Daily Eats: PMS Cravings & the Bachelorette

Good-morning all! It’s Tuesday… How are you feeling this morning? I’m standing here, sipping my coffee, and getting my daily eats together feeling grateful that I get to share with you. I just got back from an early morning walk with my friend Aubrey, which was such a nice way to start the day. Ah, can I have this in SLO too? 🙂

Before we jump in, let me remind us all that the purpose of these “Daily Eats” posts is to show YOU and encourage YOU that you too can have total freedom with food. Not to compare, not to eat what I eat, etc… It’s for freedom, and perhaps some tasty ideas, too :). Also, I’ll be sharing “IE (intuitive eating) notes” again today as several of you requested that I continue to do that after yesterday’s post. Okay, let’s dive in.


Eggs, corn tortillas, rice

Yesterday morning started off with a walk at the park with Aubrey (in Ventura). With coffee in hand, we talked, shared with each other, and walked bright and early to start our days. My favorite way to start the day. For breakfast Marco and I had breakfast tacos with corn tortillas, eggs, spanish rice, cheese, and hot hot hot salsa. Yum!

Noah Burton

After breakfast, I started work. I worked from 7:00-3:00 yesterday, with several breaks in between. Simi and I had a virtual “full day intensive” with The Wonder Jam, the designers for Finally Free. They’re working on some newness for us! Can’t wait to share it with you all this year! 🙂

One of my breaks was a “smalk” (a smelling walk) with Noah and Marco. This is where we walk as casually as Noah would like, go a shorter distance, and let the little guy take his time. We also let him off the leash for a while. It’s all about Noah on this walk. Thanks TSC for the inspiration :). Noah loves it!

hot dog with onion, mustard, ketchup

For lunch, I had a leftover 4th of July hot dog. Yum! Just what I was craving. Actually, I had 1.5 hotdogs. Story? Marco asked for a “bite” and proceeded to eat half my hotdog in one bite, so I made another, haha!

working from home, standing

I continued to work after lunch, doing all things Healthy Hits the Spot and Finally Free. I love my two babies. I stood all day as I worked, as I always do when at my parents house. It feels SO GOOD to stand while working instead of sitting all day long… makes SUCH a difference in how I feel.

Anyone else like to stand while working? (Side note: I never used to think I would like standing while working.)

side salad with bleu cheese

I got the most INTENSE pasta craving for dinner. So intense that I went on Yelp and searched just “pasta” in “Ventura, CA.” Most Italian places were closed on Monday (close call!)… but, I found the Spaghetti Company, which was open (yay!). Marco and I went there around 4:30 and had an early dinner. I was so hungry by the time we arrived.

I started with a side salad and bleu cheese, which I shared with Marco. Once the bread came, his eyes were all bread, so I got the majority of this side salad (yay!).

bread basket

I also had one square of bread with balsamic and olive oil. Yum! Super warm, soft, and full of flavor. Good job Spaghetti Company!

seafood picatta

For our main meal, I ordered seafood picatta, and Marco ordered the chicken rigatoni. Mine was delicious! I ate half (or a little less than half) and now have leftovers for today.

IE note: I could have kept eating, of course, but I knew that I had gotten exactly what I was craving, had enjoyed it, and would have yummy leftovers for the next day. Since I went into the meal honoring my body (giving her exactly what she asked for) I was able to end by honoring her.

chicken rigatoni

(Marco’s meal – yummy! I want to recreate this at home now.)

ventura beach c street

After dinner we walked at the beach and sat to look at the waves for a bit. It was so pretty in Ventura yesterday.

dolphins in ventura

There were lots of dolphin’s out, and I tried my best to snap a picture for you guys. Can you see them? There were about 5 together and they were JUMPING. Couldn’t get a picture of that though, these guys are speedy!

pizza at the Burtons

Once we got home, Marco headed out with his buddies for the night, and I took Noah on another “smalk.” I loved being outside yesterday. Plus, I had some time before Aubrey came over to watch the Bachelorette with me. Aubs & Tye came over around 7:30, brought snacks, and Dad made pizza.

IE note: It would have been easy to continue eating last night just because there was food and we were watching TV. But, I knew all I actually wanted was a small taste of the pizza (which I did have in a very small slice) and nothing else. Well, actually, that’s not true – I had a huge craving for ice cream, but Marco had already gotten to it (don’t worry, I already let him know he “ate all the ice cream!?” ;). Another IE note about the ice cream: there were OTHER sweets around the house (cookies, chocolate chips, popsicles, etc.) but truly, I knew I wasn’t craving just any sweet… I wanted thick, cold, bite my teeth into it (except not my front teeth) ice cream. Since there wasn’t any around, I sipped my water (which felt great as I was crazy thirsty too), enjoyed the show, and remembered that I could still have ice cream today if I want to go out and buy some. It wasn’t totally easy not having any around when I wanted it, but I survived and woke up feeling fine :).

Oh, and mother nature visited me today which confirmed my crazy specific cravings of pasta and ice cream yesterday – ha! Love when that happens… It makes me respect our bodies even more, because I can see how they work the same over and over and over again. For me, it’s always the same feelings/cravings right before she visits… (See this post on PMS).

What can YOU learn from today’s post? What can you take away and USE in your own life? 

Again, I’ll end this post with reminding us to completely let go of any comparison of my food vs. yours, in IE notes vs. what your own might be, etc… Take what you’ll USE here, and let go of the rest. This post is for your benefit… Have a wonderful day!

You’re appreciated around here 🙂



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