Daily Eats & a Week at Home!

Goooodmorning beauties! I’m here with daily eats from Thursday. Thursday was mine and Marcos first full day back in SLO, and thank goodness, we’ll be here for a whole week this round.

I’ve got a busy week ahead, with a mix of work + fun. Who am I kidding? Work is fun! Especially since I get to spend an entire day with one of my clients who is now training to be a coach. We’re having a VIP day, which is an in-person brand spankin’ new coaching option I’ve just created!

Before I dive into these eats, little side note… Remember, the purpose of me sharing my eats with you is to give you ideas, and to show you that as I listen to my body and feel great (without diets, deprivation, or restriction) you can too! These posts are for pure encouragement, not comparison.


Daily Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot - 1 of 7

Yesterday morning started off with eggs & toast first thing. After breakfast, I walked to the gym, and on my way home, grabbed a blonde roast from Starbucks. When I got home, it was straight to work as I had a consult with a new client.

Daily Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot - 2 of 7

After my consult I took a little break to have a snack of rice crackers, goat cheese (this one is the goat creamy cheese from TJ’s) and olive tapenade. Yumm. You guys, I’m obsessed with this olive tapenade lately!

Daily Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot - 3 of 7

After my snack, I left the house for a walking session with one of my clients. She was walking in her town, I was walking in mine, and we were talking on the phone for an amazing session. I love these sessions! So refreshing, and truly productive. When I got home, I snacked on an orange.

Daily Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot - 6 of 7

I worked through the afternoon from my office, and got a ton done. The days I get to be in SLO in my office feel amazing, because lately it’s been so much travel. Thankfully, I can do my 100% of my work from anywhere, but, ya know… The office is really nice to have 🙂

Daily Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot - 4 of 7

I took a break for lunch around 2:00 and had two slices of Ezekiel with Italian olive oil (literally, my mom picked the olives in Italy), dill Havarti cheese, and tomato slices. And of course, on the side, olive tapenade. OBSESSED.

Daily Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot - 5 of 7

Later in the evening, I took a nice long work break to make Marco & I dinner, plus a whole bunch of chicken, rice, and broccoli for M’s lunches. Luckily for his job he gets to eat at work most of the time, but lately he’s been feeling spoiled as I’ve packed his lunch.

For dinner, we had brown rice noodles with olive oil, butter, lemon, chicken, capers, and pepper. Exactly what I was craving, and hit the spot SO well. Can’t wait for leftovers today!

Welcome Packages

Look at these cute boxes I get to send my client welcome gifts in! Brand spankin’ new.

After dinner, I cleaned up the kitchen (seriously took me forever – I made so many dinner dishes prepping two meals!) and ran a couple of work errands (more cute things for my new client welcome packages!) with my friend Asia. I’m so thankful for other friends who work from home.

Asia sent me a text while I was cooking dinner and said: “I will be working tonight if you wanna join me!” So, we ran errands together, and then worked from Asia’s office in downtown SLO. So nice to get more work done!

Daily Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot - 7 of 7

To get me through, I got an unsweetened passion iced tea from Starbucks. Seriously, this is going to be my summer go-to. It’s got all the flavor without the super-sugary-sweetness that leaves a nasty aftertaste in my mouth and belly.

Ah, twas’ a good day… and now this morning I’ve got to prep for my special VIP day tomorrow, send new client welcome packages, and hop on a few calls. So, I’d better run! I hope you all have a faaaabulous weekend and enjoy lots of sun. I know I will!

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