Daily Eats: If You’re Running Out of Dinner Ideas, This is For You!

Morning beauty! First of all, thank you so much for your sweet comments on yesterdays Anniversary post. You girls are the best! Second, thanks to all who are joining Simi & I in our Finally Free: 28 Day Pleasure Plan (info here).

I’m gathering questions that you who are still thinking about it have – I’ll be posting them this week with answers, so make sure to let your question be known if you’re wondering anything :).

Okay, now onto “Daily Eats” from yesterday! Before we dive in, remember, the purpose of these posts is to inspire YOU to listen to your own bodies, and ditch diets for good. If I can do it, there’s no reason you can’t. Keep in mind, your eats will naturally look different than mine. We all have different heights, body frames, needs, and activity levels that differ each day.


Eggs and Toast

Breakfast was two eggs (Mom, please don’t make fun of how not pretty these are, LOL!) on a slice of toasted sourdough.

PB and Honey on Ezekial Toast

Lunch was a PB & honey on Ezekiel.

I wanted something really simple for lunch. Yesterday was one of those days where I just felt good. I felt happy, productive, passionate about my work, efficient… you name it… So food felt less “exciting” if that makes sense? Other things in life were much more exciting.

Quesadilla with roast beef

Dinner was thesequesadillas” redone.

A brown rice tortilla with brown rice & split peas inside. I added a little roast beef to give it flavor. I cooked all of this (the brown rice, split peas, and roast beef) in a CrockPot for about 3 hours. I cooked it in half chicken broth and half water, and added some turmeric & ground cumin. Deellllish. And so much more simple than it sounds!

dilla close up

See that little roast beef poking through? This was YUMMY.

Oh, and by the way the photo above is only HALF my “quesadilla.” I started with a half, thinking that might be enough, but this girl was not satisfied after a half, so I made another. After a full, I felt that comfy after dinner fullness (“normal fullness” as we call it in Finally Free — not to be confused with stuffed or even uncomfortable — in fact, comfortable is a great word for this feeling) and felt content/calm for the rest of the evening.

Full post on this specific feeling of fullness later? Yes? 

Or, jump into the 28-Day Program where we’ll be teaching you about fullness, having higher energy, incorporating more pleasure into your day to day, and honoring that beautiful body of yours! 

When I was choosing my meals for the week I was literally getting no where. Nothing really sounded that exciting. So, I posted in one of my private coaching groups and got ideas from the girls. They gave me plenty!

Here are some of the ideas they gave me (in case you’re dry of ideas too!):

  1. Whole wheat pasta with sauteed zucchini and broccoli mixed in with homemade meatballs and parm!
  2. Stuffed peppers with rice, beans, and cilantro
  3. Goat cheese and sundried tomato stuffed chicken breasts tonight with garlic roasted broccoli!
  4. Stuffed peppers with sauteed mushrooms, onions, roast beef and provolone
  5. Chicken enchiladas!
  6. Lots of stir frys and pastas on our menu!

These ladies now how to make a dinner menu – yum! Hopefully that gives you some great ideas :). If all else fails, either: return to the basics (if you’re craving easy) or get inspired by a new recipe (if you’re craving creativity).

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Three links I’m excited to share with you today!

  1. I was featured on Cath in College and I quite love the post: “…Why Nobody Should Feel Guilty About Eating Pizza.”  
  2. Simi is sharing with you all on “28 Days of Pleasure!
  3. Invest in yourself (a whole post on this needs to happen, too!) and sign-up for the 28 Day Pleasure Plan today! We start Sunday! Questions? See all info collected here! Purchase using THIS link.

Finally Free Pleasure Plan

Women are already jumping in quickly!

Do YOU have any questions about the 28 Day Pleasure Plan after reading THIS? If you do, please post them below, or send them directly to paige@finallyfreeprogram.com.

I’ll put together a whole Q+A post just for you girls of the 28-Day!


Love, Paige

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