Create the Energy to Support Your Motivation

When it comes to energy, there’s a big difference between just thinking about something and actually doing it. Just thinking about something may give you a little burst of energy, but getting into action around your goals gives you more energy than just thinking about it. This week on the podcast, we’re talking about ways to tap into more energy to become the woman you want to be.

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I will forever remember a powerful quote one of my coaching clients said during a session years ago. “I can either spend 20 minutes DOING something or 24 hours THINKING about doing the thing.” Wow! So powerful, right? How freeing it truly is when we put action to our ambitions and goals, rather than just spending precious and limited brain space on thinking about doing said task. Thinking can be so draining! But taking small action steps? It produces hormones that actually give us bursts of energy!

Tell me, has this ever happened to you? You get the mail and leave the stack of letters and flyers on the counter for daaaayyyys, cringing every time you walk by it? “Oh, I should really sort through that,” you think, a mild dread filling you at the thought of doing so. And when you finally do sit down to open things? You realize it was a rather simple task, didn’t take that long and BOY! Do you feel better now that you don’t have to walk by the mail stack several times a day, cringing! Your mind has suddenly become LIGHTER and ENERGIZED, due to now not feeling so mentally full since a task has now been removed from your mental to-do list.

That’s the concept I’m teaching on in this week’s podcast episode. The power of DOING and taking simple, small and strategic steps towards your current goal, whatever that may be.

What is YOUR current goal? What are you working on? Or, what are you THINKING about working on?

I encourage you this week to ZOOM IN on one simple step you could take towards that goal rather than getting overwhelmed and overthinking by a ZOOM OUT on all the steps needed over time. As they said in my coaching certification school, “Small hinges move big doors.” Please don’t discredit the power of doing something small! Doing SOME really does add up over time! Small steps towards your goals eventually add up to an accomplished goal!

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • A common problem I see clients experiencing and how to get over this hurdle
  • Practical tips to free up your mental load
  • Ways to increase focus and will power in meeting your goals

Mentioned in this Episode:

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