Daily Eats: Periods, PJ’s, and PMS Cravings

Yesterday was a full on “period sick day.” It felt like I did everything differently than I normally do.

I’m glad this is a girl-zone so we can talk about things like periods. Started mine yesterday, and the pain is real. Day 1 and day 2 are just the worst, right?

Actually, I need to update you all, but just a short while back I talked about being on the pill and how my periods were feelin’ easy-breezy. Well, I went off it a few months ago and the hard times are back. Ha!

Let’s dive into yesterday’s eats, and continue the girl talk throughout.


Healthy Hits the Spot | PMS, Periods, and Cravings - 1 of 7

Breakfast started off the day: Ezekiel toast drizzled with olive oil, two eggs, red chili pepper flakes, and pepper. Plus a cup of black coffee (I’m in a black coffee phase).

After breakfast M & I went to the gym. When we got home, mother nature visited me. Finally. It had been 34 days since my last one. I think I normally go between 33 and 34 days between. Anyone else having longer cycles like this?

I felt half out of commission all day, except for when I was in my sessions. There’s this beautiful thing that happens in coaching – I can be in pain outside of my sessions, but somehow right when I get started I forget about everything I was feeling and it becomes 100% about my client and her needs. I love it.

Healthy Hits the Spot | PMS, Periods, and Cravings - 2 of 7

For lunch, M & I had leftover tacos from the day before. There wasn’t quite enough meat leftover for three tacos each, so we each had two ground beef tacos and one potato taco. Actually, pretty good! And the potatoes were leftover from dinner the night before.

After lunch I started work from bed, in my PJ’s. Truth be told, I’m not sure I’ve ever worked from my PJ’s before! I felt like I had to in order to honor my body – I wore the loosest clothes I owned. Cramps are a B! If I worked out of the house, it’s possible I would have called in sick yesterday.

It was kinda fun to be honest: in my room, in my PJ’s, on the phone with my clients (who I love!), getting to 100% tune in and listen to them as we worked through challenges and celebrated successes.

For the rest of the day I stayed comfy and had snacks every couple of hours instead of meals. It’s what sounded good and what I felt like my body wanted — easy, fun food.

Healthy Hits the Spot | PMS, Periods, and Cravings - 3 of 7

Healthy Hits the Spot | PMS, Periods, and Cravings - 4 of 7

Snack #1 was three pieces of chocolate and one cracker and cheese (this was shared with M, because of course, if something looks good, Hubby’s gotta have it — hey, I get it!).

Healthy Hits the Spot | PMS, Periods, and Cravings - 5 of 7

Snack #2 was chips, salsa, and guac split with M.

Healthy Hits the Spot | PMS, Periods, and Cravings - 6 of 7

Between clients yesterday I had a one hour break and Marco and I went for a walk. While we were out, he bought me a soy caramel macchiato because I’d said it sounded so good. I got a small, and fully soaked up each sip. SO yummy. Total craving cure.

Note: I was asked on Instagram yesterday what I get at SBUX and CB&TL to be healthy. The truth is neither place has the greatest high quality options or coffee. If I want something healthier I’ll go to a local shop with organic coffee beans or make something at home.

When I go to SBUX or CB it’s usually because I want something really specific from there, not because it’s healthy. I’ll get a small, and fully enjoy it.

Balance & moderation. It’s what works long term. 

Healthy Hits the Spot | PMS, Periods, and Cravings - 7 of 7

And snack #3 was popcorn during a movie (my one TV food), split with M. We watched the movie “Cake.” I thought it was OK. We were both frustrated that they didn’t share the whole story – I don’t like guessing! Did anyone else see it?

If you want to make your own popcorn, see this post.

We both decided we weren’t hungry for dinner, so we just stayed cozy and continued watching Netflix instead. I slept so good last night, and totally dreamt that I was pregnant. Perhaps because my tummy cramps were so bad? I’m thinking so – because I was in so much fear of delivering!

So, ladies. Since this IS a spot for women, and we can talk about these things (I’m open!), I want to open up the comments section to chat about any PMS questions you may have.

I’ve written THIS post on PMS before, and I feel like it’s time to update it with what we women can expect through our whole cycle (PMS, starting, how to avoid the bad moods, etc). I’ve seen SUCH a pattern in myself and my clients.

What would your questions be? 

I’ve gotta say. I do love when I finally start, because there’s a certain lightness I feel a couple day’s in. It feels like I’ve passed through some sort of storm (aka PMS), and now life is a little easier. Anyone else? I’m feeling a little “boost” of motivation today after taking it easy yesterday. I’m excited to get ready, and get things done.



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