Daily Eats: New CrockPot Dinner + My First Meetup Group

Morning girls! Happy Friday! So, yesterday was a good day… The day started off with a little work, breakfast with M, and then a long walk and bike ride on my own before I started with clients. I walked to pick up my Hubby’s bike at the bike shop (it was getting a tune-up) and then rode my bike to pay the rent. Got a lot done all at once!

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Breakfast was of course, eggs and toast. This time, over medium eggs with sea-salt and sourdough. Whenever I post a picture like this someone asks what the “yellow-stuff” is.

I literally take two over medium eggs, put them on a plate, and chop them up just like you see above with a knife and fork. I posted a video on Instagram once just to show you ;).

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Lunch was a PB & chocolate smoothie mid-day. It tasted amazing…

Inside: two bananas, a handful of ice, about 1 cup of almond milk (ew, my keyboard just changed almond milk to salmon milk!), and a spoonful of PB.

Once it was all blended up, I took a few little squares of dark chocolate and turned on the blender for just a few seconds so there would be little chunks of chocolate throughout my smoothie.

Uhm, yes please! It was so fun to drink a PB smoothie with little chunks of chocolate all throughout. Maybe again today? 🙂

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I knew early in the day that I needed dinner to be quick because I’d be ending work at 5:30, would need to eat dinner, and then head straight to my Meetup group. So, I threw all my dinner ingredients in the CrockPot yesterday morning and it turned out great!

I filled the bottom of the CrockPot with: 2.5 cups of rice, 5 cups of water, a drizzle of olive oil and sea-salt.

I then layered: two bags of frozen broccoli on top of that, and added 1 lb. of raw/fresh chicken on top. Covered and let sit for 5.5 hours. Voila! Dinner was ready once I was off work.

It turned out a little more “mushy” (that word is awful, but that’s the only way to describe it) than it would if I were to cook everything myself at the end of the day, but it tasted really great — especially because the rice and broccoli got totally flavored by the chicken.

I topped mine with avocado and a little tamari sauce. Yum! I’m cook-free for the next 5 nights. It made a TON.

Healthy Hits the Spot | First Meetup group - 4 of 4

So, at night I went to my first ever Meetup group. It was so much fun! We met at Luna Red for Happy Hour, and after about and hour I felt like we were all friends. What a great group of girls.

I ended up going to one more place with a few of the girls after and got to know them each a little more. It was so fun to get out with girlfriends. GF’s are important.

I can’t believe it took me 8 months to actually get myself there! This group was called: “New Girls in SLO.” <– Awesome adult way to make friends!

Have you ever been to a Meetup group before? 

Happy Friday!



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