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I’m here with a daily eats post today. Before we dive in, I want to remind us all that these posts are not for comparison. Rather, these posts are here to provide you with inspiration for food ideas and to give YOU the freedom and permission to listen to YOUR BODY as I listen to mine, apart from food rules or dieting.

Thank you so much for being here and I hope you enjoy! Leave a comment when you finish reading!


Scrambled Eggs with Chives and Topped with Kite Hill Chive Cheese

Wednesday morning started off with quiet time, coffee and blogging. That is, until Marco pulled me away to make breakfast. We had eggs and toast. The eggs were scrambled with chives and topped with Kite Hill chive cheese – so yum! Marco wasn’t a fan of the cheese, but I love it.

Trader Joe's Arugula Ravioli. The Perfect Quick Snack Before Lunch.

After breakfast I had an awesome client session and then headed to Scout coffee to coffee-shop work for a few hours. Right before I left I had a few arugula ravioli’s (from Trader Joe’s and you guys… they’re so good!) to hold me over. I knew I’d be there a few hours.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip GoMacro Bar After a Gym Workout.

The coffee shop is right next door to the gym, which is very convenient for me. I finished up my work, went to the gym for half an hour, then headed back home. On my way home I had half of this GoMacro bar. When I got home, I showered and had another client session.

Baywood for a Valentines Dinner at La Palapa, our Favorite Mexican Restaurant

When the workday wrapped up I hopped in the car with Marco and we headed out to Baywood for a Valentines dinner at La Palapa, our favorite Mexican restaurant (SLO seriously lacks good Mexican food so we have to go to the next town over). This photo is of the bay right outside.

An Au-Naturel Valentine's Day Dinner.

I had planned to get all dressed up for the day, do my makeup, hair, wear a dress, etc… you know the works. However, I felt so tired on Wednesday. It wasn’t a if I get ready I’ll feel better tired. It was a I just want to rest and take a break tired. So, I decided to be me without all that stuff. Give myself a break. Thankfully, Marco appreciates the au-naturel.

Berry Sangria with our Valentine's Dinner.

At dinner I got a sangria which was soooo yummy.

Bean Tostada with Steak for dinner at our Favorite Mexican Restaurant.

I ordered the “bean tostada” with steak for dinner, which I get every time. It’s my favorite, hands down. So good!

Wet Burrito Topped with Cheese with Plenty of Leftovers.

This guy got his normal wet burrito order, as always. It’s so good and I love when he saves the leftovers for lunch the next day because then guess who gets to sneak a bite? 

We ended the night with a movie, exchanging cards and an early bedtime at home. Ah, relaxed.


Morning Quiet Time with a Fresh Journal.

Thursday morning started out with quiet time. I wrote in the last page of a journal I started December 13, 2016. So, now I’m onto a freshie again. As I wrote in the last page of this journal, I flipped through some of the past pages and appreciated that I got to re-read certain seasons of my life. I love that.

Over-Medium Eggs and Brown Rice Toast with Coffee and Almond Milk on the Side.

For breakfast I made over-medium eggs (then I chop them up into a million pieces like you see) and brown rice toast. So yum, and definitely Marco’s favorite. I had coffee with almond milk on the side.

Chicken Enchilada Soup with Tortilla Chips, Sour Cream and Cilantro on Top. The Perfect Crockpot Meal with Leftovers.

For lunch I had chicken enchilada soup with tortilla chips, sour cream and cilantro on top. YUM! I have lots of this leftover because I made a giant CrockPot of it. Wahoo! More today.

Southwestern Salad with a Blue Moon Beer on the Side. Firestone Grill in San Luis Obispo, CA.

After the workday Marco and I walked to Firestone Grill to meet our friends Bry and Ryan. Such a good, relaxing night. I love getting together with our friends so much. It fills me up. I got a southwestern salad and had a Blue Moon beer on the side (my favorite).

I worked with clients all day Thursday and had some awesome sessions. Can I share a bit of gratitude with you? I love this work so much. I love the ways it challenges me to show up, listen and be there for others and totally let go of my own agenda.

I am so grateful for my clients.

So grateful for the close relationship I get to build with each of them. 

So grateful that they’re willing to self reflect, show up and have such open minds to move forward. So thankful they’re willing to learn to have grace and compassion for themselves.

So grateful they’re willing to trust me when I encourage them to remove the rules and the should’s, even when it’s hard or feels scary.

So grateful that they’re willing to explore new ways of communicating with others. New ways of thinking about their careers and showing up fully. New ways of working on their relationship with food (it’s not really much about the food, at all). 

Ways we can work together:

If you’d like to talk about working together one on one (yes please!), now is the perfect time to book a Discovery Session. Fill out the form on this page and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can to book your session.

Also, we start the next round of Authentically You THIS Monday, so don’t forget to come join us if you’re into group coaching programs – this one will be hosted entirely through Instagram. It’s going to be pretty cool! I think you guys will love this round.

The way you interact with the group is through comments/messaging. The way you interact with me is through two Instagram lives where you can post live questions that I’ll answer. The way you learn is through your own private reflection time through audios and worksheets, which I private message you, daily.

It’s 10-days and again, we’re going to host everything through Instagram. If you’re not a group person but still want to do Authentically You, you can sign-up here for the self-study course (delivered through email). It’s the same material.

If you ARE a group person and want in on this round (I’m running the group for $27 for the first time ONLY – it’s normally $297) just hop on over to Instagram, follow @be_authenticallyyou and pay using the link in the profile. Once you’ve paid you’ll be accepted.

Before I go, there won’t be any new blog posts next week. Rather, I’ll be focused on hanging out with my Authentically You girls on Insta! I hope you’ll join us – especially those of you who are silent readers. I would LOVE for this to be the way we really begin to connect! I would LOVE that!

Thank you so much for being here – I appreciate the heck out of you, whether we work together OR you’re a silent reader. I know you’re there, I feel your love, and I appreciate you!

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