Cozy Night In: Netflix + G-Free/Vegan Pizza

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Good morning everyone!

Yesterday started off with another 3 mile run. Feels so good once you’re done. Ahhh!

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After my run I sat outside on my Patio and enjoyed some rice-cooker Oats + a little bit of Green Smoothie

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For a snack yesterday, I packed hummus + broccoli, + edamame

I ate the broccoli + hummus, but left the edamame. I forgot how good organic broccoli + hummus are together! Yum! I’m packing that snack again today 🙂

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After the park yesterday, little Kampbell and I snacked on some Edamame crackers. I had just a small handful to coat my tummy before lunch.

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Lunch was a salad with romaine lettuce from the Farmers Market topped with lentils + bruschetta, dressed with spice peanut vinaigrette. Gosh, I don’t want any other dressing lately!

I also had a Corn + Black Bean Pulala. Haha, that’s what Kampbell calls enchilada’s! It’s the most adorable thing ever.

By the way, if you don’t have a TJ’s near you, and you are wishing that you could try these Enchilada’s, I am almost positive that they are made by Amy’s Brand. I’ll compare the ingredients soon and let you all know!

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For an small afternoon sweet tooth, I had 1 dark chocolate peanut butter cup 🙂

The trick to not eating 5…10… the whole thing… is to get 1, sit down, and enjoy it slowly.

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For a snack between lunch and dinner I had a Larabar & my broccoli + hummus I posted on earlier.

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Dinner wasn’t until about 9pm. Eek! So late! I was so hungry. Marco and I split this medium vegan, gluten free veggie pizza. Yep! Split. I’ve tried dairy-free cheese one pizza, and while it’s okay, I really prefer to just skip the cheese. I love the flavor of the toasty crust, marinara, and baked veggies. Mmm-mmm good 🙂 Much better for you too!

At job number 2, I was cooking the girls dinner. Guess what it was? Deep dish cheesy pepperoni good-smelly pizza + broccoli. A serious pizza craving quickly developed. Ha! I wrote Marco and he agreed that we should pick up a take + bake pizza from Valentino’s. It was so good! After working 11 hours yesterday, I wanted to come home, relax, and enjoy some pizza with my Marco 🙂

So we did just that! We turned on Netflix and watched Rules of Engagement, cuddled up on the couch, and ate our Pizza.

Do you ever watch TV Series on Netflix? We used to watch Friends, and now we like Rules of Engagement. It’s so funny!

Hope you all have a fabulous day! I’m off to work for 13 (yep!) hours. But, I get Carseats today, and we have some fun planned. Including the Farmer’s Market + Coffee Shop! 🙂

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