Colorful Daily Eats!


ezekiel tortilla with eggs

Breakfast was an Ezekiel tortilla with eggs, avocado & spinach inside

kale mushroom sausage-less tofu

Lunch was sautéed kale, onions, mushrooms, sausage-less tofu, salt & pepper, and red chili pepper flakes

Ezekiel bread, banana, pb, honey

In the late afternoon, I needed a bit more. Lunch was at about 11:30, this was at about 3:30. I had two slices of Ezekiel with Organic peanut butter, agave, and 1 banana.

eggplant parmasean

Dinner was eggplant parmesan with a side salad — all homemade.


After dinner, I sat down with my family to watch the last episode of this seasons Bachelor. I’ve missed almost all of them — whoops! We made a big ol’ bowl of popcorn to share. This is just kernels & veg oil popped on the stove with sea-salt.

talenti gelato

For a Petite Treat while everyone else was enjoying ice cream, I popped up off the couch and got myself a bite of Talenti Gelato. All my body wanted was a taste 🙂


ezekiel tortilla, eggs, avocado

Breakfast was an Ezekiel Tortilla with eggs, spinach, & avocado. Oh, plus some sea-salt and pepper. Can’t forget that 🙂

ezekiel bread, banana, pb

Lunch was around 11:30, and was one slice of Ezekeil, peanut butter, agave, and 1 banana (I ate the other slice of nana).

green smoothie with cocoa powder

A mid-day snack around 3:30 was a Green Smoothie with raw cacao powder added to it. Yum 🙂

ground beef tacos

Dinner was lean ground beef tacos with homemade beans & rice. So delicious. I had one more taco after this.


ezekiel tortilla with eggs and avocado

Breakfast was again, an Ezekiel tortilla with eggs, spinach, avocado and sea-salt & pepper.

pb and banana sandwich

Lunch was 1 slice of Ezekiel with peanut butter, agave, and 1 banana, plus a side of fresh strawberries from Whole Foods. I’ve been loving PB & banana 🙂 I think I’ll have it again today for lunch 😉 HELLO SPRING!

dark chocolate

My petite treat was two pieces of 85% dark chocolate. Love this one from TJ’s!


And, while I was working, I drank a Kombucha. Bilberry! Such a good one!

homemade orange juice

Again, while I was working, I had this (plus one more) baby cup of homemade orange juice — ingredients: oranges from my Uncles backyard. That’s it!

homemade taquitos

Dinner was homemade taquito’s that had black beans & chicken inside. One the side, homemade salsa & guac. So good! Homecookin’ is the best! Oh, I also snacked on a few chips & salsa while this was cooking. I got out a small bowl, put a handful of chips inside, and ate just that.

Thursday (today)

avocado toast with egg

This morning started off with quiet time and the gym at 5:00, and breakfast came shortly after.

I had one small slice of sourdough, with half an avocado on top, and two eggs on the side. And of course, Coffee to go with it.

Now I’m sipping’ on lemon water, chattin’ away with all of you 🙂 Hope you enjoyed this!

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