Daily Eats: Monday Night Pizza With My Husband

Last Monday was a great day. In this post, I’m sharing the whole day in eats + what we did throughout. Enjoy!

eggs and toast

Breakfast – two eggs on whole wheat tuscan pane bread (from Trader Joe’s) & black coffee.

lunch sandwich brussel sprouts on the side

Lunch – SO good chicken sandwich on Multigrain Milton’s bread… Serious heaven, in such simplicity. On the side I had roasted brussels sprouts and Kettle Jalapeño chips. After eating the BS’s and half of my sandwich, I decided I didn’t care to have the chips, so I gave them to my Hubby (his FAV).

turkey sandwich

Inside: mayo, mustard, sliced deli chicken (from the deli counter), cheddar cheese, tomatoes, white onion, green leaf lettuce, and sandwich pickles. Mmmmm!

Monday was such a productive day. I woke up, worked with coffee in hand, went grocery shopping with M, came home, started cooking/prepping all of the amazing things I had meal planned for the week (coming in a Daily Eats post soon!) and cleaned house. Then, after lunch, I got back to work and busted out some blog posts (like this one, haha).

I took a break to hit the gym with Marco around 3:00. That was nice in the middle of the day for a change! After the gym we came home, showered, I did a little more work, and by 6:00 I was totally off.

woodstocks pizza slo

For dinner, we walked to Woodstock’s Pizza per Marco’s request. He wanted to eat out on his last night off (he was off Tuesday, but Tuesday night isn’t the same since he knew he had to work Wednesday – anyone relate?). Monday was his Saturday :).

So, we went to Woodstock’s and I ordered the Greek Chicken Salad with added chicken. I ate almost all of this. So filling and full of flavor!

Marco ordered a pepperoni & jalapeno pizza and shared a small slice with me. Yum! I got the best of both worlds.

After dinner we came home and rented a movie off Apple TV. We’re into this whole movie after dinner thing, aren’t we? We watched Life As We Know It. <– Great movie!

Real time update: leaving for Ventura this AM, taking a flight to New York tomorrow! Yeah! Come join me for the weekend on instagram (@healthyhitsthespot)! Also, there will still be a post tomorrow, Friday, & Monday. I’ve got them all scheduled for ya! 🙂 

What is your favorite thing about Daily Eats posts? Share with me!

xo, your coach



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With these “Daily Eats” posts I hope to show you that it’s possible to live a healthy life & feel good in your body without counting calories.

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