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Picture this: I wake up, make my bed, let Abby out, make my cup of coffee, walk upstairs to my office with plenty of time to write a BIG daily eats post, which I know is going to take at a minimum, one hour.

I plug in my memory card, check the box “delete after import” (do you sense what’s coming?), and hit IMPORT NOW.

I go along about my work morning, getting new clients signed up while I sip my coffee and wait for the photos to import.

Done! All imported. I click over to iPhoto to start sorting photos and…


Photos deleted, but didn’t import. UMM?

So, here we are today with a daily eats post MUCH shorter than anticipated (ha!) of only foods that I ate OUT this week, because I only have photos of foods that were taken with my iPhone.

Can we roll with it? Ha!

Here are some foods I enjoyed eating out this week:

In-N-Out Burgers Double Double, Protein Burgers With Delicious, Piping Hot Fries.

In-n-out: a double double, protein style (which means it’s wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun) with fries. Lots of delicious, piping hot fries. The best!

Note: I don’t order protein style “because I think I should” — I order it because that crunchy lettuce wrapped around a cheesy, gooey burger makes my heart pitter-patter.

Marco and I grabbed this meal after we bought my new car! If you follow me on Insta (@paigeschmidt) you know we upgraded to a 4Runner since we now live in the snow, and my 2WD Rav4 wasn’t doin’ it.

Co-Working From Hub Coffee Roasters in Reno, Nevada. My Order was a "Dirty Chai" - Chai With Espresso.

A couple mornings this week I co-worked with my friend Nichole from Hub coffee. The BEST way to start my workday, by far!

BOTH times we went to Hub, I got a meat quiche for breakfast. They are to die for. In this particular picture, I also got a “dirty chai” (chai with espresso in it).

Meat Quiche and Black Coffee For Breakfast From Hub Coffee Roasters in Reno, Nevada. The Perfect Start to the Day on a Snowy Morning.

The next morning, along with more meat quiche (yum!) I had black coffee. It was snowing outside, we were sitting right in the window, I got another “YES!” from a new client… it was a great morning.

Cinque Terre Sandwich From Yosh's Deli in Reno, Nevada. On the Sandwich: Roasted Turkey, Prosciutto, Aioli. Tomato Brushetta, Lettuce, and Provolone Cheese on Dutch Crust Bread.

This week, I also enjoyed Yosh’s deli a couple of times. The first time, I ate it at home… so that photo was lost. I had ordered a tri-tip sandwich and it was DELICIOUS.

The second time (this photo) I ordered the Cinque Terre: roasted turkey, prosiciutto, aioli, tomato bruschetta, lettuce, and provolone cheese. Yummmmm. Holy heavens this was incredible. I want this all the time. Oh, and dutch crunch bread every time. 

Garden Salad From South Creek Pizza in Reno, Nevada. There is SO Much Good Eating Out in Reno. Makes my Heart Happy.

Another night this week we went out with our friend Chase and got South Creek Pizza. If you can’t tell… there is SO much good eating out in Reno. Makes my heart HAPPY. ‘Cause I love good food.

At pizza I started off with a garden salad (such a great garden salad) and had two slices of this pizza, below.

Crispy Pizza From South Creek Pizza in Reno, Nevada With Mozzarella, Pepperoni, Peppers, and Onions.

Marco polished off the rest and was a happy, happy boy.

That’s all I’ve got for you, my friends! I’ll try again next week for daily eats at home, and hope that my photos don’t delete again. No idea why that happened. Thank God I’m not a wedding photographer, right!

If you’re curious, here are a couple of other unpictured recipes that I did make this week:

I hope you enjoyed this post, even if it didn’t go as planned!

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