Daily Eats: I’m A Sandwich Girl, For Sure.

Today I am continuing to share daily eats with you. I’m still catching you up on the week before I left for NEW YORK!

eggs on toast

This day started off with a breakfast of two eggs on toast. Definitely a favorite of mine ;).

sandwich and chips 2

Lunch was a chicken sandwich. I ate about 3/4 of this sandwich with my chips. I love the texture of a bite of sandwich with a bite of tortilla chip (at the same time). Anyone with me here? 🙂 

sandwich and chips

Inside my Milton’s multi-grain bread was: pepper jack cheese, mayo, mustard, sliced deli chicken, tomato, onion, and green leaf lettuce.


In the afternoon I made a yummy pick-me-up fruit smoothie with yogurt, almond milk, banana, blackberries, blueberries, & flaxseed.

split pea quesadilla

Dinner was more amazing split pea quesadilla. Again, the best mistake ever. I love these things! This time, I was good with 3/4 of it. Very filling, plus, the smoothie held me to not be too hungry by dinner :).

xo, your coach


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