CrockPot Chicken Masala & Homemade BJ’s Pizookie Petite Treat

Good morning girls. Yawwwwn. I hope you all slept well! This is our third morning in a row waking up at 4:30 for Marco to get ready for work.

Sleeping in tomorrow until 6:00 will feel like heaven. Although… once I’m up… I kinda like being up this early… is that crazy?

eggs and toast

Yesterday morning for breakfast I had two eggs and the ends of our bread toasted.

chicken masala recipe

After breakfast I started up the CrockPot. I was making Chicken Masala. SO easy, and it turned out great! Wanna know how?

Ingredients (mine are all from Trader Joe’s):

  • a 2.5 lb bag of frozen chicken tenderloins
  • 2 jars of masala simmer sauce
  • 1 box of mushrooms
  • 1/2 bag of organic spinach (it’s what I had on hand)


Put the 2 jars or masala & all of the chicken in the CrockPot on low. Add 1/2 c. of water. Stir it around to get the chicken coated. Set the timer for 8:00 hours. Halfway through, add in the mushrooms and spinach. Cook for another 4 hours. The last hour, I took the lid off because I wanted it to thicken up a bit. You can do the same if you’d like 🙂 Really, I think this can be done in 6 hours. I just followed through with the timer because I was home and in no rush at all. Serve with harvest grains blend and garlic naan bread (both from Trader Joe’s).

Note: you can pretty much add ALL the veggies you want! If Marco liked sweet potatoes, I would have also added chunks of sweet potato.

open faced turkey sandwich

Lunch was an open faced turkey sandwich with a few chippies and a little bit of leftover soup. My sandwich had organic mayo and mustard, onion, tomato, turkey, and havarti cheese. S&P ridge cut chips from TJ’s and leftover Chicken & Wild Rice soup that I made last week 🙂

working from bed

I worked from 6:00a to about 11:00a, took a break for lunch, and then walked downtown to run work/personal errands.

When I came home, I checked e-mail and then made myself a good ol’ cup of tea and climbed in bed to do more work. It was too friggin’ cold to sit at my desk! Plus, I’m working on mine and Simi’s secret project (go VIP to be the first to know! Hint: we want you to be VIP for a reason, trust us here!) so it just seemed fit to cozy up in my bed — it’s the best project! I enjoy working on it so much.

just black honest tea keurig latte

I feel like I should share my tea. It was so good! I used a just black Honest Tea Keurig (Mom left her mini Keurig here for me to try), milk, and a teaspoon of sugar. This was so simple, and so good! Sometimes I’m surprised at how not sweet sugar is – all of the falsey sugar out there today is 100x more sweet!

three simple salad ideas/recipes

Around 3:00 I got a grumble in my stomach so I had a caesar salad. I have loved having salad ingredients in the house lately. Here are some ideas for YOU from the salads I’ve made in the last three weeks:

  • spring mix, balsamic (balsamic vin, olive oil, dijon mustard, and honey), feta cheese, and mandarin oranges
  • spring mix, balsamic (same as above), goat cheese, and pears
  • romaine lettuce, caesar dressing (TJ’s), parmesan cheese, tomato, and croutons

burned my finger again

Also, while we’re at it sharing important things 😉 I burned my finger again last night. Why does this happen to me? This was no where near as painful as the first time, but I still hate that throbbing, hot feeling on my finger. It’s okay, I keep numbing aloe spray on hand (no, I’m not kidding).

homemade indian food

Here is the result of dinner! Chicken masala with harvest grains and naan bread. So yummy! We have lots of leftovers (I’m finally learning to cook portions like my Dad) so we’re going to have a repeat tonight.

homemade bj's pizookies (so easy)

Here’s what we’re not having a repeat of tonight: cookies and ice cream. We’re out of cookies. Darn! This was so good again! Really though, I’m not sad 🙂 After two nights of this my belly is happy, satisfied, and ready to move on to the next best thing.

All this is, is two cookies (the TJ’s pre-made ones) baked with one scoop of french vanilla ice cream on top. It’s just like a BJ’s Pizookie.

Who know’s what a Pizookie is?

What’s your favorite quick & yummy food to have around the house (like my salad)?

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Love, Paige

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