{Daily Eats} & A Reminder to Have a Great Relationship with Food!

Good morning sweets! I’m sitting here today sipping on this cup of black coffee, thinking of all y’all.


Here’s the deal. 

I want you in my Group Program. It starts next Tuesday. We’ll be talking Tuesday nights at 4:30p for just a short time over the phone. This time will allow me to guide you through the weeks goal, and set you up for success that week.

This Program is 6-weeks, and is only $247. What’s it worth to you to have a great relationship with food? Honestly?

You’re going to get free email support along with the weekly check-in phone call.

You’re also going to get an email after each call with that weeks goal/tips/encouragement.

I’m going to guide you through a simple cleanse for 4 weeks to completely reset your tastebuds & relationship with food.

Week 1helping you become aware, prepping for the cleanse, grocery list, tons of meal ideas, and total support

Weeks 2-5 – cleanse and total support from me & the Group. Weekly emails of encouragement and guidance on exactly what to do.

Week 6introduce some foods back in, and teach you to maintain balance.

Benefits of this? Too many to list. But here are a few: kick your constant sugar cravings,
lose weight, lose belly bloat, reset your tastebuds, heal your relationship to food, have community support, learn how to enjoy sugar/food in moderation and be okay with it.

Don’t miss it ladies! Email me and let me know you want in.

I’m guiding you through the same steps that helped me to have a healthy relationship with food. You owe it to yourself. 

Thursday’s {Daily Eats}

Thursday started off with quiet time, blogging, and breakfast. Breakfast was around 9:00 & was of course… eggs & toast


After breakfast I went for a walk with my Momma. We walked 2.6 miles at the park.


When we were all done with our walk, I came home and worked. I started to feel slightly hungry around 11:30, but still wasn’t quiet hungry for a meal. So, I ate a small bowl of fruit and waited for my hunger to show up.


My hunger came in the form of a grumbling belly around 2:00. I was in the middle of a Session, so I made myself some lunch around 2:30.

Split pea soup… homemade goodness! I topped it with arugula, cabbage, & cilantro and had the heel of toasted sourdough with it. Sourdough bread bowl is what this tasted like. Yum! I also had some beet salad which you see in the back 🙂


To satisfy my sweet craving after my savory meal I had two slices of Organic dried mango.

I went for a run right before 4:00pm hit. It was a tiny run of .9 miles. I’m staying on track with a certain mileage by my Wedding. Just a fun little challenge I gave myself for the summer 🙂


When I got off work I wasn’t hungry. So, I spent some time making Marco dinner & packing his lunch.

He doesn’t mind cleaning, washing cars, doing laundry, dishes, or anything else (really!)… but he does not like messin’ around in the kitchen like I do. Fair trade?

I made him these two luscious sandwiches to take to work.


Are you kidding me? This looks so good! I’m such a sandwich girl.


Of course, this made me want a sandwich myself, so I waited for my hunger to come and enjoyed one for dinner 🙂

I wasn’t hungry until 8:00pm. That was okay because I got to hangout with Marco, start laundry, get stuff done, and watch a funny TV show. Waiting for you hunger isn’t too bad when you’re having fun 🙂

Alright you beauties. Today a Newsletter is coming out with a short video on how to get rid of belly bloat. This weeks question is from Sara, and I’m happy to answer. Make sure you’re on the email list 🙂

I’m off to have a goooood day! Here’s what I’ll be up to:

7:45 now – blogging

8:00 heading out for a 2.3 mile run

8:30 shower/breakfast

9:30 getting my hair done (love these pampering days!)

1:00 back home to work/film video/send a newsletter/SIGN YOU UP FOR THE GROUP PROGRAM 🙂

4:30 meeting some girlfriends for happy hour downtown where I’m going to enjoy myself a nice glass of Pinot Grigio

Enjoy your day!  🙂




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