Comfort Inn Style

Good morning all! I hope your Wednesday is off to a good start.

eggs and toast

Yesterday breakfast was around 6:45. Of course, over-medium eggs & sourdough. 🙂

tostada bowl

Lunch was around 11:30. I realize that lately I haven’t been writing about workouts much. Yesterday was a run, day before was a nice walk, day before was Step/Sculpt… etc… I’ve been doing a mixture of running, walking, and step with abs/push-ups/dips at home.

quick on the road snack

After work around 4:30 I ate this little baby open faced sandwich. I didn’t want to eat too much before dinner, but I new I wasn’t going to eat for 3 hours (driving). I didn’t want to be starving.

wet burrito

Dinner was a nasty wet burrito. I didn’t finish this, but could have probably eaten even less than I did. I was just so hungry.

This is gross… but you know when you eat bad fish it’s extra ‘fishy’ tasting? Well, the chicken in this burrito tasted a little too ‘chickeny.’ I know that’s not a word… but there is no other way to explain it. I’m grossed out even talking about it. This thing killed my appetite for the night.

working from hotel comfort innNow this morning I’m working from the Comfort of my classy hotel choice 😉 Hey. Don’t make fun. I like these simple places. Plus, I got free breakfast! 😉

I hope you all enjoy your Wednesday! I’m going to be working and exploring this cute little town. Sorry, can’t say where I am 🙂

Love, Paige

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