Daily Eats: Pit Stop at IN-N-OUT on Our Drive Home

Good-morning all! I hope you slept well… we slept at home last night (in San Luis Obispo) which felt good after being away for so long… We’ll finally be back and settled in our own little place for a while (which kind of makes me happy, and kind of makes me sad, because I had SO much fun being with family and friends…).

Today, I’m going to share yesterday’s eats with you. I’ll continue to share my “IE (intuitive eating) notes” with you, as I’ve gotten plenty of comments and emails this week to let me know that it’s been so worth it, and you’ve all loved it… Thank you for sharing that with me by the way, I *love* hearing from you girls in the comments (I read every one)! Before we start, let’s keep in mind the purpose of reading my “IE notes” and “Daily Eats” posts: to show you that it’s possible to lead a healthy life & feel good in your body without counting calories. Moderation, fun with food, and freedom is available to EACH one of you.


Yesterday was a happy/sad day. Happy in the morning, sad in the evening when we were leaving Ventura (my home town, we moved last December). I got a little emotional, because I had such a good time being there. But, what can you do… It’s time to set some roots (for now) in SLO town…

eggs and toast

The morning started off with a walk with Aubs (one of my best friends, ever) in the park. We walked all three weekday mornings while I was in town, which was so nice. Once I got home, I wrote yesterdays post (which was so loved by you!) and then made Marco and I breakfast around 8:30. Eggs and toast!

coffee hot chocolate

Around 10:00, I made a “coffee hot chocolate.” So simple to make on your own, and such a treat! It’s just a regular cup of coffee with 1 packet of hot cocoa mixed in. Add some milk, top with whipped cream, and you’re good to go! So delicious…

IE note: This sounded good right after breakfast, but I waited until right around 10:00 to have it. Why? Because this felt like a more “substantial” cup of coffee, and I knew that I’d be happy around 10:00 to have something that felt like a sweet treat, as it was right before I started work for the day. I was also super happy with breakfast, and told myself that I’d rather just enjoy the satisfaction from breakfast, and get another amazing treat around 10:00… I was glad that I spread breakfast and the hot cocoa coffee out :).


At about 1:00 I ate lunch. My Dad had made himself a burrito, and put an extra one out for whoever wanted it. Perfect timing! Marco was out with his friends playing beach volleyball (so fun!) so I was on my own for lunch. I took Noah for a little walk, and then came home and enjoyed this burrito.

IE note: This burrito was actually really small, so after I ate it, I didn’t feel that “normal fullness” that I usually like to feel after meal time. I contemplated making another one… but then realized that we’d probably make burrito’s again for dinner. I decided to be happy with what I’d had, and look forward to the next burrito I’d get at dinner. I got back to work and ended around 5:30.

many things for dinner

At about 6:00, I made Marco and I dinner. I made a variety, as you can see (haha!). I ended up eating the broccoli, and the salad, and wrapped my burrito up to take home (we drove 2 hours after this). See the story in my IE notes here…

IE note: By the time dinner rolled around, I didn’t really want a burrito as much as I’d thought I would around lunch time. But, I also didn’t NOT want to have it. Can it get any more complicated? Haha… So, I looked in the fridge. I saw broccoli that my Mom had already made, and I immediate thought of the “broccoli and cheese” bowls she used to make me when I was little. Yum! Got that out. I opened the cupboard and saw CROUTONS. What? My family hasn’t had crouton’s at home in forever! Immediately, I wanted a crunchy “house salad” (just like you’d order at a restaurant) too. So, I made one. I still felt like I might want a burrito, so I made that too. I knew I probably wouldn’t eat all of this to myself (not an expectation I placed on myself, just a thought) but gave myself permission to make it anyway, knowing that I could either share it or wrap it up to-go if I didn’t finish it. I ate the broccoli first, and was so happy. Broccoli and cheese was like childhood nostalgia. I ate the salad second and yum! The croutons really did feel so fun, and the veggies were so fresh and all full of flavor. I was satisfied after finishing the two of those, and wrapped up my burrito thinking that I might want it when we got to SLO (I figured I’d be hungry in a few hours since this was mostly veggies).

in n out milkshake and fries

Well, once we got on the road, little Mrs. Period over here (hi!) started dreaming of an In-N-Out milkshake. I mentioned it to Marco, and he was all for it. Once we got there, I also decided that we really needed to share french fries too (haha!). So, I got a small vanilla shake, and he got a large chocolate shake (probably knew I’d want a sip or two of his) and we shared fries. We haven’t done this in so long (stopped for fast food on the way home from a long trip) and it felt so fun… It made me happy… I drank most of my shake, but stopped when I knew I was still happy, feeling good, and grateful that I’d allowed myself this treat (would have NEVER done this without guilt years ago – see my story).

IE note: When I say I stopped when I was “still happy,” heres what I mean… I’ve learned over time, that I can have any food that I want, and still walk away from finishing that food and feel glad that I ate it. I’ve also learned, that this means being mindful, and stopping at my “Sweet Spot” (which Simi and I teach in Finally Free). Basically, I’ve had the experience PLENTY of times in the past, where I’d think In-N-Out, for example, was a great idea, and then I’d leave feeling regretful, guilty, and sick once I’d eaten it. Of course, this led me to believe that I couldn’t be trusted with food, I couldn’t eat fast food, and anytime I did I’d feel so bad… Well, I’ve learned now that that’s just not true. There’s a point in each meal, snack, or petite treat, where we can end and still feel great. For me, that’s usually just having a few sips of a milkshake instead of a whole. Or, sharing fries with Marco instead of getting my own. Yesterday, that was sharing fries with Marco, and having about 3/4 of my milkshake slowly, so I could check in and just make sure that I was still feeling good. Feeling good = satisfied, stomach is feeling normal, and not feeling like I’d just poured sugar down my throat. Feeling bad = guilt, gone too far, stomach ache, feeling “sugar loaded,” and probably regretful. I don’t know about you, but I have WAY more fun with food when I have the permission to eat it, and can stop at my “Sweet Spot” or my “happy place”… the spot where you still feel glad about your choice, and excited that you’d treated yourself.


That was kind of a long one today… I guess I had a lot of IE notes to share :).

What can you take away from today’s post? Remember, comparison is NOT allowed here. Do not compare yourselves to me, or anyone else around you. Instead, recognize there is no difference between you and I. We’re the same type of human and if I’m capable of letting go of a past of extreme dieting and controlling my body/weight, you are too!

Be free with me?

I’d love it if you would…



P.S. Would you do me a favor and  comment below, letting me know when it is that you MOST often fall into feeling self-concious…? Is it around certain friends? When you’re about to get in a bathing suit? When you mirror-check? When? I’d love to put something together for us in the next week or two…

Love, Paige

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