Common Questions About Intuitive Eating (Free Instant Training)

Intuitive Eating Training

Intuitive Eating Free Training

As many of you know, every summer I host a challenge called Self-Love Summer with my friend Abby (also known as: Eat, Work, Play, Balanced). Abby is a teacher & health coach in Minnesota, and I adore her.

The two of us met online and have developed a sweet friendship over the years. Shortly after we connected, Abby reached out to me with the idea for Self-Love Summer and we put it into action.

Abby shared that she wanted to create something that would support women toward loving themselves through one of the most challenging and body-centric seasons.

Voila – Self-Love Summer (which I’ll now refer to it as “SLS” throughout this post) came to life! We’ve ran it twice now, and both times, it’s been such a special way to connect with other women & love on ourselves and each other more.

We just wrapped up SLS ’16  a couple of weeks ago and wanted to put something together for all of you girls who read our blogs, who show up consistently, and who are excited to learn about intuitive eating (thank you for being here!).

In an effort to give you the best gift we could, we put together an hour long free training talking about the most commonly asked questions we get  about intuitive eating from SLS.

Here’s what we cover in the 55 minute training:

  • a bit about our stories and who we are
  • specific steps to start eating intuitively; hunger cues, being calm around food
  • how to feel less guilt around working out
  • what to do when you feel like you’re improving, but still overeating and not completely listening to your body
  • positive, powerful routines
  • what to do when you feel like you’re the only positive one if your life
  • and LOTS more

We hope this training is helpful for you! It’s a totally free gift from Abby & I as a token of our appreciate for YOU.

We encourage you to plan a time where you can cozy up with a warm blanket, notepad, and cup of tea (or coffee!) and treat yourself to undisturbed reflection and learning.

If you have any questions, comments, or just want to say ‘hi’ or ‘thank you’ please do so in the comments below – I love hearing from you and want to know what you think of the training 🙂

To get the training enter your name & email below – it’ll show up within the next 2 minutes in your inbox from “Paige” at – the subject line will say “Your intuitive eating training is inside”!

Intuitive Eating Training

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