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Yesterday morning I woke up and the house was hot. I began opening up the windows only to find these beautiful blue skies & a bright shining sun at 7:00am. I couldn’t resist! I grabbed the coffee I’d just brewed, threw on some walking gear, and headed out the door. San Luis Obispo is just about the cutest town I’ve ever seen…

tomato and cheese breakfast panini

After my calm & long walk around the neighborhood, I came home, showered off, got some work done, and made Marco and I breakfast: homemade cheese & tomato breakfast panini’s! We split one.

We both agreed yesterday that we felt so relaxed after such a fun weekend. Did you this post? Over the weekend, we randomly drove to Ventura from SLO with a friend who’d been visiting. On Monday, we took the Surfliner train back home. It went along the pacific coast the whole way home… We saw hidden beaches in California we’d never seen before. I fell in love with CA all over again.

mango tea latte

Mid-day as I was working with clients I made some mango tea. Yum! Marco and I had gone to Trader Joe’s yesterday morning (sometime between breakfast & work) and I grabbed two new teas: (1) black mango tea and (2) peppermint herbal tea. Yum! This one has milk & honey inside.

lemon chicken and arugula salad trader joes

For lunch, I enjoyed this Lemon Chicken & Arugula Salad from Trader Joe’s. I want to remake this at home sometime. It was super good!

Can you see the description? It’s so tiny… It says: seasoned white chicken meat with moroccan style couscous and red quinoa and a spicy pimiento dressing.

This salad felt super light, and only filled me up for a couple of hours.

lemon chicken and arugula salad trader joes 2

After lunch I took a work break and hung out with Marco. We searched around the central coast and checked out different trailer parks. We ran into about four… two of them were cool… more searching to do in our future. If you haven’t heard me chat about this before, Marco and I would love to get a trailer within the next year.

green smoothie recipe

When we got home I made myself half a green smoothie and got back to work. This smoothie included: 1 small banana, a little bit of whole milk, flaxseed, one Tbsp. of PB, and a huge handful of organic spinach.

scout coffee san luis obispo tea

I left my office around 4:00pm to walk and meet one client who’s here in town (regularly I meet with my clients by phone, which is great!). I got a mint tea while I was there.

dinner bowl vegetarian

For dinner, I made brown rice with black beans and pinto beans, tofu, steamed broccoli, and avocado.

sauces on table - season your own food

I set Sriracha and soy sauce on the table so we could each flavor our own food. My cousin spent the night with us last night, so there were three for dinner. Love when my family stops by. This house in SLO has been full of visitors – we couldn’t love that more.

I also made us a cocktail, which I’ll be posting later this week :). We’ve never really talked alcohol on HHS, and summer seems like the perfect time.

homemade popcorn

After dinner, we cleaned up the kitchen, made homemade popcorn (per Husbands request) and put on Netflix. We dimmed the lights, and got cozy in our PJ’s with tea and fuzzy blankets in hand.

Royal Pains has been our most recent Netflix show. Has anyone seen it? What’s your most FAVORITE Netflix series yet? What are you currently watching?


With these “Daily Eats” posts I hope to show you that it’s possible to live a healthy life & feel good in your body without counting calories.

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