Daily Eats + Big Breakfasts

Hey there gorgeous! I hope you had a GREAT weekend. Today I’m sharing last Thursdays eats with you, since I’m stockpiling the rest of my eats (including this weekend) to share throughout THIS week.

I recently changed up my coaching schedule so now I meet with ALL of my clients every other week, and then every OTHER week I work on content creation. Pretty cool, right? Because of that, I’ll need to keep more daily eats on hand so I can blog about them on my writing weeks.

Before we dive into Thursdays eats, I want to remind us that the purpose of me sharing my eats with you is to simply give you an example of what it looks like FOR ME to eat without counting calories, dieting, or following ANY rules other than just listening to my body. FREEDOM.

I hope these posts leave you feeling inspired, give you new ideas, and get YOU excited about the possibilities that might await for YOU if you were to give up dieting. AND, a final reminder, these posts are for inspiration only, NOT comparison. Enjoy!


Healthy Hits the Spot | Daily Eats | Breakfast

Thursday morning started out with breakfast with M. For those who don’t know, “M” will always = Marco, my husband/best-friend/person I eat breakfast with every morning 🙂

We had toast, eggs, bacon, and chicken sausage. Last week, I was feeling the bigger breakfasts each day, and they felt GREAT and sustained me well into the afternoon. I felt like a power worker last week! Now that I think about it, is THAT why I felt so inspired/creative last week?

Healthy Hits the Spot | Daily Eats | Biz Time + Bello Mundo

After breakfast I met up with Asia for biz time at Bello Mundo. I also had my keys in this photo, but Asia kindly removed those for me since she’s a great photographerWHAT would I do without her? (Seriously though, she’s the best)

When I got home from Bello Mundo, I spent the morning recording my latest YouTube video, which I shared with you guys in my last post, and will share again now. It’s about what the past year has been like, since my mama was diagnosed with cancer, and how I’ve been able to have joy through it.

Strength and Joy Through Hard Times

I hope this video inspires you guys… I hope that it helps you to connect with me and get to know me more. I hope that it shows you how much I appreciate you, and how much I can feel the support that you ALL send my way through comments, messages, emails… I just love you.

After filming this video, I took a short break to have a bowl of brown rice pasta with chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, and homemade pesto. I forgot to snap a photo, but if your curious what it looked like, check this post. It was the exact same lunch 🙂

Healthy Hits the Spot | Daily Eats | Dinner

For dinner, I had leftovers of the brown rice, chicken, pinto bean, olive, and cheese casserole/enchilada dish I made last week. It was so yummy, and so easy. I also shared how I made it in this post. Leftovers for the win!

That’s it for Thursday’s eats! I hope you girls have been enjoying these posts. I love sharing them with you!

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