Daily Eats: CrockPot BBQ Chicken and Potatoes

This CrockPot BBQ Chicken and Potato recipe is the one I posted on my Instagram yesterday and is insanely simple and easy. Three main ingredients and you’re done!

Good-morning ladies. How’d you all sleep? I had another crazy night of dreams, as I often do… Is anyone else the same?

As we dive into yesterday’s “Daily Eats,” let’s remind ourselves that the purpose of sharing my eats is to show you that you can also have freedom with food, and feel great in your bodies without calorie counting, diets, or deprivation by eating intuitively.


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Breakfast started the day off. Marco and I had Ezekiel toast drizzled with olive, and topped with sliced avocado, sea-salt, red chili pepper flakes, two eggs, and black ground pepper. Yum!

After breakfast I worked for a couple of hours getting set up for the week for both businesses: HHS and Finally Free. Things are going so great in each, and I’m incredibly grateful.

At about 11:30 I took off to do my weekly grocery trip at Trader Joe’s. I got many goodies! I’m excited about this weeks meals.

Cute story that made me happy: On my drive home I noticed the woman driving in front of me had forgotten to put her gas cap on and it completely flew off right in front of me. So, I followed her to let her know that she’d lost her gas cap but that I knew right where it was and I’d go back and get it for her. Long story short, I didn’t find it when I went back, but took down her number because I knew Marco and I would be passing by that spot again on bikes later. She was so grateful!

Cute story to continue below… (happy ending)

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When I got home I put away all of the groceries other than: chocolate, lunch, and my CrockPot ingredients for dinner. I nibbled on this amazing dark chocolate with almonds as a petite treat.

So yum! I got two different chocolates at the store yesterday: (1) dark chocolate with almonds and (2) the dark chocolate lovers bar. Mmm!

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For lunch we had tacos with: corn tortillas, organic ground beef, cheddar/jack cheese, a little organic sour cream, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, and guac. They were so yummy!

Leftovers for lunch today!

After lunch I did some laundry, a little more work, and then at about 3:00 left to pick up something I’ve been excited for: my new mountain bike!

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We found the bike on Craigslist, which was AWESOME because otherwise, eek $$$! Marco told me at 3:15 that the guy wanted to meet 2.5 miles away at 3:45 (and we’d planned to walk there). I threw my shoes on and was determined that if I ran and he rode his bike we’d make it and could both ride back home.

YEP! We made it just in time, picked up the bike, and guess what? On my run there I found that sweet little ladies gas cap! So, we called her up when we got the bikes and rode to meet her and deliver it. She was incredibly thankful and it brought me so much joy. This is what it means to be blessed by helping someone else – that feeling you get in return. Help someone today, it’ll feel so good.

I had worn my heart rate monitor on my run/bike ride (I rarely ever wear this) but I was curious to see my heart rate as I did a new exercise (bike riding). It was pretty high the entire time we were moving, as you can tell!

Just a disclaimer, I never burn this many calories. My typical gym trip is much much much lower.  So, definitely no comparing allowed here. This would be false advertising 😉

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Dinner! This is the meal you’ve been waiting for! So, back up to getting home from Trader Joe’s.

I left out the ingredients to my dinner as I put the other groceries away, turned on my CrockPot, chopped potatoes, threw it all in, and DONE.

Here’s how: at the store pick up 3 russet potatoes, 2 cans of corn and 1 lb chicken thighs. When you get home, pull out your CrockPot, chop the potatoes into large chunks (whatever shape/size you prefer), throw the taters in first, and lay the fresh/raw chicken on top. Season with sea-salt & pepper, and cover.

Cook on high for 5 hours and 30 minutes.

When it’s done, drain a couple cans of corn, heat them up, add a little butter and fresh pepper.

Take the chicken out of the CrockPot and in a bowl mix it with BBQ sauce (start small, add more to your tasting). Stir it up. The chicken will fall apart beautifully as you’re stirring.

Dish everything into a plate. I didn’t season the potatoes with a single thing, and they were amazing. Hmm… NOW that I’m writing this, I am realizing that I bought green onions and sour cream to top the potatoes with, and forgot (haha!). I knew I was missing something! I’ll add that tonight. So, if that sounds good, add green onions and organic sour cream to your list as well.

After dinner we got together with a group of people from our church talking about a new Church plant that’s opening here in just a month or so. This was a super sweet time and I loved getting to meet new people.

While I was there I nibbled on a tiny handful of dark chocolate covered almonds (the TJ’s ones – aren’t they delish?).

I’ll try to Instagram a picture of my new bike today! Alrighty, I’m off to make breakfast and hit the gym with Marco before work starts. Enjoy your day!



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