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Above are my 8 new 2015 intentions that will be posted on my desk for the entire year of 2015. Below, I’m about to let you know why I chose these.

  1. I want to make more, give more, and save more because…. the more I make, the more I’m selling, the more people I’m helping… the more I save, the more I see the hard work that I’ve done, the more financially responsible I feel, the closer I am to our (mine and Marcos) financial goals… the more I give, the more generous I feel, the more people I can touch.
  2. I want to drink more coffee and have less rules because rules feel bad… So often I say to myself “no, not another cup… you’ve already had one.” I want to lift that burden (it’s just coffee). If it would make my day happier, more cozy, and more special (coffee has such a thing about it, doesn’t it?) to have a second or third cup, go for it! Enjoy life. Do the simple things that bring you joy.
  3. I want to take more pictures because I’ve gotten so out of the habit of taking random & family pictures. I spend so much time photographing my food that I consider it a “break” to be away from my camera… but I don’t want to miss those moments… so pictures it is!
  4. I want to have the intention of making more memories because I had this same intention around our engagement and really utilized it… I did so many sweet things to save up the memories… I was so intentional about soaking up each moment (hikes, coffee dates, going out with friends, planning together, etc…). I would love to continue taking lots of little trips, too!
  5. I want to get outside more because being outside makes me feel refreshed and alive. Plus, San Luis Obispo has so many beautiful trails, so much greenery, and is too good to stay inside. I hope that we ride bikes more, hike more, walk more, and visit more beautiful places (Big Sur, Yosemite, Zion…)
  6. I want to be more internal about each day by visualizing my “perfect day” more often. I saw my new friend Adam Lehman tweet about this and it hit me hard. He said “Spend 5 minutes journaling daily about what your “perfect day” would look like and your life will change dramatically. Test me on that.”
  7. I want to be more thoughtful with others because I’ve realized this year just how much it means to me when someone is thoughtful with me. Mostly, my Clients have taught me this because they’re incredibly thoughtful with cards, gifts, and even videos! I’ve gotten: a birthday video, my eBook in print, a package of honey, thank you cards, Christmas cards, notebooks, journals, books, stationary, and so much more… Each time I’ve opened something I’ve felt a rush of love & care… and I want to do that more for others.
  8. I want to love myself more than ever before in 2015… and I hope you’ll join me. I mean this in the most gentle, humble way. I want to appreciate all that my body can do, I want to love my quirks and the things that are different about me. I want to focus on what I do love about myself, and focus less on what I would change. Are you with me?

Feel free to copy my style on making your NYI’s!

What are your New Years Resolutions Intentions? What will you do more and less of?

Share 1-2 things in the comments below 🙂 


Here’s a present for ya!

xo, your coach


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