Daily Eats: Oreo Petite Treat & Netflix Night

Daily Eats & Petite Treat | Healthy Hits the Spot - 1 of 5

Wait… this food looks too good! This was a great day of eats last week. I mean, I feel like I’m tasting it again just as I type!

The day started off with 2 eggs on a slice of toasty sourdough for breakfast. (Mom, if you’re reading, I’m sorry these eggs aren’t perfect like yours. I love you!) <– Seriously, she makes PERFECT eggs.

Daily Eats & Petite Treat | Healthy Hits the Spot - 2 of 5

Lunch was lentil soup (canned from TJ’s) with a slice of sourdough toast with olive oil, half an avocado, and red chili pepper flakes. I literally ate this everyday for lunch last week. I couldn’t get enough! It was exactly what I wanted.

Daily Eats & Petite Treat | Healthy Hits the Spot - 3 of 5

I needed a pick-me-up mid-day to cure a growling belly between sessions & consultations, so I made this green smoothie with PB. I was craving something with protein.

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Daily Eats & Petite Treat | Healthy Hits the Spot - 4 of 5

For dinner I made Marco and I the last of our brown rice, tofu, black/pinto bean, and broccoli bowls. This time, we added some “just chicken” from Trader Joe’s.

Right now, I’m out of town. So, needless to say last week when we were grocery shopping, we prepared and got some easy-to-make foods for the weekend so Marco would be good-to-go. Frozen burritos, tacos, and chicken & rice. He’s happy :).

Daily Eats & Petite Treat | Healthy Hits the Spot - 5 of 5

I made us petite treats to end the night before our Netflix show started. Seriously! These were yummy. Ben & Jerry’s “Milk & Cookies” with just the tops of Oreos.

Want to hear a silly story (but still, one that made me smile)? Marco bought Oreo’s at the grocery store last week and didn’t grab the “double stuffed.” He was bummed – apparently they’re “just not the same.” So, I made him double stuffed Oreo’s and saved the tops so we could enjoy them with ice cream or in milkshakes. I love how creative this felt… I kind of felt like a kid again! We all need that sometimes, right!?

Here you go. A gift from me to you, today: full permission to play with your food!

I hope you all have a great Monday! I want to give a little shout out to my new assistant intern, Abigail! I’m so happy to have help around here, and to be training a coach to be! You’ll be hearing about her every so often. Yay!

See you tomorrow :).


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