5 Days of Eats and Life this Week


I’m here with a daily eats post today.

Before we dive in, I want to remind us all that these posts are not for comparison. Rather, these posts are here to provide you with inspiration for food ideas and to give YOU the freedom and permission to listen to YOUR BODY as I listen to mine, apart from food rules or dieting.

Also, I’ve been so OUT of the habit of taking photos that I forgot a LOT of food photos but will do my best to try and remember the un-pictured foods and write about them – ha! I’ll keep trying, friends!

Thank you so much for being here and I hope you enjoy! Leave a comment when you finish reading!


Eggs and Sausage

Saturday morning started off with cozy time in bed with Abby, breakfast (eggs, sausage, and coffee), and a meeting with Simi about Finally Free Program.

Abby and I running errands

Mid-morning Abby and I headed out to run errands (Petco) and grab a coffee at Dutch Bros. I’d never had their coffee before! I asked all of you on Instagram what I should get (@paigeschmidt) and decided on the Annihilator with white chocolate. It was so good! Bigger than I expected, but good!

After grabbing my coffee I headed over to our friend Kelly’s house where my family was staying (we’re all great family friends) to visit and let Abby run around in the backyard. I gave the last quarter of my iced coffee to my aunt. I’d had enough and was totally satisfied.

Wine samples at TJ's

After time visiting I headed back home to clean house, get organized, and rest with Abby. Once Marco got home (it was pouring rain and SO humid) I dropped him at the gym and headed to Trader Joe’s. While there I got to sample wine (they didn’t do this in CA!). I was also SUPER hungry so I got a wrap to-go and enjoyed it in the car while I waited for M.

Once I picked him up we headed over to our friends house to feed their pup and let him out, then we grabbed Abby and went back over to Kelly and Bob’s house to visit fam and eat chicken salad for dinner. It was so delicious! I forgot a photo, but it was one plate of chicken salad with mandarine oranges, black beans, lettuce, etc… Delicious!


Sunday morning I woke up, hungout with Abby, watched session #2 in Finally Free Program and posted in our FB group, and then ran to Target. Last minute new outfit craving! Ha. Once I got home I packed and got ready for that nights Keith Urban concert while I played with Abby.

I had a really late breakfast at about 11:30 which carried me until an early evening snack. Breakfast was eggs, avocado, and sausage.

Hard Rock Hotel

My family and I stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel in South Lake Tahoe. It was a BLAST! When we got there I was super hungry so I walked down to the cafe, got a super simple ham, tomato, and cheese sandwich and split it with my aunt. I wanted something to coat my stomach until dinner (which was just a couple of hours out).

Target Shopping

We went to Stateline for dinner which had AWESOME food (the service was iffy, but what can you do!). For dinner my cousin Haley and I each got the Ahi Sesame Salad and they were DELICIOUS. I had a beer with it. Yum! Satisfied so well! Also, this dress and headband are from my morning shopping trip to Target!

Sunset at concert Keith Urban concert

After dinner we went to a Keith Urban concert at the Harvey’s/Harrah’s Casino outdoor venue and it was SO MUCH FUN. I got a big ol’ $15 24 oz beer while there and that was it for me. The beer gave me a bit of a bloated tummy toward the very end of the night, but I didn’t let that ruin my fun!

Friends at keith urban concert

Me, my cousin Haley, and my aunt Shelly (my sweet mama’s sister). We had such a blast.

Friends with keith urban concert


Hotel coffee

The next morning I woke up automatically at 6:45 (haha, no sleeping in for this girl!) and enjoyed a quiet coffee to myself in the hotel bed. I love hotel beds! Anyone else? I got ready around 8:30 and headed home around 9:00 to be with Abby girl. I could not wait to see her!

Cuddles with abby

We cuddled for a bit in the morning before I started work. What a cutie!

corn tortillas, egg, cheese, and avo

After cuddle time, I unpacked, got myself organized for the week, made breakfast, and started work. Breakfast was three corn tortillas, eggs, cheese, green salsa, and avocado. Yum!

IGTV video

I also made you guys an IGTV video on Instagram about Unconditional Permission to Eat. Did you see it? Blogged about it too!

I cannot remember for the life of me if I ate anything mid-day (other than a few savored berry Sour Patch Kids!), but what I do remember is that after Marco got off work, we went to the gym, and then took her to Bob and Kelly’s for dinner with my fam (they were in town visiting for a whole week). We had beef taco salad this time and it was delicious! At night, we played ping-pong, I drank La Croix, and Abby had her first PB bone #heaven.

Abby PB bone


full fat breakfast

Tuesday morning started off with super early work. We were headed out to float the Truckee River with friends at 10:30 AM so I knew I wanted to finish early. Right before we left I made a breakfast burrito bowl full of fat to hold me over. Good thing, because we didn’t end up eating again until we got home at 7:00 PM (other than a couple bites of shared nacho’s at the river).

We had SO MUCH FUN floating the Truckee River! We also got DESTROYED at the end because several of us (not pointing fingers… ahem, MARCO AND SHANE) decided to deflate each others tubes at the very end BEFORE the rapids and we ALL fell out and got so beat up. HAHA. It was a memory, that’s for sure!

pesto tortellinis

When Marco and I got home (our friend let Abby out and played with her, thankfully!) it was 7:00 PM and we played with her, turned on music, showered, and relaxed as a fam. I made us a SUPER simple dinner of pesto tortellinis. It was such a great day.


burrito bowls

Wednesday morning started off slow with coffee in bed with Marco and Abby. After that I climbed out of bed, worked for a couple of hours, and then made breakfast for us. More burrito bowls because, YUM! Eggs, bacon, mixed shredded cheese, avocado, and salsa.

baptism photo

After breakfast we went to the gym and ran several errands together. Yesterday was also just about 7 years since I got baptized! So wild how this time flew and HOW MUCH HAS CHANGED since this day. Marco was just my BFF in this photo. Not even dating yet! I remember this day like it was yesterday. It meant so much to me that he came #shouldhaveknown!

leftover tortellinis

When we got home from the gym and errands we were STARVING. I heated up the leftover tortellinis and made myself a tomato and cheese open-faced sandwich. I ended up giving all but a few of the tortellini to Marco (my hunger was bigger than my stomach when we started eating – ha!).

abby with bone

After lunch, while we were still sweaty from the gym and the hot day, we went to the garage, turned on music, drank La Croix, and cleaned. We wanted to get everything organized as, in a couple weeks, my aunt is bringing up some furniture that was given to me. We were trying to make room for it as it won’t fit in the apartment, for now. Abby gnawed on this bone while we cleaned. Happy girl!

paige and abby

Once we were done, we showered, ran a couple more errands, and went to hangout with friends. While at their house we had chicken broccoli for dinner. Chicken broccoli is basically rice pilaf with cream of broccoli baked with chicken. Holy moly it’s good! Since it is cream based, I have just a little bit so I can enjoy it AND feel good (otherwise I’d get a cramping stomach ache). That’s intuitive eating for me!


breakfast bar

Today is a working day! This morning I woke up, had coffee in bed with Abby, and then started work. Before my second client I had about half of this GoMacro bar to carry me over. I wasn’t hungry for an early breakfast, so this did the trick to give me enough energy to coach.

eggs, bacon, cheese, avocado, salsa

At about 10:30 I had a break and made some breakfast: eggs, bacon, cheese, avocado, and salsa. This should carry me over for a while through my afternoon meetings! As I write this Abby is snoozing at my feet. I just love this baby girl. It’s so fun having her in our family – it’s brought Marco and I even closer. I love how he loves her!

I hope you all have such a good weekend. I hope this post has inspired you to ditch your food rules and just listen to your body! If you need help doing this, make sure you grab my free one day intuitive eating guide on the site! If you’ve already used it and are looking for a next step, book a Discovery Session or join us in Finally Free Program.

*I’m writing this post at 12:00 PM so Thursdays eats are incomplete, but will be continued in real life 😉

Thank you for being here! Leave a comment below 💛

Love, Paige

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