Daily Eats + Comparison Will Steal Your Joy (Don’t Let It)

Hi there beauties! Today I’m sharing a daily eats post with you! The other night I spent 2 or 3 hours going through old posts and came across SO MANY daily eats posts. Ah, I felt like I was reading through an online journal since these posts are like sharing little bits of life with you. I love that, and I appreciate you for being here, reading them, and connecting with me through them.

Before we dive in to this post, lets remember that the purpose of sharing these posts is not so that you will compare your foods to mine, rather… that you would be encouraged to listen to your own body (your cravings, hunger, fullness, etc.) as I do the same. These posts are here to give YOU courage to trust yourself around food, without dieting.

Daily Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot | MacroBar

This morning started out with coffee and biz time with my friend Asia. We picked up coffee’s at Starbucks, walked to her office downtown, and worked for about 4 hours together. Starbucks blonde roast + a peanut butter chocolate chip GoMacro bar for me!

Daily Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot | Chicken Salad

After work, I walked home to make Marco and I lunch. We were at the point where our fridge was barren and we needed a grocery trip. So, I threw together what sounded best with what we had, and it actually turned out great! Chicken and broccoli with cheese, cowboy caviar salsa (from Trader Joe’s), and cilantro!

After lunch, Marco and I spent a couple of hours together running errands. We went to Costco, Target, and Trader Joe’s, and got ourselves all prepped for the week.

Daily Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot | Iced Coffee

Once we were home, I met my friend Dom for coffee at Ascendo. Iced coffee with half & half for me and a tea for her. I love meeting friends for coffee talk. Dom and I celebrated both things that were going well that we’re grateful for, and talked about hard things we’ve dealt with that have helped us to grow.

Dom thanked me for being open with my struggles and said that it was good to know she wasn’t alone, which brings me to what I want to talk about now…

LADIES, you are never alone.

If you’re struggling with something, someone else is too. NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE, is perfect; and no one’s life is perfect. If you’re following someone online (even if it’s me!) and you think to yourself “Gosh, everything is good for that person all the time” or “they must NEVER struggle with x, y, or z… that’s just me” please STOP yourself.

That’s not fair to you, OR the person you’re assuming this about. NO ONE is perfect. We’re all just trying to do our best. Speaking for myself, when I show up online, specifically, I’m usually in a happy space, wanting to share what’s going well and what inspires me.

On the other hand, when I’m having very normal/human sad moments or a tough time, I’m probably NOT ONLINE. I’m usually taking care of myself, on a walk, allowing myself to cry, or talking with a friend, etc… My first reaction is not “go share this online right now.” Probably not your response, either… right?

SO, as real as I aim to be everyday online (by the way, everything I share IS real), MOST of what I share is what inspires me, makes me happy, etc… And I assume that if it’s this way for me, it’s this way for most people.

Which brings me to this point: We have to remember that when we’re comparing ourselves to others online, they too are probably showing up to share something that works for them, something that’s going well, something that feels good.

But this isn’t their WHOLE story AND we can’t expect people to share every little detail of their lives with us.

SO, it’s our responsibility to be able to say, in moments where we’re comparing ourselves to someone, things like: “I know that person experiences success in X area of their life, AND I know that they too struggle just like I do.” 

Just some thoughts that I’m having about comparison, because I believe that comparison is the thief of all joy. And girls, I am all about encouraging your JOY. I hope this encourages you to beware of comparison, and stop yourself when you’re doing it, because when we’re comparing we’re *usually* not seeing the whole picture.

Back to daily eats 😉

Daily Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot | Almond Brittle

After coffee with Dom, I walked to the gym with Marco and lifted weights with him. When we got home, I started making dinner while he started laundry (this was a very productive day, ha!). While I was making dinner, I had 2 pieces of almond brittle just like this one. Sooo good!

Daily Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot | Salmon, Spinach, and Potatoes

For dinner, we had pesto butter salmon (from Costco), sautéed spinach (sautéed in garlic and olive oil), and potatoes roasted in olive oil with sea-salt and garlic. Yummmm! All of this was so good. This was definitely one of those dinners where I was “mmmmmm-ing” the whole time.

After dinner, Marco and I finished the laundry together, got in our PJ’s, and watch Catastrophe on Netflix (this show is so funny!).

I hope you guys have a great weekend. Marco and I are traveling in our Four Wheel Camper. Come hangout on Instagram if you’d like @healthyhitsthespot.

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Love, Paige

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