Coming Home Today

Good morning everyone! It’s 6:58am and we just woke up in Vegas. This is early for us this trip! We’re trying to miss the huge traffic jam we saw on the way up.

We had such a fun trip. The best part was getting to spend time with my Aunt Missy & Uncle Joe. They flew in from Michigan. We had family from all over that I got to re-meet. Ones that I haven’t seen since I was 10.


The first day we got here we Visited Fremont St. That was an entertaining visit! I have to admit, I didn’t take very many pictures! When I vacation, I also tend to vacation from my phone. I’ll share the few that I got.

I just wrote my Uncle and asked him to send me this photo:


He sent it for a $1 charge along with this one “on the house.”


He had us all laughing the entire trip 😀

The Bellagio was the nicest place we visited. I loved it. They still had it decorated Christmas Theme.


While we were there, we got Gelato. It was the sweetest Gelato I’ve had, so I shared half.


Saturday night, the family all went out to a Buffet at the MGM. This was the time where Marco and I went off and did our own thing for a couple of hours.



We got Pizza at the Paris Hotel. It was just like the Pizza I read about in Naples I’m sure 😉


Then we went out for drinks, and did a little bit of gambling. It was my first time gambling. We told ourselves the max we were willing to gamble was $40.

We kept winning! Marco won $22 once, and small change other places. I won $7, $5, $3, and $2. I kept winning small change. This was fun because it felt like I won at most machines. Would have left with $39 spending $20, but we were having fun and wanted to keep going. We left with $30. Plus, they bring you free drinks. This was news to me!

So, for the food… I don’t have many photos, but I will share that the way I felt comfortable to eat on vacation was to have brunch and dinner with no snacking in between. If I had dessert, I shared it because it was so sweet. I got Gelato once and a Chocolate Chip cookie once. When choosing what to eat, I made healthy choices but had what was satisfying. For example, if I wanted a burrito instead of a burrito bowl I got the burrito but filled it with good stuff and skipped the cheese/sour cream. If I wanted a scramble for breakfast I added veggies and tasted the treats on the side: biscuit & potatoes.

Okay, well, I’d better get my booty out of bed. We’ve got to pack up and get to breakfast.

Love, Paige

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