Daily Eats: Loads of Fun in Reno!

Good morning!

It’s that time again for daily eats posts to return!

Before we dive in… I want to preface this post by saying that this post is NOT for comparison – to compare your eats to mine. Rather, these posts have always been and will always be about inspiration.

Inspiration surrounding: new ideas around food; freedom with food; and trusting that YOU can listen to YOUR body and what feels good for you, as I listen to mine alongside you.

If these posts are triggering for you in any way, please dive into these posts instead.


Eggs and bacon

Breakfast – Monday morning started out with a cup of coffee, driving Marco to work, and coming back home to have coffee/breakfast with my aunt Shelly who visited this weekend with my uncle, Dennis.

For breakfast we had scrambled eggs (cooked in butter and scrambled with a splash of olive oil, splash of half and half, sea salt, and pepper) with bacon. Yum!

Leftover lasagna and ravioli with garlic bread

Lunch – After breakfast, I worked, did laundry, and ran a couple of errands with my aunt. When we got home I heated up a plate of leftover lasagna/ravioli/garlic bread from the wedding we went to this weekend.

Marco and Paige at a wedding in Reno

It was such a fun wedding! I had so much fun getting ready, doing my makeup, getting my lashes done, and wearing a dress that felt so “me.” Once we started dancing, I don’t think I left the dance floor the entire time (even when I was the only one on the dance floor – haha!).

After lunch I took Abby for a walk while I took a call with my own coach. I love having my own coach. It makes my life feel so intentional. It makes ME so intentional.

Intentional about my friendships, my marriage, my hopes/dreams/goals, commitments to myself, the way I show up to my life… it’s incredible. If you don’t have a coach, go get you a great coach, girl!

I walked 45 minutes away from the house during my call and then ran back. I got to accomplish three things that were important to me at the same time: meeting with my coach, walking Abby, and getting a run in. 🙂

When I got home I showered and got ready for the rest of the day. I headed out around 3:45, ran an errand (picked up new dry shampoo from my stylist) got to Marco’s work to pick him up 30 min early, and sat in my car and answered emails. When Marco was off we headed over to meet friends for sushi.

Nigiri from Hinoki

Dinner – Reno is FULL of all you can eat sushi. We get our fish from the SF area and it’s great. Hinoki is our favorite place so far.

For dinner I ordered nigiri (I prefer lots of nigiri over rolls) – salmon and tuna. Lot’s of it!

All you can eat sushi in Reno at Hinoki

For my appetizers I ordered yakitan, cucumber salad, seaweed salad, and gyoza. I tried a mussel, but gave the rest to Marco. He’s a fan! I like them but they’re not my favorite.

We had such a great time at dinner. We laughed our buns off, got in some great family time and said our goodbyes to loads of friends/family that came in for the wedding this weekend.

Girls night

The weekend was so fun/full. We all had people staying at our houses (when I say “all” I’m referring to “all” of us who are friends/family and live in the same neighborhood – so fun!), shopped, ate dinner together, had a GREAT girls night (think: wine, hanging out in our friends huge bathroom, sitting in her bathtub – haha! – and curling our friends hair).

I love my people. I love Reno. I love my relationships here, and I love how eventful our weeks are.

Now Marco and I are going to savor and soak in a few quiet nights to recharge – haha!

I’ll share more daily eats later this week to share what we’ve been eating at home. It’ll be mostly leftovers! We’ve got lots of food to use up and enjoy!

Have a great week! 🙂

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