Daily Eats (Part 1)

Morning beauties. And happy Monday! If you follow me on Instagram (@healthyhitsthespot) you know that after Thursday evening I totally wiped out. I felt awful Friday, and slept the whole day. Literally, I was only awake for a few hours. I rested Saturday, and felt so much better yesterday.

Marco and I had a fun day yesterday. We went to Church in the morning, did some cleaning, and then went to Morro Bay to cool off, got ice cream cones, looked out at the water, had a beer together and watched football, and then came home, got cozy, and ate dinner.

Today I’m going to share Wednesday and Thursdays eats with you. Last Friday & Saturday I only ate tiny bits of cereal with almond milk, so no pictures there. It wasn’t that interesting! If you would like to see Monday & Tuesdays eats, see the previous post.


Daily Eats - Part 1 - 1 of 7

Brunch – I woke up not feeling hungry on Wed. I went to coffee with a friend in the AM, and got straight to work when I got home. Around 11:00 my hunger finally hit and I made a bowl of cereal: toasted oatmeal flakes, pumpkin flax granola, strawberries, almond milk, and flaxseed meal.

Daily Eats - Part 1 - 2 of 7

This day was full of energy. I worked with my intern and made some tweaks to the Health Coaching Binder. We took out pages we saw no longer necessary, added in new ones we felt would continue to serve my clients even better, and freshened up the sections a bit.

Daily Eats - Part 1 - 3 of 7

My intern is a previous client of mine who is now studying to be a Health Coach herself. It’s amazing having her help around the blog. I love that she knows my coaching style inside and out. She’s been helping make this place go round for the last four months!

Daily Eats - Part 1 - 4 of 7

Dinner – a caesar side salads with leftover homemade thyme & mushroom beef stroganoff (made with yogurt). See where I shared how to make this here.


Daily Eats - Part 1 - 5 of 7

Breakfast – Thursday was when I started to not feel so hot. I started the day off with quiet time, this cereal (same as Wednesday), and a warm shower. My throat had started hurting at this point, and throughout the day, my headache really set in.

Daily Eats - Part 1 - 6 of 7

Lunch – I remember getting some relief from this lunch. It felt good to put something in my stomach. I had the last of our leftover indian foodSo yummy! This was a really late lunch, so by the time dinner came around….

Daily Eats - Part 1 - 7 of 7

Dinner – I really wasn’t that hungry. Marco and I walked down to the farmer’s market (it’s an EVENT here in SLO) and he ended up getting dinner to-go from Firestone. One of our favorite BBQ places. The only thing that looked good to me were fries & a caesar salad.

I knew I had caesar salad at home, so I made some for myself, cozied up on the couch, ate, and Marco shared some of his fries with me. This was a really low-key casual dinner, which was so needed, seeing as after this I checked out for the rest of the weekend.

In my Thursday post I asked you to VOTE for the post, out of the five I mentioned, that you wanted to see next on HHS. So, tomorrow you’ll get the MOST voted for post first thing in the AM. Then, the next day I’d love to share more daily eats with you. Keeping that balance alive for all of you daily eats lovers!



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