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Every time I write a daily eats post after there hasn’t been one for a while, I want to call it “The Return of Daily Eats!” Until I realize that if I do that every time I’ll have 30 blog posts with the same title. Ha! I am so excited to be back with daily eats this morning!

This past month, I’ve had so much on my heart that I’ve wanted to share with you, from: catching you up on life, to sharing what freedom with food means to me, to talking about the difference between “being alone” and “feeling lonely”, to staying home at night just so you can eat.

There’s been so much on my heart. And the whole time I’ve been writing these posts, I knew I was going to return with some good ol’ daily eats. I know you girls were excited for their return because you told me! Always telllll me what you’re looking for – I respond 🙂

Before we dive in to yesterdays eats, I want to set the stage: The purpose of sharing my eats with you is to give an example of what it looks like for me to have total freedom with food, apart from the diet mentality. These posts are not for comparison, but inspiration only. I hope you enjoy it!


Tuesday morning began with a 7:00 AM wakeup, which gave me about 20 minutes to be cozy in bed before I got straight into getting ready for the day. Asia and I were meeting at 8:45 to grab coffee and podcast. So, I woke up, got ready, and started making breakfast.


daily eats - breakfast

Breakfast was a piece of sourdough toast, two over medium eggs, and two pieces of chicken sausage. We don’t always have sausage with breakfast, but when we do, it feels extra special!

After breakfast I met up with Asia, we grabbed coffee, and recorded her next Podcast episode, which is already up today! It’s all about “staying in your own lane” and not comparing your business to others, which is something I have always told myself as a business owner. Listen here!


Healthy Hits the Spot | Daily Eats | GoMacro Bar

After Podcasting (and planning our San Jose trip together!) I went to the gym with Marco and grabbed a GoMacro bar on the way out.

By the way… On our San Jose trip, we’ll be prepping for the Q+A Panel we’re hosting for business owners who are just getting started in their biz or who want to feel re-inspired. We are so excited about this! If you’re in SLO, let me know so I can invite you once we have the details. 


daily eats - lunch

When Marco and I got home from the gym, we heated up leftovers from the night before. So delicious! Chicken, broccoli, and cheese – here’s the recipe.

Asia, Marco, and I (you’ll hear in the Podcast – we hang out all the time) went grocery shopping and made dinner together Monday night. Really, Asia cooked, I cleaned. It was perfect. You guys, this is why SLO is my happy place – friends that are like family. 

After lunch, I met with my two clients for the day – we had such great sessions. I love my girls.


Healthy Hits the Spot | Daily Eats | Greek Yogurt

I ended work around 5:00 and Marco and I hung out in the office a bit updating our budget and planning out our February trip to the snow. We have three big trips planned this year! We booked a place to stay in Mammoth. Wahoo – snowboarding! Can’t wait to have this time with my boy.

While we were planning, I grabbed a yogurt to snack on since I knew we wouldn’t be eating dinner for another couple of hours. I still had to cook, and we had plans to walk town down so I could pick out a special gift for my newest client.

Healthy Hits the Spot | Daily Eats | Client Gifts

We landed at Papyrus and I found this beautiful handmade journal and blue (HHS colors!) pen that writes amazingly. I have loved sending these sweet gifts along when a new client starts working with me (see: one on one/six-month Program).


daily eats - wine with cooking

When we got home, I turned on worship music, poured a glass of wine, and put on my slippers while I cooked dinner – why not make cooking more fun, right? 

daily eats - dinner

To start, we had a simple caesar salad from a caesar salad kit at TJ’s. Nothing too special, super simple, and sometimes, exactly what we’re craving.

Healthy Hits the Spot | Daily Eats | Dinner

For dinner, we had brown rice fusilli pasta with homemade pesto (thanks dad!), shredded chicken, pine nuts, parmesan cheese, pepper, and sun-dried tomatoes. This was SO good. Ah, loved it, and can’t wait to have it again for lunch today.

Pesto recipe: 1 box of basil from TJ’s (this is the only measurement I know of – I don’t know how much it is outside of this box!), 1/2 cup of olive oil, 1/2 cup of parmesan cheese, and half cup of pine nuts, plus a few cloves of garlic, depending on how much you like. Recipe credit goes to my dad.

Ah, you guys… It was so fun to be here with you and share daily eats. I’m off to plan my day: make breakfast, send out my client gift, meet with one on one clients, do a mini-shoot with Asia, and meet a friend for coffee.

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