoccupied with food or your body, or other mental blocks in a way that pulled you out of experiencing your life in the moment – whether you felt lingering food guilt looong after you’d finished your meal, or you found your standing in front of the mirror frustrated that your jeans are too tight, dwelling in the land of “I do NOT feel good enough” – Aligned Coaching will help you.

If you’re ALREADY investing time and energy doing things like immersing yourself in books, blog posts and podcasts — but you’re noticing that the information you’re taking in isn’t giving you actionable steps to move toward your goals — Aligned Coaching will help you.


If you dream of leaving self-doubt and food or body worries in the past once and for all, and the main thing holding you back is the fear that you won’t be able to make it work because you think you must be different or too far gone in some way… Aligned Coaching will help you.

You want this. You wouldn’t still be reading if you didn’t. Give yourself this gift, and I look forward to doing everything in my power to help you step into your power — and finally start experiencing the freedom and alignment I already know you’re capable of.

You know all you need to know. You have everything you need to make an empowered decision, one way or the other.

Now it’s time to take the leap of faith your future self will thank you for.

Start today – you’ll thank yourself the moment you login.


Six-Month Program



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Saying a big, delicious, empowered "YES!" to your growth and joining Aligned Coaching for a six-month program will not only leave you feeling FILLED with hope and gratitude the moment you click that YES button, but it'll also get you WEEKLY Coaching Calls with me (ask me anything), ALL past and new courses, 24/7 access to send me *any* question you have at anytime for written coaching, and the FREEDOM you've been waiting for. It'll take you six-months to create meaningful and lasting change. It's time you say "YES!" to your growth–I bet you've been waiting a while!


If you still have questions, let me try and address them:

“I really wanted to work with you in 1:1 coaching. I’m worried I won’t get the results I need from group coaching.”

One on one coaching can be really valuable and that’s why I give each woman highly personalized attention in the group calls. Come to them! You can also ask me a question any time you want with your individual concerns and get coached through them in the written coaching from. You will still get one on one coaching within the group calls. This way, more people will be able to benefit from your coaching – you will see that you’re not alone in your struggles.

“How does the pricing work?”

You pay $1,495 for your first six-months, and if you’d like to continue with us after that, it is $95/month. It will take you six-months to create SOLID, rooted, lasting change in Aligned Coaching. From there, most clients LOVE staying in for continued support. Nothing about your membership reduces when you hit six-months if you choose to stay with the $95/month plan. You get access to the same incredible coaching calls, ALL new content, and the ability to submit questions to Paige at anytime, for less.

“I tend to be shy in a group setting. I wonder if I will still get value out of the group coaching calls?”

TRUST ME HERE. I am you. I too get shy in a group setting! But women in my calls have asked me WHY they feel so comfortable – they do! It is my job to make you as comfortable as possible. I create these calls to be a safe judgement-free space where all women’s stories, challenges and experiences are valid and welcomed to be coached through. I can assure you that the number one feedback I get from Aligned Coaching is that women feel safe, welcome, and so supported around their individual growth and reassured to know that others understand what they’re going through. Trust me, trust the process, show up.

“Are the coaching hours flexible or standard each week?”

The coaching hours change each week to try and meet the times that work for everyone in the group. So, some at noon, some in the early AM, some in the evening. I try and have a range each month so you can find the call times that work best for you. If you ever cannot make a live call, you’re welcome to send a question in ahead of time, which I will answer on the call so you can hear my answer in the recording. In a timezone like AUS or the UK? That’s okay! We have coaching call times for you too.

“What happens if I attend all the coaching sessions and I still don’t feel like I’m getting anywhere?” 

If at any time you’re not getting the value you hoped for, I would be happy to hop on a private call with you to make sure you’re following a pathway through Aligned Coaching that works best for you. That said, I have not known one single client who didn’t get immense value from joining Aligned Coaching and staying committed for at least six-months. Trust yourself, trust me, trust the process. I have done this program hundreds of times with clients starting at all different places in their journey. I am here to make sure you succeed.

“Can I get a refund if I sign-up for six-months and ‘it’s not working’? What if a big life event pops up?”

There are no refunds. This course has ‘worked’ for hundreds of women before you. You will love what you find inside – you’ll thank yourself the moment you join (trust me, I see/hear it all the time). If at any point you feel you’re not making the most of Aligned Coaching, reach out to me. I will hop on a call with you privately to help you set a plan to get back on track. You CAN succeed here.

“If I joined before and cancelled can I join again?”

ALL members who cancelled before when Aligned was a month to month membership are welcome to now rejoin at the current pricing.

“Can I talk about anything? Like career direction?”

Absolutely. I’m here to help you grow into the ‘you’ you want to become. If that involves talking through career direction, GREAT. I know that your growth goes far beyond food.

“How do I know what I even want to be thinking about or focusing on if I’ve always thought about food? What will this open up? Can you help me through decision fatigue?”

Great question. Yes! Food has been taking up so much of your mental space for far too long. Which means you’re in EXACTLY the right place. Come join me in Aligned Coaching so that we can clear your mental space of thoughts about food. You’ll start with some work around getting CALM around food, and this will open up space to start exploring other areas of your life (career, relationships, spirituality, you name it). You can receive support around any of these areas on weekly coaching calls or in written coaching.

“I would love to be in Aligned Coaching but want to be sure that I get what I need out of it right now – I’m feeling pretty comfortable in my relationship to my food, but really would love to work on my heart space, personhood, life goals and direction. I know you cover a lot in Aligned (and a lot does tie back to food!!) but wondering if I will benefit from the program if food isn’t my main focus?” 

I get this question EVERYDAY. I have two types of women in Aligned Coaching — those who are just starting to work on the “food stuff” and those who have grown through it or mostly through it and are continuing their growth beyond food. Both women flourish in Aligned Coaching — you will too! We have a course called Shed, for example, that will help you to focus on yourself, what you want, putting your wants into action and creating a life you feel proud of and inspired by each day. It sounds like you will LOVE IT. It’s focused on helping you to let go of anything that is no longer serving you. I’d love to have you — the WEEKLY coaching calls are 100% personalized and open to *whatever* area you want to grow in. Women bring up all different topics with one common denominator — they want to grow into the best version of themselves.

“I’m almost sure I want to join but just have a question.”

If you are almost sure that Aligned Coaching is for you but would just like to run a couple things by me, please email me at or send me a DM on Instagram. We can either talk it through email, or if you’d like we can book a quick phone call so that you feel 100% confident in your decision to join.