Daily Eats & Clothing Swap

Ah, good morning girls!

I hope you had a great day yesterday. Thank you all so much for your input on Instagram stories vs. Snapchat and which you watch more. Some of you were neutral, and the rest of you said Snapchat all the way. So, I’ll move toward Snapchat now! I agree that Instagram stories get a little “lost.”

I’m back with more daily eats! You girls wrote in and told me that a December daily eats challenge would be fun. I like that you girls are into it! You said it would be inspiring and give you tons of recipe ideas. I’m TOTALLY up for it if helps you out (it’s fun for me too)! I’ll figure out the structure and share it with you!

Let’s dive in to yesterdays eats!

Before we do, remember, the purpose of sharing my eats with you is to give YOU freedom & trust in your OWN body. Trust that you CAN listen to your bodies signals, know when you’re hungry, when you’ve had enough, and know what would satisfy you most. And then calmly honor those signals.

Need support trusting your body around food? You can work with me one on one or in Finally Free Program!

Thursday Eats –

morning coffee

Yesterday morning started out with a cup of coffee, music, and writing to all of you about my eats! I got this mug at a women’s conference I went to recently at my church here in SLO – Mountainbrook. Isn’t it the best? It’s glass, but looks like metal and makes me feel like I’m camping. Totally in love.

eggs on toast

For breakfast I made Marco and I eggs on toast – a piece of sourdough with Kerrygold butter and two flat scrambled eggs on top with pink sea-salt. Simple & satisfying!


These flowers are still good from my birthday (November 3rd). Can you believe it? They’re the last of the bouquets my friends bought for me and I’m keeping them as long as I can. They’re beautiful! I love having happy flowers on my dining room table.

After breakfast I got back to work in my office for the day. I said it yesterday, and I’ll say it again today, it’s been so nice to be back in SLO to work. I have everything I need in my office, I feel settled, and my intern & assistant are here too! I met with my intern for coffee yesterday morning and we came up with a plan for HHS and the next month. Love these girls! I get to see my sweet assistant today, too!

go macro bar

When I got home I met with a one on one private client and had this bar as a snack shortly after. I had that feeling of “I’m hungry but I’m in SUCH a groove that I don’t want to stop!” It wasn’t a “whoops I forgot to eat!” moment… no, this was a I know I need to eat, but I’m going to choose not to stop, but I should still have SOMETHING moment. This bar was the perfect compromise!


About an hour later once I started losing steam and took a break to make a late lunch. Ground beef tacos with ALL of the toppings. SERIOUSLY. I had a little too much fun with the toppings: goat cheese, cheddar, guac, salsa, cabbage, cilantro, green onion, regular onion, and a little bit of sour cream. Ha!

After lunch I got my CrockPot out, grabbed a bag of frozen chicken breast, threw them in, and added the rest of the salsa jar I’d used at lunch. I added a little water and turned it on. Easiest dinner prep EVER if you ask me! 

starbucks holiday cup

Lunch carried me over well into the evening. After I met with my evening one on one client I wrapped up work for the day and started prepping for the clothing swap. YOU GUYS. Have you ever done a clothing swap before? Well, last year my friend Asia hosted one and I helped for two days, and… holy cow… so many clothes, and so much fun!

Last night six of us girls got together and hung hundreds of clothes on hangers/racks in Asia’s house. We took a little break to walk downtown and get coffee/food (I had dinner making at home in my CrockPot, so I just got coffee) and had such a good time. The swap is today, and I can’t wait! All clothes are up for grabs and the hundred of remaining clothes get donated to our local women’s shelter!

Oh, and at Stabs I got a tall Caramel Brûlée Latte! Yum! Which holiday drink have you tried so far?

gluten free quesadilla

Around 8:30 I started to get hungry so I took a little break from hanging clothes and walked home (we’re neighb’s, so this is easy!) to make dinner. Night time pictures you guys… just don’t bring me joy. Ha! Anyway, this is a super simple chicken quesadilla on a brown rice tortilla with cheddar cheese and cowboy caviar. So easy! And really tasty!

Okay, so NOTES for today:

  1. I’m going to RE-download Snapchat today since you girls swear by it! I’ll Snap the clothing swap today so you can see what I’m talking about! (Just search @HealthyHitsSpot)
  2. I now have TWO one on one private coaching spaces opening up in December (one spot filled already), and as I shared in this post, the time to schedule your free Clarity Call to make sure we’re a perfect fit is now in November. Interested? Get into here.
  3. And from yesterdays post, I’m still curious: How can I support you around the holidays (if you’re in Finally Free TRIBE we’re having a holiday support call next Wednesday!) and this Thanksgiving? What are your concerns? Excitements? Where could you use support around food? Share with me in the comments of this post or tweet me if that’s easier (@HealthyHitsSpot)!

Have a beautiful day & weekend! I’ll be back Monday with weekend eats 🙂 And don’t forget to head on over to Snapchat today to see the clothing swap – and if you’re in SLO. Let me know! I’m off to meet with Simi to talk all things Finally Free Program this morning (new things happening for our girls!).

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