Cultivating a Peaceful Life

Is cultivating a peaceful life something you’d like to do now and into the new year?

Is cultivating a peaceful life something you'd like to do now and into the new year?

Part of peace is learning there is a difference between having an emotion and struggling with an emotion.

⬆ This idea quite literally has the ability to change ones life…

As we individually work toward cultivating more peace within the Live Brightly community, this is the #1 lesson I’ll unpack with you.

Not just that, but we’ll also discuss how to:

Accept the things that are outside of our control and commit to action that improves our lives.

Read that again → Accept things that are outside of our control. Commit to action that improves our lives (our relationships, businesses, and our peace/joy/contentment).

As we go into the next couple months of Live Brightly–our community space to be transformed and renewed–we’ll be keeping these ideas front and center.

We’ll focus on cultivating…

Peace that is created within, not peace that is dependent on our circumstances.

Peace that is anchored, not peace that is thrown to the wind the moment we begin to struggle with our emotions.

We’ll even cover how to accept our emotions rather than struggle with them, and how that cultivates more peace.

Join Live Brightly. When you get inside the dashboard area click on “Schedule” and register for our upcoming live calls where I’ll help you with all things cultivating peace and helping you to stop struggling with emotion.

Cannot wait to continually invite God to be central in our lives and ask Him to make us into the women He is calling us to be through Live Brightly.

Not to just think about who that woman is, but to boldly become her now and into 2024.

You’ve got this, I’ve got you, we’ve got each other. Join us.

P.S. Cultivating a Peaceful Life on the Podcast

This week on the Living Brightly podcast, I’m talking about Cultivating Peace in episode #116.

Give it a listen here on Apple Podcasts (or search “Living Brightly” wherever you listen to pods).

We’ll discuss:

  • Cultivating peace via what we see and hear
  • Emotional peace
  • Creating peaceful homes
  • Embracing moments that aren’t so peaceful, for more peace (ex: toddler screams and screeches!)

When you’re done listening, if you feel lit up and want to cultivate peace with support, join us in Live Brightly. You’ll be encouraged, learn, and transform.

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