Daily Eats + Our 4 Year Anniversary


I’m here with a daily eats post today.

Before we dive in, I want to remind us all that these posts are not for comparison (if these posts are triggering for you in anyway, scroll through some self-care posts instead).

These posts are to provide you with inspiration for food ideas and to give YOU the freedom and permission to listen to YOUR BODY as I listen to mine, apart from food rules or dieting.

Thank you so much for being here and I hope you enjoy! Leave a comment when you finish reading!


Tuesday was an awesome day. Marco was off work, so after my morning client sessions I kept the rest of the day open to spend with him and Abby (I knew that’d be our only day off together this week, plus it was our anniversary Wednesday and I had to work – so Tuesday was for together time!).

corn tortilla eggs cheese salsa

I started the day with a ready made salad from Trader Joe’s (forgot to take a photo) and followed that a few hours later with some corn tortillas, eggs, cheese, and salsa.

abby at the river

After breakfast/brunch, we headed out on a hike with Abby. We took her into the river and she LOVED IT. I can’t wait until we can take her to the lake and she can swim around!

abby in the river

hub coffee

After our hike and play time in the river we went to Hub coffee. Something I’ve been wanting to do with Abby since we brought her home. We sat outside, I sipped my coffee, and we walked along the Truckee River.

abby at hub coffee

There were little kid’s next to us that Abby wanted to play with SO BADLY. We’re still working on not jumping before she plays with a 2 year old 😉

abby at the eddy

On our walk, we stopped at The Eddy, which is an outdoor bar here in downtown Reno. Marco got a beer (they were out of Coors Light, hence the Corona) and I finished off my coffee.

grilled cheese on the bbq

After hanging out downtown we headed back home. Once we got home I made us grilled cheese sandwiches on the BBQ. They were yummy! Not exactly what I was craving, but what we had left in the house and we were both starving.

my pie pizza

For dinner, we went to My Pie, which is a build your own pizza place. I got olive oil and garlic sauce, a little marinara, loads of veggies, and sausage for mine. I had a Blue Moon on the side. Yum!

my pie salad

We also each got a small side salad (this was only $2.95 – best deal ever!). So delicious! Will definitely be returning to My Pie for a great easy dinner place!


corn tortilla with eggs cheese salsa

Wednesday was a workday for me. The morning started out with an early walk with Abby, followed by breakfast: corn tortillas, eggs, cheese, and salsa. After breakfast I got straight to work – it was a client day over here.

leftover pizza

After my morning sessions I took a break for lunch. I had leftover pizza and a couple of garlic knots from the night before. Oh! That’s right, the night before we also got garlic knots to try (I enjoyed two!).

Caesar salad

After work, we spent a couple of hours running errands (Costco, Target, the bank, etc.) and then came home for a really easy/quick dinner of Marco’s choosing. Caesar salad and ribs (from Costco).


I had three of these shared ribs with BBQ sauce. They were yummy!

dark chocolate

After dinner I cleaned up, set myself up for the next day (which you can read about in my eBook), and nibbled on a square of chocolate. We ended the day restful with Friends on Netflix and snuggles with Abby.

Today is another massively full client day. I’m off to walk Abby with a friend and her pup at the park and then it’s straight to work. I hope you all have a great day!

Thank you for being here! Leave a comment below!

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