Take The Commitments Your Make To Yourself Seriously


It is so important to keep the commitments you make to yourself. A lot of us lose trust in ourselves because we make a ton of commitments, and then don’t keep them: we say we’re going to get into a workout routine, but we never start exercising; we make plans with a friend, but then cancel on them; we tell ourselves we’re going to start waking up early, then hit the snooze button.

Really, we’re just further draining ourselves by making these commitments, if we’re not following through.

We need to start honoring our own promises. If you make a good & healthy commitment to yourself, see it as non-negotiable. Thinking about whether or not to stick to your goal takes too much energy and will set you up for failure.

Use your energy on doing. Start small, and be realistic. Start by making easy commitments, and building yourself up by sticking to them. Then move on to the bigger stuff that is more challenging for you.

What commitments are you going to stick to? What things have you been trying to do, but aren’t doing them?

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