Craving Calcium?

Good morning everyone! Brrr! It’s chilly outside! I just got home from the Gym, and am cozied up in my room blogging to you all. My window was open last night, so the cold air is stuck in here!

Okay, so here are my eats yesterday 🙂



Overnight Oats! Here’s how I made them:

Picture 4

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IMG_2352.JPG IMG_2353.JPG



I met Kayla in Calibasis for lunch on her lunch break. We got Reg Vanilla Lattes with NSA Powder + Soymilk and I brought this little tray of snacks. An apple, cheese, and almonds. Such a good combo! I think this would be a great thing for me to bring to babysitting jobs!


When I got home, Marco and I decided to had back to the Gym for a second time. Our morning workout got cut short because I got called for work. Before the Gym, we split this thinkThin Bar.

When I went home to change, my Mom walked in the house with super good smelling Chinese Food. I don’t know why it smelled so good yesterday, but it did! Instead of sitting down and having an entire plate (I very well could have at the point!) I took a few bites to get a taste of the food and satisfy my impulsive craving 😉



After the Gym, I felt like something not to heavy. I decided on Cereal with Almond Butter and Almond Milk. Actually this had half Almond Milk and half Organic 1% Milk. We ran out!

By the way… Something I’ve been noticing… You know how I keep talking about how I have been craving Cheese? Well, I’ve been going with the cravings (like I always do) and I started to crave regular milk as well. This week I’ve been using Organic 1% Milk in my Coffee at times instead of always using Almond Milk, and I’ve also had a couple glasses of Whole Milk while babysitting. Keep in mind, I haven’t been a milk drinker the last 6 years or so… But, one thing that has made a drastic change these past few weeks are my nails! They are sooo healthy looking! I’ve had peeling, brittle nails, for quite a long time… I was shocked these past couple days at how good they are looking! Long, strong, and very white tips (the tips are usually more see-through… Hmm… I’m sensing that this craving is actually a Calcium craving!

Have you ever realized a reason for a certain craving you had?

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