{Daily Eats} During A Busy Week

Hello everyone! Making a big effort to get an update in tonight! 🙂



7:00 Oatmeal with almond milk, bananas, and agave


1:00 middle eastern flatbread with avocado, sea salt, and homemade lentil soup (again, my Dad is the best).


6:00 thai curry soup with a middle eastern flatbread and avocado… I liked my lunch so much that I somewhat repeated it for dinner!



7:00 eggs and toast


11:30 middle eastern flatbread with tuna, romaine, and spinach

IMG_5386.JPG IMG_5387.JPG

2:30 turkey sandwich with mustard, avocado, and romaine lettuce. Bread is flour-less Ezekiel

photo 5

Healthy Hits the Spot is OFFICIALLY a business! Woohoo!

photo 1

6:30 spinach and quinoa salad in Agoura Hills with my best, Kayla!

photo 2

7:30 after dinner, we got FroYo! I had just the right amount to fully enjoy it!



8:45 half a banana (stomach felt a little weird so I didn’t want to eat a ton)

photo 3

11:00 2 small slices of sourdough with avocado, and two eggs… Eh, this combo actually wasn’t great… Would have been better if the eggs were scrambled!

photo 4

3:30 ezekiel bread with mustard, turkey, avocado, and iceberg. A few blue corn chips on the side


8:30 an apple while my soup was cooking…


….and then thai curry soup packed with veggies for dinner!

Friday (today!)


8:30 1 slice ezekiel with a tiny bit of olive oil + 2 eggs

photo 1

11:30 turkey sandwich with mustard, turkey, and iceberg + a few kettle chips – wanted the crunch factor satisfaction.

Turkey sandwiches have been “it” this week for me. I’ve been so freaking busy, and this has been a good way to keep me full long enough until I have another chance to eat.

photo 2

4:00 power greens smoothie with little Harper

photo 4

5:30 I met Marco between jobs for a Salad at Urbane Cafe

photo 5

7:00 after dinner, I walked next door to Starbucks to grab a tea to keep me satisfied through the evening. I am with kids tonight, and it’s always good for me to have something satisfying after they go to bed (also, to have something to do that entertains me – tonight, it’s blogging!).

Tomorrow I will be posting a review on a new Tea Company I discovered, so make sure to check-in!

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