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Girls, I really just want to have coffee with ya this morning. I feel like it’s pretty fitting, since I am sitting in Starbucks right now sipping my first cup of the day. My friend Kayla and I always have what we call “coffee talk.” It’s just like it sounds (coffee & talking), and it’s our favorite time.

I want to catch you up on life, on business, and share what’s been going on. Is that okay? Can we have coffee? And can I share what I’d share with you if we were grabbing coffee this morning? (Like I just did to Asia – totally brain dumped all over her!)

1. The Camper

Four Wheel Camper Four Wheel Camper-2

Ah, you guys… Our camper… We are loving it so much. This weekend, we went to Ventura and ended up spending the whole day at the beach with family and friends on Sunday. It was so lovely. Church, family, friends. Fulfilled.

Marco’s grandparents (really, they’re mine now too!), my parents, a couple cousins, and some of our friends came out. It was so fun, and so relaxing. On our way to the beach we picked up coffees (Kayla and I wanted to have “coffee talk”) & sandwiches, and sat in the sun chatting the whole afternoon.

2. The Mama

Healing from Cancer

My mom is doing so well. (This is her and my friend Aubrey’s babe Easton before they moved, just a couple of weeks ago). Multiple times this weekend she’s said things like “Gosh, I love this. Making cookies is so fun.” Or, “I love stores like this. Home Goods is fun. This is fun!”

She’s in a place right now, where she’s just so darn thankful to be feeling good that even standing up and putting a meal together is fun for her. This reminds me how much we have to be grateful for, each day. Even right now I can appreciate sitting at Starbucks, writing this post to you.

She’s had two immunotherapy treatments so far, and so far, so good. On Monday, we went and spent the day with my niece Sofia and split our time between packing and playing. My brother and sis-n-law are moving to Ventura to be closer to family – the excitement for how much more I’ll get to see Sof is unreal.

3. The Two-Year Anniversary

Healthy Hits the Spot | First Wedding Annviersary - 1 of 15

Remember when we got married? Yeah. That was almost TWO years ago! Mine and Marco’s two year anniversary is coming up quick (August 1st)! Married life flies by. Wait. All life flies by. OH YEAH. We’re excited to celebrate, and are thinking of doing a road trip & passing through Yosemite!

Actually, speaking of Yosemite, we’d love to hear from YOU!

Where do you love to camp in Yosemite? Or, where have you heard is good? What do you love to do there? Oh, and… the bears. I’ve gone there 100x, but all of those times include being very young and having no fear. So now that I’m not 8 and have all-the-animal-fear (fishes, snakes, bears, oh my!) I have to tell myself to calm-the-heck-down and just enjoy it. Tips?

4. The Biz

Health Coaching

Business is going good, girls! What a gift it is to have such wonderful clients – I’m not even going to hold it in. They’re the best!

I love that they are eager to share their special moments with me, like: getting engaged, having babies, or buying a new house (heck, even just sharing that they finally had a slice of toast after so much restriction!)… I also love that they are willing to share their struggles so openly, and trust that they’re safe to walk through these things with me – this is what I am here for. And lastly, I love that they are committed to the process no matter what, and are seeing the benefits of sticking through to get what they want. Props to you girls. You know who you are – all of you!

My six-month Total Transformation Program (most popular) is at it’s peak capacity right now. And since I can’t fit anyone else at the moment – other than a couple of you who are about to get started – I’ve opened up some Laser Focused Sessions for the month of July. I have only 3 spaces left. These sessions are one-time, 75-minute sessions for those of you who want to beat the wait list & get super focused coaching right away (email me if you’re interested –

Also, I just got a new intern, and am super excited about her. So thankful for help around this place! Note to self: I also need an assistant… hmm…

5. The SLO-Life

Asia & Paige - San Luis Obispo, Blues Game

Life in SLO is so grand when we’re able to be here (I’m in SLO now, but only for today – this is kind of how it’s been lately, which is okay). When in SLO, our time is filled with friends, coffee, dinner, walking downtown, being outside, and hanging out/playing games. I love it here. It is my happy place.

Paige, Asia, Amy

I’ve made so many special friends here, including Asia, who wrote an incredible post on how awesome having new friends really is.

Welp, that was fun you guys! I really just had this urge to show up today and connect with you girls, and appreciate what is going well – it feels good! This weekend, I’ll be away in San Diego celebrating my friend Kelsey at her Bachelorette Party! There will be no post on Friday. Instead, come hangout on Instagram @healthyhitsthespot and Snapchat @healthyhitsspot (no “the”).

Random Act of Kindness

Oh, and last but not least, I want to hear YOU! I’ve been collecting info from you girls to find out WHY you follow HHS (what you want to get out of it). If you want to be SUPER generous today and spend 1 minute sharing with me, I might fall in love with you (more than I already am). I want to hear your response to… “I follow Healthy Hits the Spot so that I can…….[how you want to feel, what result you want to get from following my work, etc…].” Please & thank you, thank you!

Love, Paige

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