Daily Eats (a.k.a. What I Ate Yesterday)

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homemade egg biscuit

Yesterday morning for breakfast Marco and I had homemade McDonalds 😉 I used to love egg & sausage biscuits when I was little. Anyone else?

My Dad made homemade biscuits over the weekend for himself and my Momma. They had leftovers, so when we visited we took a couple home so I could make this for M & I yesterday morning. Delicious 🙂 We ate this super early, like 5:30, before M left for SLO. He had to do some stuff for work, finalize the house, etc. We’re moving THIS Saturday! I’m excited 🙂

electricity out

While at home… the Electric turned off. GAH! It was off from 9:00-12:00. I was worried about our fridge, but luckily everything stayed super cold! I had to charge my phone in the laundry room downstairs between Clients 🙂

cheese, chips, and salsa snack

My non-cookable (electric off) snacks at 10:00 & 12:00 were cheese, crackers, and salsa….

yogurt and nuts

…and yogurt with cranberries/cashews/almonds.

mashed potato leftovers

Around 3:00 I felt like I needed something I could actually feel in my belly (you know that feeling?!) so I had leftover mashed potatoes (we had Thanksgiving with M’s family over the weekend) and chicken. We didn’t have turkey 🙂


For the rest of the afternoon until about 7:30 I worked, packed, ran errands, and got our house more ready-to-go. We’re pretty much packed now. My office is bare having only my computer and my current Client files out. Kinda strange 🙂 I’ve been getting pretty creative with packing over here… I’ll have to share some tip’s with you all!

One thing I’ve learned is do not pack heavy dishes in large boxes. Use SMALL boxes for dishes, otherwise…. only Marco can lift them. Ha! Well,  in my case, only Marco 🙂

best panini in the world

Dinner was SO good! You probably already saw this from the weekend on my Instagram, right?! I made it Sunday afternoon, too!

You don’t even know. So friggin good! Sourdough Panini with pesto, avocado, shredded chicken, and organic pepper jack cheese. Heaven!

Seriously, it was SO good! I added side salads with romaine, cilantro dressing, and tomato last night. Just YUMMY! I’m making this again when we get to SLO 🙂 This food will make your belly happy!

xo, your coach


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