Daily Eats: Homemade Coconut Matcha Latte

This Matcha Tea Latte is a re-creation from the amazing one I got to enjoy in New York at Hu Kitchen.

eggs and toast

Breakfast – two eggs and 1.5 slices of toast. I love the heels super toasty butter. Mmm!

matcha green tea latte

Mid-morning pick me up – Coconut Matcha Tea Latte! So good…

To make: blend up 8 oz hot water mixed with 1 tsp. Matcha Green Tea (it’s powder) & 1 Tbsp. coconut oil. That’s it! No sweetener, nothing! It’s so yummy! Enjoy!

I buy TeaLeaves High Energy Tencha Matcha. Seems pricey upfront, but compare it to going out/coffee & you’ve got yourself a deal ;). Such great taste!

yogurt, granola and strawberries

Lunch – plain european yogurt with granola & strawberries. Mmmmm. So refreshing on a warm day!

fruit smoothie

Mid-afternoon pick me up – fruit smoothie with spinach, banana, almond milk/butter, & blueberries.

cowboy caviar quesadilla

Dinner – half a chicken quesadilla with mozzarella cheese, cowboy caviar, chicken, & pinto beans. Tortilla: olive oil whole wheat wrap from Trader Joe’s. Love that cowboy caviar (TJ’s salsa) flavor!

food processor yogurt with fruit and granola

Petite-treat – the ultimate goodness of yogurt, fruit, and a food processor. You just wait! Details on this goodie are coming tomorrow!



With these “Daily Eats” posts I hope to show you that it’s possible to live a healthy life & feel good in your body without counting calories.

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