Today started out with the usual Ponyo & Noah morning chase around the house

“Where is she?!”

“There she is!”


After the eventful morning of watching the pets, I sat down and had Coffee with my Momma


2 multigrain waffles with almond butter and maple agave syrup

I didn’t like them at all 😉

For lunch, I took part of this quiche type thing that Haley made. She calls it Veggies x 5 because there are so many different veggies in it. It was great!

I also had a KIND Bar. I was in a comfort food kinda mood today for sure.

While babysitting, Harper showed me her fun gift bags she’s giving away to her friends at her B-day this weekend!

When I got home, I had a banana, and then some more comfort food

A dark chocolate Kashi Cookie

Then later on, at my next babysitting job, some grapes

And then some more comfort food… so I thought…

I swear… I thought there was a reeses type thing in there! Instead, I got a totally tasteless wafer bar… Never would I ever again.

Games, building, dancing, more games… the endless things we did today!

When I got home, I took a tap, hungout with my Marco.. and lounged around for a little bit…

When he left, I made dinner… Nacho’s… hey… look at that… another comfort food!

Plus, homemade bread… okay, I’ve said it enough… clearly I needed some comfort today! But the food… really, I was just hungry and in the mood for those foods, the real comfort came from the best friend/boyfriend a girl could ask for… I’m truly blessed

I’m off to the Gym to get a little workout in before the day ends! See you all back here tomorrow.. I have a special date day with Marco. I’ll make sure to take pictures! 🙂

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