Daily Eats: All-The-Fridge-Veggies Chicken Taco’s

Today I am sharing more daily eats with you. You guys love these posts! I’m glad I decided to do more of them in April 🙂 I’ll continue in May!

eggs and toast

Breakfast this day was two eggs on toast (with Kerrygold Butter of course – it makes it 10x more amazing).

leftover lentil quesadilla

I was starving this day by the time lunch arrived. My hunger hit me out of nowhere. I ate some leftover lentil quesaillda…


…and then made a fruit & yogurt smoothie because the quesadilla alone was not enough. After the smoothie I felt PERFECT.


That carried me through the afternoon, and then I needed a pick-me-up a few hours before dinner. I had crackers, cheese, and a slice of turkey. Looks so little, but really, it felt like the perfect snack when I had it :). Plus, I love the variety of flavor here.

chicken tacos

Dinner was chicken taco’s! I call them “All-The-Fridge-Veggies Chicken Taco’s” because I literally looked in the fridge, grabbed all the leftover veggies, and cooked them with the chicken. Haha. A mini food processor, a large pot & you’re good to go!

The leftover veggies I had were: artichoke, mushroom, onion, garlic, parsley, & cilantro. I chopped up one thing at a time, let the chicken cook about halfway through first, and then threw in tons of these veggies & extra olive oil. It came out SO good! And it’s a great way to not let your veggies go bad :).

On top: mozzarella cheese (shredded myself – higher quality), green leaf lettuce, salsa, and Magic Green Sauce (watered down to be more thin for taste).

Who’s going to try this? I know the veggies going bad thing is a struggle for almost everyone!

homemade popcorn

A night-time snack was homemade popcorn split with Marco. I cook my popcorn in olive oil & butter (Kerrygold) and sea-salt. I’ll have to show ya sometime with a Video! 

I’ve got a question for all of YOU!

Right now, I am working on getting a SUMMER project together for all of you with my sweet friend Abby @eatworkplaybalanced!

We want to know: 

  • What struggles do you have with food during the summer?
  • What anxieties does Summer bring up for you?
  • What does your dream Summer look like?
  • Do you tend take more time to focus on how you feel over the Summer? Or less?

Give us a hand by letting us know in the comments below. Every comment helps us to better support you!

xo, your coach


[update: as this event has now passed, email me at healthyhitsthespot@gmail.com if you’d like to get this webinar video & handout.]

Love, Paige

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