Daily Eats: Eat Like You Love Yourself Today

Morning beautiful. I’m coming to you from my dining room table again with coffee in hand. I love this early morning time that I get to come and reflect on the day before with you.

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The morning started out with blogging followed by breakfast with M. Over medium eggs & sourdough toast. We made it to the grocery story Monday night, so my breakfast is back after a one day break 😉

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Lunch was a ham sandwich on sourdough… which was so good with a few blue corn & quinoa chips on the side. I loooove crunchiness with my sandwich.

Inside: organic TJ’s mayo, tomato, sea-salt, pepper, ham, onion, spring mix leaves, cheddar cheese, and mustard. So yummy!

I ate this lunch in my living room because it was the most peaceful, distraction free part of the house yesterday. See below…

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I worked from my dining room table yesterday. Something about being in an office sounded other than the best ever… So I moved to my bright and shiny dining room table which felt like a fun change.

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Yesterday morning after breakfast Simi & I had our first group call with our new 28-Day Program Pleasure Plan, a jumpstart to Finally Free. It was so great. I felt so fulfilled the rest of the day as I continued on talking with my one on ones. I truly feel so thankful to do what I do…

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Marco got home around 5:00 and I was totally done with work, which felt great. We laid on the couch together, I listed to some of my coach trainings (love them!), and he decompressed from the day on his phone. I love this zone-out relaxing time after work.

After about an hour or so of that I popped up and started making us dinner, which was a repeat of yesterday’s chicken villa with beans rolled up inside of a whole wheat tortilla with a side salad.

Healthy Hits the Spot | Daily Eats - 6 of 6

The side salad was spring mix, carrots, bleu cheese dressing, green onions, and thick quarters of organic tomato… Yum!

I couldn’t help but think about real food and how amazing it tastes, yesterday… As I was eating my sandwich at lunch, I thought about how good the onions with the tomato and the real cheddar cheese (full fat) tasted together… with good ham and spring mix, seasoned with a little sea-salt and fresh ground pepper… “Food is supposed to taste this good,” I thought to myself.

Full of flavor… That’s what we want to aim for – because it leads us to be able to focus on the food. How can you not focus on something so tasty? Plus, it gives us hearts of gratitude around food because jeeze… with onions, tomatoes, and the lettuce specifically, that food was just grown for me & for you from the ground! When you really think about it it’s pretty incredible/special… 🙂 Definitely a gift we can be grateful for.

Eat something tasty & real today. Pause to think about how truly good the real stuff tastes — and feel thankful for it. Treat yourself to it… Eat like you love yourself (quote from my Instagram last night). Aim for quality today… Treat your body like the beauty she is…

Have a wonderful day <3.


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