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I’ve been doing my coaching business for 10 years and my dream job is really happening, it’s my reality. Today I’ll share the beginning steps I took in getting my career started. Please view this through the lens of inspiration as I share tips for YOU to move towards YOUR dream job, too!

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What dream do you have that can’t die?

What things do you feel so deeply connected to, that you badly want to experience and make happen?

If you have been around this blog, my podcast or IG for any amount of time, you know I’m Team Visualization. I believe one of the most important steps to exploring a dream career is to first visualize the career woman you want to be. 

That’s what I did for my coaching business. I closed my eyes and got a VERY detailed picture in my head of what I wanted life to look like, career wise. I saw the exact pens, desk and colored folders I would use for my individual clients. Then, I went to the store and bought those things! A small step forward to arriving at who I wanted to be in my career. And small steps add up to BIG changes overtime!

I also recommend we change up our vocabulary. The words “purpose” and “passion” can feel overwhelming so I encourage you to focus on what is fulfilling and fun? This removes the pressure to find the ONE career you were put on earth to do and essentially to instead follow your joy. Simplifying is key!

For me, following my joy looked like starting a blog about food. Intuitive Eating had been such a healing gift to me and I wanted to help ONE person with their relationships with food, through reading my Healthy Hits the Spot blog posts (the old name I use to blog under).

From there, my coaching business evolved as I connected with women who read my blog posts. I realized through those connections that I wanted to actually work with these women, to guide them to food freedom as I had been previously.

Overtime, I stumbled upon Life Coaching, got multiple certifications, opened up a Group Coaching program, continued to do coaching one on one, started a podcast, hired members to my team, and added on many more topics to provide coaching services around, not just Intuitive Eating as I started out doing.

Finding you dream career is a beautiful journey, one that doesn’t need to be rushed. Put on an Explorer’s hat and see it as an adventure, with unexpected twists and turns that will eventually get you to that “light you” up spot in life you once visualized.

For more information on this topic, you can head to episode #88 on the podcast or read the interview I did with The Every Girl, linked below!

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What careers I originally started pursing and why I pivoted
  • More tips for bringing into reality your own career dreams
  • How to be a manager of your Future Self
  • How a fried green beans recipe changed everything for me

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