Daily Eats: Monday & Tuesday With IE Notes

DailyEats-Monday and Tuesday

Hey gals!

I’m taking photos from my iPhone this week as I left my camera behind in Ventura. I’ll be picking her up Saturday when I drive back for a baby shower. Thankfully I don’t mind driving as it gives me thinking space! I’ve been driving to Ventura so much lately.

Here are my daily eats for the week. Before we start, let me just remind you that the purpose of sharing my eats with you is to show you that you can eat what you love and feel your best by listening to your body without dieting.

Also, I’m including my “IE notes” (intuitive eating notes) as you girls loved them the last time I posted! Let me know if they’re helpful in the comments.


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Breakfast was a quick eggs on toast before I ran off to co-work at a coffee shop with my friend Asia.

IE notes: I wasn’t actually hungry at this time, but knew I’d be working from the coffee shop for about 3 hours, so I ate anyway.

Daily Eats Monday and Tuesday

View from our coffee shop work station. You guys, I’ve been loving working with Asia from Bello Mundo this week. It’s been so nice to start the work day out of the house!

Daily Eats Monday and Tuesday

Lunch was a “combo pizza slice” from Costco

IE notes: After working, I met Marco back at our house and we headed out to Costco. When we pulled up, I mentioned that I was super hungry and that we should probably eat before entering the land of Costco to avoid buying the whole store. Ha!

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We did all of our Costco shopping, stopped by Target, and then ended with Trader Joe’s. The line was INSANE. So many people at Trader’s right now. I’m thinking it’s because all of our Haggen’s grocery stores have closed down.

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When we got home from the grocery store, Marco and I went bike riding and found a ton of fun trails with hills and jumps. Marco challenged me and made me go down paths that I would have NEVER gone down on my own. Thankfully, I made it out alive (haha!) and had SO much fun because he pushed me. I did it!

When we were home from mountain biking I spent some time working on our budget for the month (did it a day early, as I usually budget on the first), cleaned up my office for the day, and then made dinner.

While I was cooking I snacked on a few pita crackers with hummus.

IE note: I often read things like “DO NOT snack while you cook.” Hey, if you’re hungry, go ahead. Just do it in a way that you can feel good about. I find that when we eat out of an endless bag, we tend to not feel great about it PURELY because we can’t really tell how much we ate. If you get out a little dish, you can see what you’re eating and it’s all good.

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Dinner was five cheese tortellinis with roasted veggies. Marco picked out the tortellinis this week, as I chose the ravioli on the previous grocery shopping trip.

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After dinner I took a hot shower, got cozy in my PJ’s and made myself a wholesome hot cocoa. I say wholesome because most hot chocolates have ingredients that I just don’t feel awesome about. And they leave me feeling yucky.

This hot cocoa is one that will leave you feeling great!

Ingredients: 1 T raw cacao powder (I love this one), a mug full of hot hot almond milk, a teaspoon of raw sugar (or stevia, or agave), and a little shake of cinnamon. Done!

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To end the evening I had an organic fuji apple with some organic PB. Mmm-mmm good.

IE note: When we were at Costco I bought a couple of snack foods (the hummus and apples with PB) so I was excited to try them all yesterday. I wouldn’t say I was hungry necessarily, but still wanted to enjoy a fun snack.


This day started out black coffee at Bello Mundo Cafe with my friend Asia. We’ve been co-working this week, which has been so fun since we both work from home. We simply meet up at a coffee shop, both with our laptops, drink coffee, chat a little, and work a lot.

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Breakfast was two over medium eggs with two slices of brown rice toast.

IE notes: On Monday, I ate breakfast before the coffee shop even though I wasn’t hungry. That worked well. Yesterday, I decided to wait until I came back home because I really wasn’t hungry when I woke up. This worked just fine too!

After breakfast, Marco and I went to the gym for an hour.

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When we came home, I changed back into my regular clothes, did some more work, and then paused for lunch before my sessions started for the day. Lunch was a turkey sandwich with sweet potato chips and hummus on the side.

IE notes: Again, I wasn’t tummy growling hungry by this point, but it was already 1:00 and I knew I had sessions from 1:30 until the evening so it was necessary that I ate.

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For dinner Marco and I had roasted veggies with five cheese tortellinis on the side. This time we added grilled onions to the mix. Easy dinner!

IE note: I love putting my tortellinis and pasta in little bowls this when I think about it. I’m always surprised at how little pasta I need in order to feel satisfied. More veggies for the win!

To end, I’d love to ask you girls a question and get some feedback. Would you mind?

Remember how I shared that I’m giving my blog a facelift? Well, to update you, we’re still ironing out the design. I’m being pretty picky! As I’m brainstorming…

Here’s what I would love to know:

What do you girls think so far of my current posting schedule: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday? How’s that feeling? What would you think of me sharing daily eats on Mondays and Fridays and then doing a topical post on Wednesdays?

This way you get the best of both worlds (you girls seem to love daily eats!). How does that sound? I’m open to feedback. Leave a comment and let me know what you think. Thank you :)!


Love, Paige

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