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Good-morning gorgeous girls. Ah, it’s so good to be with you sharing daily eats from yesterday. These posts always take me back to the beginning of why I started this blog – to share how I found a way to feel normal around food while still feeling healthy, happy, and balanced. To inspire us all!

Before we dive in, let’s set the stage together: the purpose of sharing my eats with you is not so that you can compare your eats to mine, but rather, my hope is that you would find encouragement in these posts to listen to your own body and to eat intuitively without rules. To give you freedom!


Paige Schmidt's Go-To Breakfast Scrambled Eggs and Sourdough Toast

Yesterday morning started out with breakfast with Marco (two eggs over medium, sourdough toast, and coffee). My simple daily/weekly go-to for breakfast!

Following breakfast I had a few personal working hours in my office to do budgeting (I do this on the first of every month!) and get myself organized. I have a few things to say about budgeting and getting organized, so keep reading!

Favorite Simple Snack | Apple and Cheese Slices

After my personal working hours (doing things for Marco and I) I met with my first morning client of the day, and had a snack before my second. An apple with a slice of cheddar cheese. Ah, this was a favorite snack of mine as a kid! Anyone else? It tastes so great!

Turkey Sandwich on Toasted Sourdough With Turkey, Cheese, Avocado, Onion and Lettuce With Sea-Salt and Vinegar Kettle Chips and A Fruit/Spinach Smoothie

After my snack I had a phone call with a long time blog reader about becoming a health coach (hi!). It’s so fun for me to talk about my experience going to IIN, even though it’s been FIVE years now since I attended. That is so crazy to think about!

Once our call ended, I was ready for lunch. I made half a turkey sandwich on toasted sourdough with turkey, cheese, avocado, onion, and lettuce. Mmm, so good! Sandwiches never fail me. On the side, I had a few sea-salt and vinegar Kettle chips and half a fruit/spinach smoothie.

Inside my smoothie: frozen fruit mix, banana, spinach, apple juice, a little yogurt, and almond milk. I pretty much just used up things that I had on hand 🙂 I have the other half saved in the fridge in our blender. Today I can do a quick blend and have a snack ready to go!

Pesto Pasta with Chicken

After meeting with several afternoon and evening clients, I wrapped up my workday, cleaned up the office, and headed to the kitchen to cook dinner. I was thinking to myself last night that cooking felt therapeutic to me. It hasn’t always, but the longer I do it, the more I enjoy it.

What I made: brown rice pasta with pesto, topped with tomato basil marinara which I added two yellow squash/zucchini to, baked chicken, parmesan cheese, and pepper. Yum… this was so good! And now we have leftovers to enjoy for lunch today. So simple!

Okay… So, I have things to talk with you all about… Yesterday as I was working and talking with my sweet clients, I was reminded of just how much we talk about. Yes, health, and intuitive eating, but the longer someone works with me, the more we get to talk about.

Things like organization around the house, monthly budgeting, and meal planning while eating intuitively… I love talking about all of these things with my girls.

So I got to thinking: I’ve blogged about these things, yes, but wouldn’t it be fun to do something interactive where you girls can join me, ask questions, and we can workshop these things a bit? Like, a workshop series? If these online workshops interest you, will you fill out THIS form for me? It’d be so helpful.

Okay, I’m off to have a Finally Free meeting with Sim. We’re preparing for my April visit to Sim and our April launch! Get ready girlies! 


I have two one on one health coaching spaces open this March (read all about my services here and what my clients have to say about working with me here). Fill in your info here to get the next steps emailed to you and your first hour with me free.

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