Daily Eats: Beach Bonfire Night, Feeling Happy, + the Sweetest Testimony

I’m poppin in this morning to share about yesterday’s eats, a fun beach bonfire I went to last night, and this super sweet testimonial I received – it made my day.

I hope you all slept well. Are we glad it’s Thursday? Any fun plans this weekend? My niece is coming up… I’m so excited! I’m going to watch her Saturday night. Agh, I miss her so much.

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Breakfast started the day. Ezekiel toast drizzled with olive oil, topped with two eggs, red chili pepper flakes, and pepper. My lips were on FIRE after this. I must’ve had some hot peppers. Ha!

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When I went to make lunch I was craving two things: these leftover veggie potstickers from the weekend and leftover CrockPot BBQ Chicken. So, I had both. One of these potstickers and…

Healthy Hits the Spot | Bonfire Avila Beach CA - 3 of 9

…a bowl of leftovers from Monday night. Cravings cured! I kinda do this whole craving two things at once a lot, don’t I (example)? Haha. Does this happen to you? What do you do?

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Mid-day I wanted something a little sweet, so I had three squares of dark chocolate with almonds for a petite-treat.

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At about 4:00, I had just gone for a walk in between clients. I needed some fresh air. When I came home, I felt warm and hungry, and knew I didn’t want to wait until dinner to eat. So, I made a PB banana smoothie: 2 bananas, a spoonful of PB, almond milk, ice cubes, and ground flaxseed meal. YUM! So refreshing.

This ended up holding me over longer than expected, so when dinner time rolled around I skipped right over (knowing that I could have dinner anytime later in the evening if I wanted, no matter how late).

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Since I had the evening to myself and was heading to a beach Bonfire, I checked in with myself and asked what I’d most enjoy doing.

Here’s what I came up: end work on time (6:00), get ready in something I love (red!), pack up my car with my favorite pink chair, and on my way to the bonfire run two errands (I love the feeling of getting things done ahead of time), and treat myself to a small caramel macchiato that I could sip throughout my time at the Bonfire. It sounded so cozy!

^ Asking myself what I want to do, and then honoring that desire without question never fails to make me feel so content/joyful. How can you do this for yourself today?

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So, I did just that and sipped this little baby through the entire evening as I visited with new friends from Church, talked about our passions (YOU girls!), and sang songs with the whole group. It was so nice… Made me feel even more rooted here in SLO. This move is getting easier day by day.

Healthy Hits the Spot | Bonfire Avila Beach CA - 8 of 9

As I was leaving I glanced across the highway at the water and it was so beautiful. I snapped a picture on my iPhone so I could show you all… apparently it didn’t turn out, but hopefully you still get the idea? 🙂

Healthy Hits the Spot | Bonfire Avila Beach CA - 9 of 9

The night ended with some sweet quiet time and a late night snack — a few chips & guac — as I waited for Marco go get home from work.

To top off a good day, I got the sweetest testimonial and felt even happier… Check it out:

“Now, I let my body eat whatever she wants and I kindly ask myself what exercise I feel like that day. I never thought I’d get to this point so quickly but with Paige’s guidance, it has been so much easier than I expected.”

See the whole testimony here

Thanks for being with me as I share my day with you! I’ll see ya here tomorrow for some more?

Oh, and I’m going to my first meet up group tonight. Wish me luck! Ever been?


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