Daily Eats: A Short & Sweet Family Visit in SLO

Good-morning… Ah, I’m writing to you with coffee in hand (coffee and frothed soy milk — my favorite) after just sleeping through about 10 of Marco’s snooze alarms. Haha… WHY, God. Why?

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My coffee this morning in the new mug my aunt bought me <– adorable! 

Marco sets about 10 different alarms to go off throughout the morning. He feels like Jeff Bingham does in Rules of Engagement (watch clip). <– Haha. This video makes me laugh every time. Anyone else do this?

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Breakfast was Ezekiel toast with PB & banana + a side of granola with almond milk. I poured the almond milk after I took the picture.

After breakfast, I finished up my work for the day (I woke up early to start work), threw on a summer dress, and brushed my hair. Just in time for my Momma and her sister to show up. They made a quick last minute trip up with their friend Judy. She was already driving up here to visit her Granddaughter so it worked out pretty perfectly. It was soo nice to hug my Momma & have sweet girl time with my Auntie Rhonda.

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For lunch we went to Creeky Tiki in SLO and ate on the back patio next to the creek. I ordered grilled fish tacos and also ate some of my Momma’s Ahi salad. Really good food! I was actually kind of surprised because I’d heard some not so great things before. View changed 🙂

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My auntie Rhonda, Ellie, my Momma, and me hanging out at our house. 

After lunch we stopped by this adorable place called the The Secret Herb Shop (online too!) which I’d never seen before. It’s full of the best smelling herbs you’ve ever been around. I bought fresh peppermint to make my tea at home. Amazing! Can’t wait to have some today :).

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Before my fam left we walked downtown and grabbed FroYo petite treats, which tasted amazing, I loved every bite… but it also gave me a little bit of a tummy ache – no good :(.

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Once my fam left Marco and I went to Trader Joe’s to do our grocery shopping for the week. When we got home, I made dinnerChicken Villa with a little twist. Instead of having it with our normal rice and beans on the side, we rolled the beans & chicken up inside of TJ’s handmade whole wheat tortillas. Yum!

Alrighty, time to go! I’ve got a Finally Free call to jump on before a full day of clients. Have a wonderful day!



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