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Weekly Eats - 1 of 10

Breakfast – scrambled eggs over sourdough toast & avocado with black coffee on the side.

Weekly Eats - 2 of 10

Lunch – leftovers from Sunday night which were veggie burgers with mushrooms, cheddar cheese, arugula, tomatoes, and a little Sriracha ranch (TJ’s).

Weekly Eats - 1 of 1

Petite treat – I worked from 9:30-2:00 on Monday, and after work I went to the gym and then grocery shopping. As you saw in yesterdays post “My Grocery List & Meal Plan” I like to go grocery shopping on a Monday whenever possible.

I was definitely hungry while shopping on Monday, and could not WAIT to bite into this chocolate bar. I cracked her open in the car, and felt like I could eat the whole thing. Seriously, have you tried this? I savored 4 squares, one a time, and reminded myself “8 won’t be any more satisfying than 4.”

EVEN THOUGH I *felt like* I could eat the whole bar (plus some). Ha!  

Weekly Eats - 3 of 10

I came home after the grocery store, put away my groceries, poured myself a glass of wine, cut up a few pieces of cheese to savor & curb my appetite while cooking (hungry after the gym) and turned on some music all while I cooked dinner. I felt relaxed, and cooking dinner was fun.

Weekly Eats - 4 of 10

Dinner – chicken masala and basmati rice with garlic naan. SO easy! At TJ’s I bought one package of organic chicken tenders (boneless/skinless), chopped them up, and simmered them in TJ’s masala simmer sauce with mushrooms added in.

While that was cooking I turned on some organic basmati rice in the rice cooker, topped it with cilantro, and voila! Done. Paired with naan bread that was warmed in the oven, and lightly buttered with Kerrygold unsalted butter. So delicious, and so simple you guys!

Weekly Eats - 6 of 10

Eating nourishing and absolutely delicious food does not need to be hard. Have fun with it!


Weekly Eats - 7 of 10

Breakfast – NOT EGGS AND TOAST. WHAT?! A slice of cinnamon raisin Ezekiel with a few strawberries and a small bowl of cereal (half toasted oatmeal flakes and a little bit of granola) with a spoonful of PB and almond milk. Super yummy!

Weekly Eats - 8 of 10

Lunch – leftover indian food from the night before. I finished most of this, but not all. I had about 1/3 left which I stuck back in the fridge and ate after the gym (went to the gym at 3 again) before I started cooking dinner. I knew that I’d likely be hungry after the gym, so this worked out perfect!

Weekly Eats - 9 of 10

Dinner – how amazing does this look?! Again, I see photos like this online and immediately I’m intimidated because it looks like a lot of work (is this just me?) but this was so simple!

In one big ol’ pot I boiled my brown rice & quinoa pasta, and in a skillet I cooked this ground beef with mushrooms, garlic, one shallot, and fresh thyme. SO easy. I seasoned it with sea-salt & pepper.

Once the pasta was cooked, I rinsed and drained it, added a little olive oil, mixed it up, and then threw in the cooked meat and veggies. I then added 1/2 cup of plain greek yogurt, stirred it all up, and had my own mushroom and beef stroganoff.

Weekly Eats - 10 of 10

It was a hit for both Marco and I! I was so excited to eat this meal — it’s definitely a warm comfort food type of meal when you just want that I can feel the dinner in my belly rested feeling. You know what I mean?

I’ll be back tomorrow with Wednesday & todays eats, which were also quite good!

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