Daily Eats: Mother’s Day Weekend

Good-morning and happy Monday!

I hope you had a nice Mother’s Day weekend. Speaking of, did you get a chance to read the note I wrote you, on Instagram? In it, I celebrated my mama and acknowledged that we’re all in different places with motherhood.

I miss her *a ton* and am so grateful I can keep her alive through sharing her with you. Thank you for that!

Today I’m here to share daily eats with you. This is the first weekend I’ve been back at it taking photos of my food in a while. That said, I did about a 50/50 job on remembering to take photos. With that in mind, where there’s not a photo, I’ll write out what I ate.

Before we dive in, I want to remind you that these posts are NOT for comparison (if these posts are triggering for you in anyway, scroll THESE posts instead).

I share my eats in hopes that you’d leave here today feeling inspired and full of PERMISSION to listen to YOUR BODY, as I listen to mine. I hope these posts fill you with the FAITH you need to let go of ALL food rules/control (just as I have!).


GoMacro's Protein Pleasure bar.

Friday morning started off with a GoMacro bar and the gym with Marco. Peanut butter chocolate chip, with a cup of hot coffee, is my favorite!

Sourdough toast with scrambled eggs and chicken sausage. Yum!

When we got home from the gym I was so hungry and made myself two eggs, two pieces of chicken sausage and a slice of sourdough toast (with Kerrygold butter – yum!). After breakfast we took Abby for a walk.

Easy, leftover lunch idea | Baked salmon with rosemary, lemon, olive oil and garlic with roasted squash and sautéed spinach (with EVOO and garlic)

When we got home I started work and worked until lunch, right before Marco left for his job. Friday is a behind-the-scenes workday for me. Meaning, no client sessions, just email, editing, and business.

Speaking of behind-the-scenes. I have something AWESOME coming to you this Friday! I *cannot wait* to share it with you. Get ready to GROW. You’ll understand that soon enough!

For lunch on Friday I heated up leftovers from the night before for us: salmon with rosemary, lemon, olive oil and garlic with roasted squash and sautéed spinach (with EVOO and garlic).

Salted Kettle Chips - the perfect mid-day "crunch" and carb craving

Mid-day I was craving something with crunch and carbs so I poured this little bowl of Kettle chips. I ended up eating just half and dumped the rest. They weren’t as good as I imagined them to be.

My number one exercise to be present in a period of "waiting"

I think I also realized that I was trying to fill time. The project we’re working on here is mostly out of my control as far as the timeline goes. It’s been almost 4 months in the making now. I seriously cannot wait to share it. Eek!

That said, I had already done everything I could do for work this day and was lingering around the house in a “waiting” period. Waiting for the project to be done. Waiting for backyard landscapers to arrive.

So, I recognized this and sat down to journal and get myself present. After I journaled I felt great. I went outside with Abby, cleaned up the backyard, took her for a walk and got some good sunshine in.

Simple summer dinner recipe | Wedge salad with blue cheese, tomato, bacon, and iceberg lettuce

When we got home it was time for dinner. I set out to make a club sandwich and ended up making a wedge salad with blue cheese, tomato, bacon, and iceberg lettuce.

Meanwhile, I had a small piece of toast in the oven and layered that with a piece of bacon, turkey, tomato and crunchy lettuce. I had that open faced as well. Yum!

Mixed fresh berries, the perfect simple summer dessert

A little later on in the evening I was watching Dead to Me on Netflix. Have you seen it yet? Marco and I watched the whole thing! It was a cozy night in. I got up mid-show, rinsed these berries and had a handful. Yum!

Bedtime, drool-worthy snack | Toasted sourdough with butter and chicken sausage

A while later around 9:30 or so (soon before bed) I felt like I needed more carb/grain. I asked myself what sounded good and I reallllly wanted another piece of chicken sausage, leftover from breakfast, on a slice of toast with butter. Mouth. Drool.

So I made half a sandwich, enjoyed it, and went to bed and slept sound.


Simple, healthy Saturday morning breakfast | Daily Harvest's mint + cacao smoothie

Saturday morning started off with coffee and a Daily Harvest mint + cacao smoothie. This one is SO good. It tastes like mint chocolate chip ice cream when you mix it with vanilla almond milk. Highly recommend!

I grabbed a box of these after a client told me how much she loved them. My take: they’re super convenient, delicious, healthy and great to have around the house. Super happy with them!

My two favorites are the mint/cacao smoothie and the cauliflower/leek soup. I add TJ’s miso broth to the soup and YUM. If you’d like to try Daily Harvest and get three free cups (this is what I did!) use this link!

GoMacro's Everlasting Joy bar to fuel Saturday morning work-from-home session

I’ve been doing a few Saturday morning coaching sessions lately and have been loving it. Such a relaxing time to hop on the phone with my clients, both having coffee in hand, ready for the weekend, and kicking it off with a great coaching call. Love it!

Between my sessions I poured more coffee and had half of this GoMacro bar. Coconut, almond butter, and chocolate chip is another GREAT flavor. Wish I had a code to share with you here!

Turkey club sandwich on sourdough to share with my husband, with chips on the side. Yum!  It's feeling like sandwich season over here!

After my sessions Marco and I loaded up the car for Lake Tahoe. Unfortunately, he had to work, but he was sweet-as-can-be and helped me get everything ready to take Abby up to the lake for the day.

Before I left I made us a club sandwich to share, with chips on the side. Yum! So good. It’s feeling like sandwich season over here! I love sandwiches when it’s warm and sunny out. Feels like summer!

This club: sourdough, mayo, mustard, turkey, bacon, crunchy crunchy iceberg lettuce, tomato, and a little sprinkle of oregano (makes it!).

Beach day with our pup, Abby, at Lake Tahoe

After lunch Abby, Haley (my cousin who just moved to Reno, wahoo!) and I headed up to Tahoe to meet friends and family.

Though I would love to say otherwise, it was a bit of a stressful day, for this dog-mom.

I had high hopes of a relaxing day at the beach with Abby. If you have seen Brene Brown’s Netflix movie, I was in need of a come-to-Jesus moment before Tahoe this day. Meaning: I needed to rearrange my expectations.

Abby was so darn stimulated by all of the people and dogs that I ended up having to watch her constantly, trying to make sure she didn’t run through peoples things, eat their cookies, or chew her leash off. Lord almighty.

On the bright-side, she got LOADS of swimming in, had a blast fetching her stick, loved on everyone who gave her the-best-pets-ever, and I got a lot of sunshine and exercise (HAHA).

Girls day at Lake Tahoe in Nevada

I didn’t take a photo of dinner, so here’s a photo of my cousin and I. Ha! For dinner, we had chicken burritos at the campsite (friends had camp set up and stayed the weekend). I had two, as they weren’t very big and I was a hungry dog-mama.


Sunday was Mother’s Day. The plan was to wake up, go to Church and then have Marco drop me off at my cousins house. She made a Mother’s Day brunch. But when I got up I realized I truly needed a morning at home, to do nothing, be nowhere, and just sip my coffee in bed.

I ended up doing that for two hours (glory!) and then headed to my cousins house for brunch. Before I went, I was hungry and made a slice of toast, one egg, and had a piece of chicken sausage.

When I got to Haley’s a couple hours later she had made awesome crepes and had set everything up so sweetly. Her mama was in heaven (her mama is my moms sister). I had one crepe, as I wasn’t very hungry. They were delicious!

Thrift shopping in Carson City near Reno, Nevada.

After brunch we headed down to Carson City to do some thrift store shopping. I snapped this photo of just ONE of the things I found. I ended up leaving with five shirts, one of them being my favorite Lucky Brand top (that i already own) in a different color. All for just $18.00. Wahoo! Score!

Turkey club on sourdough with two pickle spears and kettle brand chips

We got home around 4:00 pm from shopping and I was starved. I made half a club with two pickle spears and some chips, took Abby for a walk, put my new clothes in the washer, got myself set up for Monday morning and then headed over to our friends Bob and Kelly’s house.

There, we sat in the backyard, talked, had a couple beers, watched some of Brene Brown’s movie (while waiting for my cousin to show up) and then watched Wine Country. The new Netflix movie with Amy Poehler. It was pretty funny! But nothing compares to the first Bad Mom’s or We Are the Miller’s.

While there, I had three small slices of homemade pizza for dinner. One chicken basil, one chicken bbq, and one chicken bbq with pineapple (favorite!). To end the night, Bob made us girls chocolate chip cookies as we were all cozied up in bed watching the movie and I had one of his cookies as well.

SUCH a great mothers day. The only thing that would have made it better was my mama WITH us. But, instead, I got sooo much love from all of you, texts from my best friends, and saw plenty of rainbows. Blessed, absolutely.

Thanks for hanging with me in this daily eats post! I’ll be back to share more on Thursday. And remember, something new that you’ll want to be apart of if you want to become an intuitive eater is coming FRIDAY.

Ready… set…

Love, Paige

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